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Geese for Peace 2006

Geese for Peace was held in St. Louis. Thanks to those that participated!

Kathy, Abby and (Petey) Hallburg brought the display for the event, and many of the St. Louis area adoptees stopped by to say hi. The Mifflin's brought Murphy and Frankie (previously known as Toby and Rock), and many of us met Michael and Missy O'Conner (new volunteers) for the first time. We were even surprised to see someone we didn't know wearing a MOKan shirt that they had bought from the website. We had such a good time visiting that Rick and Pam (Mifflin) promised us a BBQ so that we could all get together again soon.

A great turn out for MKBCR!

Hey, that dog in the picture looks familiar!

Where's all the geese?

Toby and Rock! Not puppies anymore!

GeesePeace is an organization dedicated to innovative and humane control of wildlife conflicts (specifically Canadian geese). The group was at Forest Park in St. Louis to share ideas on controlling the Canadian geese population in urban areas. The first step is education, encouraging the public to understand the problem and to discourage feeding. The second step is egg oiling which prevents the eggs from hatching. The third step (and where Border Collies come in!) is encouraging the geese to leave before they begin molting. Border Collies provide a "zero tolerance" zone, chasing the geese away during the first few weeks of May (from the end of nesting until they molt and become flightless.) With no goslings, the geese will fly up to 100 miles to find a different molting area. Once molting begins any remaining birds in the area are left alone while they are unable to fly. The trained Border Collies are expensive and the work is intensive. However, even the novice BC's can help. Once the geese are chased by a trained BC, they will avoid the area if any BCs are present. So, owners can volunteer to walk or play with their dogs in the area to reduce the need for trained goose dogs. Ideally, we will be able to help control the urban geese population AND have fun with our dogs at the same time.

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