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Pet Expo 2005

Wow! Was the Pet Expo an experience! There wasn't alot of spare time to get the camera out and take pictures, but here are a few. We had our booth manned for 3 days for up to 10 hours a day! Thanks to all that were able to help! We handed out alot of brochures, answered questions on the breed and had several people sign up to volunteer in one way or another. We had up to 5 conversations going at one time on with people interested in border collies. It was definitely a great way to get our name out there!

A big thanks to the flyball team for performing 5 demos!
They had quite a crowd each time they performed. You could really hear the dogs getting ready and Bridget did a great job announcing!

Also, thank you to Kathy's dad for loaning us the trade show display.
It was awesome! We looked so good and it made designing our display much easier.


Molly, Mark and Zoey

Bridget describing flyball.

The flyball team!.

The booth was busy!

Diane contemplating a conversation with a potential BC person?

Pat talking to our spokes dog, Mick!

Ruth, Jill, Kelty and Kathy

Rachel and Charlie taking a break between demos!

Look at the crowd!

Kathy taking a well deserved soda break!

Mark, Molly, Emily and Laura

Siouxsan getting ready for a flyball demo.

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