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Reunion 2006

This was the best yet! What a great turn out and what a great day for our third reunion. The weather was perfect--great for dogs to swim, run and play games. They were pooped out as well as their owners. Again, Caryn and Joe's wonderful farm was the perfect place to get our beloved dogs together.

We had great food courtsey of Jamey and Robin Johnson BBQ talents, played some fun doggie games, shopped in the store, socialized (both humans and dogs!) and got to watch a herding demo! Talk about a bunch of interested border collies--poor sheep, they probably didn't know what was going on!

We had 83 people. Still tallying the dog count. The Houghton's came 608 miles from Hilliard, Ohio. The Mainock's 560 miles from Westminister, Colorado! MacColl's 241 miles from West Fork, Arkansas. The LeBlancs 234 miles from St. Louis and the Minella 235 miles from St. Louis!

Longest ago adoptions in attendance were Rachel Huber with Katie in June of 2002, Chuck Dorlac and Lissa Lord with Cody in December of 2002. The most recent adoptions in attendance was the Orlichs with Tate in June of 2006 and the Wheelers with Max in July of 2007.

Thanks to you all for making it a great day!!!

(Send your photos to Stacey!)

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