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What about breeding Border Collies?

We spay/neuter all of our dogs, actually to prevent that. Too many dogs bred without proper research into bloodlines, temperaments etc, end up in rescue or shelters. Over population of pets continues to be an on going problem. Millions of dogs end up getting euthanized each year because of over population. If you or your friends are considering breeding dogs, then the best thing to do is to advise your friends to consider adopting a rescued dog, or if not that then buy from a reputable breeder. Breeders can provide papers which are actually quite informative. They tell you who the breeder is, if the dog is from strong herding lines that are good on cattle, sheep or goats etc. It will also tell you if the dog is OFA certified (hips) and have had eyes checked or not. Too many dogs are bred with out these considerations which is one of the reasons these problems arise in the first place. Improper breeding can lead to bad temperaments, hip and eye problems and that's just naming a few. We just want everyone to think hard about breeding dogs, to be sure they understand the ramifications of breeding with out proper research.


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