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Success Stories 2001

March 2001

Fynn (*Celtic hero, Finn, there are many meanings of the word, depending on part of speech, including "white", "fair", "chief", "head", "resplendent", "bright", etc, alternate spellings Fynn, Fionn)

Fynn was the first dog that Mo-Kan BCR brought into rescue in March of 2001. I (Jennifer Fitzwater) took him into my home as my first foster dog with the good intentions of finding him the perfect home. The family that relinquished “Max”, as he was then named, had bred border collies and sold them in the paper. Very little research was done in regards to temperament or lineage. They had taken Max from an acquaintance that was no longer able to keep him and at that time they decided to breed him to their bitch. He produced a litter of which they then sold and then apparently had no more use for him. He was just under a year old when he sired the litter of pups. When I took him from the previous owners, they told me to be prepared because he WOULD attack and fight with my female so needless to say, I was a bit on the nervous side. I had him neutered before coming home so maybe the grogginess of the anesthesia helped in the intro with Sophie :). There was no fighting and no attacking. Sophie did a play bow when he came thru the door and the rest is history. Both Sophie and I fell head over heals for this boy and seemed pretty darned happy with us too! I renamed him Fynn and he has been a part of our family ever since! Fynn is now a competitive flyball dog and has earned his FDCh title. He also herds “recreationally”, competes in agility and is starting in competitive obedience.

Andi waiting to be taught how to drive :)

Oct 2001


Andi was relinquished to Helping Hands HS in Topeka where we acquired her. Her owners could no longer care for Andi, realizing she was more dog than they could handle.
Wow, was Andi a memorable dog! She was probably one of the funniest most self confident dogs I've ever met! Andi will try anything once and if it is fun, look out :). I set an agility tunnel out to practice with my own dogs and once she'd see how it was done, I couldn't keep her out of it! She has a very intense sky blue eye, which intimidated some people but once you knew her...you realized she was laughing at you most of the time. You could scold her for, well for example counter surfing for which she was famous, and she would just look at you and "say" take a chill pill man, no biggie! I laugh just remembering her! Andi learned, at one foster home, to pick up her dinner bowl to encourage dinner time. At one point she acutally HID her sister's bowl under the sofa...we know she got a kick out of that one! She loved to hide her "squirrel ball" in the leaves outside and watch me search indefinitely for it only to run over to exactly where she had buried it yank it out have have a good belly laugh at my expense :). We had Andi in rescue about 6 months before her soul mates came along. George and Joan had lost their beloved Jasmine to a tragic accident some months earlier. They were searching the rescue sites when they saw Andi and she was the spitting image if Jasmine. Now normally we disuade people from searching for a dog that looks just like a previous dog but after six months in rescue, I figured it had to be fate! It turned out to be a perfect match! Andi now lives with Joan and George on a farm in eastern Missouri along with lots of other farm animals. She loves being the only dog and the center of Joan and Georges life. I'm sure she is now the CEO at the farm LOL!



Lexy was adopted by a family in Arkansas. She is happily living with her new best friend and favorite little boy in the world. She is his protector and faithful compainion. What a wonderful life!




November 2001

Cuda (*name associated w/the triple Mother goddess, prosperity, well being)

Jasper (renamed Cuda), was thought to be a Border Collie/JRT mix. She caught the eye of the Rude Dogs flyball team in Michigan. Cuda was adopted by a team member and is on her way to becoming a champion flyball racer!!


Beck (*a small brook )

After solving some medical issues with Beck (he had sever allergies that were difficult and expensive to diagnose), he was adopted by a goose control person in Michigan. Because of his abusive treatment early in life, he had a horrible recall that could not be fixed. Therefore, his career as a goose control dog was short lived. He was then adopted by a friend in Canada and now lives his life as a happy companion dog!


August 2001

Bear (*totem British; beast)

While routinely scanning the "Available For Adoption" pages, my eyes suddenly riveted to one photo. I read the dog's listing information several times, continually returning to gaze at his image. Orphan "Rafe" had been picked up by Topeka, KS animal control officers as a stray. Unclaimed, he was sentenced to death. He was then - quite literally - snatched from the euthanuization line by his rescuer and soon-to-be foster mom, Trish. Something about this particular Border Collie orphan boy kept haunting me, but I kept my thoughts to myself.

A couple of days later, I asked Fred to pull up the Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue web site, and look over the adoptable orphans page. He was also immediately drawn to a photo and story of a dog named "Rafe." It was at this point we first shared our feelings - this boy was destined to be our next family member!

We actually felt rather guilty submitting our application to adopt a beautiful, healthy animal, when our lives and our resources have been dedicated to the care of desperate and needy creatures. Something about "Rafe" spoke to our hearts; we continued with the application process, and were soon invited to meet him at his Kansas foster home.

Accompanied by our Border Collie / Australian Shepherd girl Gracie, we headed for Topeka, Kansas to meet the boy that had instantly captured our hearts. Following our personal interview with Raef's foster mom Trish, were finally introduced to this stunning boy at the suburban Topeka "Bark Park," where Gracie and Rafe had the opportunity to interact freely - and Gracie could have the deciding vote on adoption. Fortunately everything went well for all parties, and we were soon loaded up and headed back to Southwest Missouri - with our new boy "Rafe" on board!

Upon returning home, we quickly determined that "Rafe" and "Grace" sounded alike to the dogs . . . so "Rafe" was re-named "Bear." Fred's inspiration for our boy's new name was the late, great Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant. Border Collie "Bear" is certainly living up to his name sake. Shortly after joining our family, and with very little coaching on our part, Bear earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen award. He was subsequently approved and registered through Pet Therapy of the Ozarks as a canine provider of animal assisted therapy. Bear has worked along side his "sister" Gracie with elderly and differently-abled people in nursing homes; inmates at the Federal Medical Center for Prisoners; pre-teen and teen-age children in a church sponsored education program; and retired citizens in entertainment / public education presentations. Bear has now graciously taken over the duties of his retired "big brother" Regis, a senior rescued German Shepherd Dog with many years of distinguished public service as a canine ambassador.

When not performing service duties, Bear loves to work sheep, retrieve tennis balls, and nap on the couch.



Glory, our Ambassador, at the Hogs for Dogs

October 2001

Glory was picked up by animal control as a stray and taken to the city pound. Barely a year old and pregnant, she was not claimed by her owner nor adopted, so she was destined to be euthanized.

From the moment I saw her in the impoundment area I was mesmerized by her beautiful split-faced markings, then charmed by her sweet demeanor. Glory was soon to become the second rescued Border Collie in our family!

After lots of tender loving care, Glory has proven to be proved to be a delightful companion in the house and an outstanding sheep dog in the field!

Glory at the BCSA Specialty in October 2005


* Courtesy of Border Collie Museum


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