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Success Stories 2003

March 2003


Jack was found wandering the streets of Lee's Summit foraging in garbage cans, and only twenty four hours from being euthanized. A devoted Border Collie rescuer was alerted and she moved quickly, calling several others who, despite having many dogs/kids of their own committed to fostering Jack for a week at a time. My dear friend, Bridget, a member of this group, brought a small and hand-shy Jack by our home in the early Spring. His big eyes, set in his broad loving face, his ability to curl up and make himself at home with our two cats, a Miniature Pinscher and a crabby elderly Bichon Frise won my heart. Since then he has flourished. He overcame his hand-shyness, comes EVERY TIME we call him. He quickly conditioned to run up to 7 miles a day in this 95 degree
humid heat with my marathoner husband. He's a watch dog, loves to play with children and learns so quickly it's scary! Jacky is an energetic dog, who also tolerates "kennel time" quite well when we've "had enough" for a while. He rides in the car so well, sitting calmly when we stop. Jacky is a great member of our family!

April 2003


Ellie was a stray rescued by Cheri Crane in South Missouri. Ellie was a very timid little girl and it took a few months to get her ready for adoption. Barbie and Fred Ernst assisted Cheri in socialzing Ellie and bringing her out of her shell and they did a marvalous job. Ellie was adopted to a couple in northern Missouri but after a year they decided that Ellie wasn't happy and asked for our help in rehoming her. They were concerned that she had such strong herding instincts that she would be happier on a farm with a job to do. At the time, we had a couple that were interested in finding a dog to help on the farm with livestock and after meeting Ellie, they realized she was the dog for them. So Ellie is now in her forever home (for sure this time!) and now has a baby sister to take care of as well as helping her dad with the livestock and being a part of the family! A very happy ending for Miss Ellie!


April 2003


"The shelter staff said that Daisy was unadoptable.....if they could see her now!"

(Daisy's new Mom)

Daisy was relinquished to the Humane Society because her owner had to move into an apartment and couldn't take her with them. She was shy and withdrawn in the shelter environment so no one paid her any attention. Daisy simply didn't understand why her family had brought her here and not come back...she loved them so much...

One of our rescue volunteers decided to go and see Daisy and realized she needed to get her out of the shelter situation because she was in immediate danger of being put to sleep. It was very obvious, even at the shelter, that Daisy loved children. She wagged her tail when she saw them and got excited, maybe wondering if it was one of the children from her family....

Daisy Immediately began to blossom in her new foster home. It wasn't long before someone expressed an interest in adopting her and luckily, it was someone nearby so her foster parents can continue to see her. She was adopted by a business owner in a small town in southern Missouri. She goes to work with her new Mom and greets people that come by. She also has 2 new sisters, a Great Pyrenees and , a Border Collie who is also a rescue. Daisy is happy in her new home which is situated on a few acres which she also shares with some cats and horses. She has even become the official mascot of the local junior softball team! She is now a productive member of her new community! She is loved very much, not only by her new Mom, but by all the people she meets along the way!

We at Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue congratulate and welcome Connie and Daisy to the Mo-Kan BCR family! Thanks to Barbie and Fred for saving Daisy before it was too late, without you guys, this happy story wouldn't be possible!!

May 2003


Percy, a 2-year-old female came from a situation where she existed on a chain in a back yard or in a crate. She was well taken care of, but lacked a happy and challenging existence that a border collie needs.

A big adjustment for us (as her fosters) was realizing that our routine would need to be changed. Percy couldn't be trusted alone on the carpet. Jules, our BC couldn't be trusted with Percy's food. And Percy needed to have the ball kicked for her every morning, afternoon and evening. When we were ready to relax at the end of the day, Percy was ready to play ball.

It wasn't long before Percy could be trusted in the house and she didn't need the ball kicked for her as often. She quickly became a part of the family. We made changes in our daily routines because we knew Percy deserved a chance. A chance to find a home suitable for the wonderful border collie that she is. No longer stifled by her prior existence with little interaction, Percy quickly came out of her shell. And what a little SMARTY she was!

From her new home came the comments: "She loves-I mean LOVES our 6 year old son!"

It told us that she is fitting in and happy!

June 2003

Truman came into rescue along with his three brothers Mick, Nate, and Cody. They were all relinquished by a breeder who, unable to sell them, had taken them to their vet to be euthanized. Thankfully the vet contacted MKBCR. Truman’s foster family met a very shy little guy who was covered with ticks and laid perfectly still while they removed them and bathed him. Like his brothers he knew nothing of toys, living in a home or even eating out of a dish. The first evening he made a bed of leaves for him self in the yard assuming he would sleep outside. With the loving nurturing of his foster family he has blossomed and is becoming a happy dog indeed. Despite having two dogs already it was love at first sight and his foster parent John and Rachel adopted him. He loves to play with his foster brother and is beginning to enjoy tug of war and chasing a ball. We have great hopes for him eventually being a height dog on our flyball team!

Mick, a 10 month old neutered male, is 20" tall and weighs 38 lbs. He and littermates Nate and Truman came from Oklahoma where the owner/breeder had taken these young dogs to be euthanized because they were unable to sell them. Mick was full of fear at first and knew nothing of normal things like wearing a collar, playing with toys, walking on a leash, etc. He has mastered so much in a short time. He now leaps in the air after the Frisbee! He is friendly with dogs, and yet he lacks confidence. You can tell he is a dog who is desperate to please but doesn't feel he will. He handles this conflict without the slightest aggression. The person who is willing to help Mick gain this confidence will be rewarded with the type of dog most of us wish for-an affectionate biddable and bright dog but most especially a dog who will give the kind of loyalty that is only given when hope triumphs over experience.

July 2003


Thanks to Great Lakes BCR we were sent an application from a couple in Colorado. Jean and Tom live on a 100 acre horse ranch and wanted a dog that could go with them and their other border collie, Annie, to various horse events and to accompany them when they exercised the horses. So we drove Mick out to meet Jean, Tom and Annie. I knew right away that this was the perfect place for Mick! Jean and Tom were very gentle and patient with Mick and weren't put off in the least with his hesitancy to greet them. So after some tearful goodbyes, I left Mick in their capable hands. The updates from Jean and Tom are just what I had expected and hoped for! He is doing well and is bonding beautifully and having a wonderful time! Not bad for a throw away dog :)! Way to go Mickie Boy! You'll always hold a special place in my heart...JF

Below & right: Mick and his new sister Annie, playing and sleeping together!! Apparently now, Mick has possession of the ball most of the time :).

August 2003

Shep was first rescued at the age of 4 months from an elderly couple on a farm in southern Missouri. They had Shep's parents but decided they couldn't handle Shep. They also relinquished Shep's father, Petey, at a later date. Shep then went to a family in the greater KC area that were not able to handle Shep and decided to return him to rescue after 2 months. With a little obedience training we realized what a gem little Shep was! He loved to play with his foster brothers and sisters and quickly learned to play with and retrieve a ball. In the right environment, Shep blossomed. After being in rescue a month, we found the perfect home for Shep with Allison and Bill. Allison is a runner and runs 15-20 miles a day and needed a running partner as well as a companion. Shep is definitely built for that! Both Allison and Bill were so excited to add Shep to their family along with their pet ferrets. We know Shep has found his forever home!

Update from Allison: Just a little hello and "Shep update". He is doing wonderful. The past 2 weekends I had 5km races. The local Enid, OK race was fun because all three of us were able to participate. I warmed up and cooled down with Shep and Bill ran jogged the course with Shep and all the other pups (they had to stay in the back because of the dogs). We took Shep with us to Tulsa for another 5km. Again, I warmed up and cooled down with Shep. Bill and Shep just spectated at this race. He just loves running with me. I always make sure he runs in the grass or dirt during the coolest hours of the day. We are going to wait until he is a year old before I run him over 60 min at a time. He does log in 2 runs a day with me; usually 35-45 min in the a.m and 15-30 min in the p.m. He absolutly loves his frisbee and returns it after he catches it. This is Bill's favorite thing to do with him after work.

He did especially fabulous at the Tulsa race where there were about 1,000 people just hanging around (i.e the runners, spectators and vendors). He just trived on all the attention. He was a bit over whelmed with all the people at first, but by the end he was loving the attention. He got a special "race for the cure" bandana which all the women loved and swooned over him:0)

He has learned how to "shake" , "laydown" and sit from the laying down position. He has completey and 100% stays to the left when we walk and run him. He likes getting sprayed down (cool water after a warm and dirty run) when we finsih up our runs. He likes getting brushed and getting a bath once a week. He knows the routine because he goes over to the towel after his spray downs or baths. Camping has just been a washout lately, so day trips are what we have been up too. He has really come a long way!!

August 2003

Petey is Shep's father and was adopted by Barbie and Fred Ernst (yes, yet another addition for the Ernst's!). Barbie says " Petey is the best 'all-around' BC boy in our family. He learns something new almost every day, and he just loves to work!"

August 2003

(Penny was adopted before officially reaching MKBCR)


We were contacted about Penny the last week in August by the South West Missouri Human Society in Springfield. We had no room, we called emailed everyone we knew but everyone was full up.....

Penny was relinquished because her owner was allergic to dogs.....she was now on death row. Penny was only 6 months old and hadn't even had the chance to experience life let alone prove what a wonderful dog she could be. Penny loved everyone and was confused as to why she was in the shelter and not with her family.

MKBCR received a call from someone that was interested in Freckles, our new puppy in rescue. Freckles already had an application pending so I immediately thought about Penny. I told the woman about Penny and told her to take a look at her and her bio on the shelters web site. They wanted her!! Said she sounded exactly like the dog they were looking for!! So Barbie Ernst called the shelter and put an immediate hold on Penny and went to the shelter on Labor Day and pulled her out and took her home. The picture above was taken by Barbie shortly after she arrived there...is that a smile we see on Penny's face :)?

Penny will be going to her new home in Southeastern Kansas on Wednesday where she will have a new family waiting for her! She will have access to 10 acres and children to give her lots of love! Thank you to the family that came thru for Penny when she needed saving and thank you to Barbie for being there to facilitate!!

August 2003


After a lot of work and patience the part of Nate's new family and foster home, Nate is now in his forever home!  Bridget W, Richard and Richie withstood the requests from his caregivers, Bridget B and Dale (yes it was confusing with 2 Bridgets :) and took this transition very slowly and methodically. I think they will agree, Nate was worth the wait! He remains the wonderful happy dog he grew to become under the loving hands of his Bridget B and Dale while in their care.

Nate now has his permanent, loving family to give him the life he deserved. He has a new playmate right next door and I'm sure there will be more in the future...who could not want to play with this guy?! Nate will continue learning flyball and just might be introduced to competition obedience...you up for it Bridget :)??

Congratulations little Nate :)


“ Nate” is a 1 year old male who weighs 36 lbs and is approximately 19 inches in height. He came from a situation where he lived outside with his litter mates Mick, Truman, and Cody. As best we can tell had never been inside had a collar or leash on and knew little about toys. In the time he has been with us he has made amazing progress. He walks on a leash, has learned to negotiate the stairs, sits, signals to go out by ringing a bell we have on the door and goes to his kennel willingly. Nate is the most cuddly and lovable of the dogs we have fostered. He loves to be with people. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He rides well in the car and is very calm and low key especially for a Border Collie. He is still a bit shy in new situations but adapts very quickly. He loves toys, will chase a ball and has learned how to catch one. His herding potential is unknown at this point. He appears to be a dog that would do well in most situations, he would also make a GREAT therapy dog. He is a lovely, loving dog who learns quickly and will be a joy to anyone lucky enough to have him.

"Freckles" was born on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma on June 1, 2003. He was acquired at the age of eight weeks by a Missouri couple who were delivering cattle to the ranch. They saw the mother and grandmother of this pup working at the ranch, and when this adorable puppy was offered by the breeder, he was happily accepted and brought to Missouri. She quickly discovered that properly raising and training a young BC puppy to eventually become a working stock dog would be a very time consuming endeavor. She reluctantly made the responsible, loving decision to help this little puppy find the proper home. "Freckles" was surrendered to his Mo-Kan BC Rescue foster care home on August 14, 2003. He is a purebred Border Collie, but not registered.

"Freckles" has been living in our home for 48 hours now. I am immensely impressed with this 10 week old boy! He sleeps comfortably and quietly in his crate, and is almost completely reliable with his house training. He has already mastered staircases (ascending and descending) and negotiating the "doggy-door." His socialization skills with people, other dogs, and cats are well developed. He is highly intelligent in processing newly introduced concepts and adapting to varied situations and environments. He has no fear of loud noises or sudden movements, and is easily picked up and handled on all areas of his body. He appears to have complete trust in humans, and already displays a keen desire and aptitude to learn and perform for praise. He has a bold and happy personality; he thoroughly investigates every toy we have offered him, and adores chasing tennis balls and playing with tug-toys. He has grasped the concept of the sounds "ah-ah!" and "leave-it!" and is easily corrected when offered an appropriate substitute toy or activity to replace undesirable behavior. He has willingly accepted a collar and leash, and has begun to walk on lead; he will reliably come when called. He easily tolerates riding in a vehicle. Today he began to display his herding instinct, awkwardly circling and attempting to "control" one of our adult BC females.

My initial impression of this puppy is that he is physically sound and highly intelligent with a willing, playful and highly social attitude. He exhibits breed typical, strong herding instinct and exceptional learning aptitude with no evidence of pre-induced fears or undesirable traits or behaviors.

August 2003

"Freckles" (renamed Solo) was adopted by Vicki in August and she has big plans for this tireless little guy...Vicki has already begun Solo's training to become a Search and Rescue dog! His enthusiasm for adventure and his boundless curiosity made it clear that Solo had to have a job. Barbie Ernst, having some experience with SAR, was the first one to realize that Solo would be the perfect SAR dog.

Here is Vicki's update on Solo:

Solo did wonderfully yesterday at Yappy Days. There were dogs there of all shapes and sizes (people too, of course). Solo boldly said hello to a 200+ pound mastiff and politely talked to a teacup chihuahua. His manners were impeccable with all the dogs and all the people - all ages and colors !! I was very proud to tell every-one he was going to begin his formal training as a SAR dog in October. The funniest thing that happened over and over again yesterday was people's reactions when I answered their question about what kind of dog he is. I got that question so many times. One lady insisted that he was not a Border Collie!

Solo IS a Border Collie thru and thru!! He is a classic example of the different looks of a bc!! We hope to add pics as Solo grows!

Many thanks to Barbie Ernst for seeing what potential Solo has. He is now on his way to saving human lives!!

Solo and Vicki ready to SEARCH!!

September 2003

Bruce, renamed Deuce, was adopted to a wonderful family in Kansas! He now has a new brother, Blue, to play with as well as 3 girls to keep him busy! The girls are active in 4-H and intend to enroll with Deuce in obedience. We hope to get some updates on Bruce very soon!


Bruce is a 2 year old neutered male who weighs 52 pounds and stands about 22" high at the shoulder. He was found as a stray, so his background and exact age are unknown. He is a very handsome boy with a nice, laid back attitude. Bruce is good with children and does not try to herd them. He is excellent with other dogs and even does okay with cats. Bruce is well behaved in the house and has learned to lie next to the table during meals. He appears to be housebroken and knows how to sit, shake, and lie down. Bruce absolutely loves to go for rides in the car. He also loves food, rawhide bones, chasing squirrels and bugs, tummy rubs and "helping" with outside chores. He is curious, loves to be outside, quick to learn and eager to please. Bruce tends to be a bit reserved with strangers, but once you earn his trust (a gentle hand and dog treats help!) he is a very affectionate and full of kisses. Bruce is currently being fostered in Springfield Missouri.

October 2003

Emma was adopted by a couple in central Iowa and is now happily living with them on their farm! Her new "job" consists of being Becky and Mike's companion as well as helping with the chores around the farm. Emma will be learning obedience and then Mike will be training her to herd cattle. What a lucky border collie Emma is!!

Emma is a female approximately 1 ½ yrs old and was rescued from the Kansas City shelter where she was caught as a stray. Therefore we have no information on her exact age or background. Emma is a very insecure dog right now and is clingy with people. She seems to get along with everyone, maybe a slight preference to men and she adores children. She does not bother the cats, seems to show little interest in them. She prefers the company of people over dogs, but has learned to play with other dogs. She does not show any aggression towards other dogs. She has shown very strong eye and keen interest in movement when other dogs play. With that strong herding instinct even though she loves children, she might be inclined to herd them when they are playing. Emma has started to play with toys and has a natural retrieve. She is starting to learn some obedience commands and is a fast learner and is VERY eager to please. We are introducing Emma to the sport of flyball and agility. She is VERY fast and would be great in either sport once she develops some confidence. She has a super recall off lead. We believe that Emma would make a great herder although she has not been put on livestock yet. She is a delightful easy to live with girl...a real gem!

Update on Emma (09-09-03): She is doing very well in her foster home! She is no longer the insecure clingy dog we brought into rescue :). She still loves to snuggle on the sofa but she has gained confidence and is a very happy and outgoing dog! She loves to play with other dogs and is learning basic obedience very quickly. Her coat is growing back nicely after the butcher job we had to do on it to get all the matts out. She has also put some weight on and her coat is beautiful and glossy now!

We think Emma would be perfect for anyone wanting a dog as a companion as well as a sporting dog. She would be an excellent candidate for agility, flyball and/or herding. She will be having her first experience with sheep in the near future, we'll let you know how it goes!

Update: Emma did great with her first livestock experience. She shows great potential as a herding dog!

Emma doing what she loves to do!
September 2006

October 2004

Callie was adopted by a couple in St Joe, Missouri. Her new family consists of 2 pomeranians, 2 springer spaniels, 1 great pyrenees, 4 goats and 5 horses....I think thats all...oh, and a ferret! Callie's new life is full of adventures! She'll get to go trail riding with Melissa and Matt on her new farm as well as traveling to different parts of the country on camping and trail riding trips. We discovered that Callie has very little interest in herding as she walked up to greet one of the goats and touched noses with it and turned and walked away LOL! There was almost an audible collective sigh from the goats! No worries, Melissa and Matt just Callie to be a part of the family and that she will do happily :).

Update on Callie (09-18-04): Callie is doing well. She has found her calling - a horse trail dog. August 6th we leave for Wyoming and she will get to go with us. We are going to ride horses/camp for a week and she will love it. We get so many comments from others about how pretty she is and well behaved. Everyone who meets her loves her. She loves to just snuggle with me. I thank God for her every day. I love my other dogs too but she is special.

Callie was in training as a herding dog, but was relinquished by a breeder because she was chasing the geese (some people actually PAY dogs to do that!!). Her age is estimated to be about 3 years old. Callie is settling in well in her foster home. She gets along well with our Border Collie. She is very interested in the cats, but will leave them alone when told to do so. We have had no accidents in the house and she lies quietly observing the coming and goings. She likes to be with us and is getting more comfortable in the house. She enjoys the affections of our two daughters, ages 10 and 12. She is quiet in her crate at night. She is a sweetheart of a dog and her personality is coming out more and more each day. She is getting happier and more playful.

Update: Callie has been with us for about a month. She is such a happy dog. She has settled into our routine very well. She likes being with us, loves the girls, but also likes to curl up in her crate (with the door open) or in a quite corner. She's not big on treats, but will take some--cheese and popcorn. Callie and our own border collie have started to play. It is more of a wrestling match and alot of fun to watch. She loves to get a belly rub before going into her crate at night or before we leave the house. She was startled by a very low hot air balloon that went over our house (so was our dog.) She wanted in and was reluctant to go outside for a few days, but has recovered from it. She still likes to pester our cat, but will quit when told to. She rides nicely, uncrated, in the van and has figured out that they are fun to go in! She likes walks too. Callie really has a cute personality. She is a dog that enjoys your company and ready to go when you are, but is not overly energetic.

Callie at Rescue Reunion Sept 2004

November 2003

Sissie was found by Independence Animal Control wandering the countryside, in heat, not far from her home. Her owner relinquished her because she could no longer properly care for her.Sissie now lives with her new family on acreage in Missouri with 2 cats and horses.

Cody was relinquished by the breeder along with 3 other siblings, because they were unable to sell them all. They actually took them all to their vet to be euthanized but the vet contacted us to bring them into rescue. Cody is 2 yrs old, approx 17” tall and currently 26 lbs, but that will change because he needs to gain weight. I’d assume his average weight will be around 30 lbs because of his small frame. Cody came to us with a bad case of tapeworms and was very under socialized. We have been working with him and he has made tremendous progress. He walks beautifully on leash and is enjoying playing with his foster sister. He is fine with cats but needs a home with older children (10+). It takes a while for Cody to develop a bond and to trust people so his new family will need to be patient but persistent. Such efforts will be rewarded with a very loyal and loving dog. He currently has little interest in toys since he had none the first 2 years of his life. We are encouraging him to engage in play with the other dogs as well as letting him watch them and learn what to do with toys. He will be attending flyball practices with our team as well as basic obedience, which will help him learn to trust humans as well as aid in his socialization. We’ll keep you updated on his progress.

October 2003

Cody was adopted by a couple in Kansas City, Missouri. He will be Chuck and Lissa's first dog and boy are they in for a treat! Cody is a cautious little boy but once he bonds, you are the center of his world! Chuck and Lissa plan to take Cody on many car trips and he will get plenty of walks in the park. He'll also get regular visits from his foster sister, Sophie, to make him feel more comfortable in his new home. We look forward to seeing him continue to blossom into the beautiful confident boy he is becoming!



Hank at the 2005 Reunion


The first 2 weeks were fraught with tension. Continuous jockeying for dominance ensued between Hank and Myra. I am not sure if either dog " won." However, Hank and Myra have become inseparable. After that first 2 weeks, it was clear that this was the place for Hank. Rather than foster we talked to Jen and Kathy about adopting. It has worked out wonderfully! Myra tolerates Hank, chases Hank, heels Hank and chews on Hank as he does her. Myra expends so much more energy and is more social with Hank here. It is a challenge and a true pleasure to live with our Border Collies. Bringing two of them to the city was scary, but turned out to be one of the best moves I' ve ever made. Heather and I are constantly at Smithville Lake or the SM Dog Park with our dogs. Myra and Hank are happy and healthy. They provide us with so much joy. The Green family is currently dreaming of 5 acres near Smithville Lake to be closer to our favorite place to run and exercise. We
are actively looking for the right place where we can spread out and maybe even give Myra and Hank a goat or sheep to care for. It is beyond me how anyone could have dumped Hank. He has a laid back demeanor. He is curious and energetic. He has never been a minute's trouble or acted out at all. MO KAN is such a great organization. Jennifer and Kathy are saving so many great dogs and giving them hope and homes. We are proud to have Hank and to be associated with MO KAN.


December 2003

It seemed that everyone wanted to adopt Meg. We had more inquires about her than any other foster. It took us some time to find the perfect home for her. She let us know that although other dogs were fine to have over for a romp she intended to be queen of the house! Being a strong willed and clever girl she needed a home with no other pets and a guardian who understood the sweet manipulations of a Border collie like Meg. Who better than a school teacher! Amy from Michigan adopted Meg renaming her Maggie so as not to confuse her with a niece named Meg. She is now settled in her new home and Amy has made it clear Maggie can be the Princess of the house but there will be only one Queen -Amy!

Meg was rescued from the Kansas City Animal Shelter where she had been picked up as a stray. She has a medium coat and has classic Border collie markings. She is 19 inches and weighs 43 lbs. She appears to be around a year old. She is a very well socialized dog fitting into her foster home consisting of three other Border collies with no problems. She appears to get along with cats and seems comfortable with children. She rides well in the car and has some beginning obedience skills and appears to be house trained. She is very soft mouthed and the only “issue” we have seen with her is her attraction to countertops. She responds well to “no” and has an excellent recall. She likes to play with our dogs and seems to like fetch. She is the only Border collie who has come through our house that takes care of her stuffed toy even using it as a pillow in her crate rather than ripping it to shreds in seconds! She love to cuddle and would love to sleep in bed with her people but also sleeps well in a crate-if in the same room with you. She seems very even tempered and sweet with a gentle gaze that indicates she trusts people. She seems to be a dog that would do well in most situations and could do well with another dog or as a single dog.

Meg has been with us for two weeks now. she is learning quickly and continues to enjoy meeting new people and dogs. The past weekend she went with us to a flyball tournment and was very calm despite the noise and crowds. She especially enjoyed watching the team and at one point tried to jump over the barrier and join them! She is bolder and more self-asured than when she first came and that has influenced us to revise our assessment of the ideal home for her. We now think she would do best as an only dog. Although she plays well she doesn't tolerate dominance challenges from other dogs. She remains a delighful sweet girl who enjoys cuddling, playing and learning and most especically food!.



December 2003

Blue was adopted by Annie in Kansas. Blue will have a new home with a new sister to boot! She and Karma, her new bc sister will certainly be very happy together!


"I cannot say enough about this experience and the wonderful people I have had a chance to interact with through this rescue. You are all special people. Thank you so much!"

-Annie, Karma and Boo

Blue (was pronounced Boo the children in her former family) is a 1yr old owner relinquish from Springfield Missouri. Her family, which included young children, were forced to move into an apartment that did not allow dogs so Boo was turned into the shelter. Boo had a severe case of anemia due to hook and pin worms as well as a bad bladder infection. She was underweight and on deaths door when she reached us. She was even having difficulty breathing due to the anemia. She refused to eat, even when Stacey, her foster mom, boiled chicken and tried to feed her the meat and broth. She had to force feed her canned food mixed with water with a syringe for the first few days. These pictures were taken just 2 days after the wonderful care given by Stacey!

Boo is a totally different dog now. She has life back in her eyes and is happily chewing on bones and eating on her own. She is even trying to play with Jules, her foster sister bc, and Staceys daughters, Molly and Emily. We can't wait to see Boo's true personality emerge in the coming weeks! Boo is a lovely dog, even more beautiful than is shown in these pics. She is graceful and very well put together. Its hard to say just yet but I will not be at all surprised if she would be a great canidate for sports including agility, flyball, herding...who knows!! Boo currently weighs 32 lbs, we hope to get her up to around 37 and she stands approx 20-21" tall at shoulders.

Blue is completely recovered from her brush with death probably due to her young age and the diligence of her foster family. She is coming out of her shyness with men and seems to adore children. She is a very gentle dog who makes your heart melt when you inneract with her. She would love to have another dog as a pal since she loves to play and would do well with older children who are also gentle. She responds to a very light touch with training and is eagar to learn.

Beautiful Boo and Annie (May 2005)

This is a picture of Blue when she first came into rescue...


Below is Blue right before she went to her knew home...wow!



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