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Success Stories 2004

January 2004

Dot (formerly known as Sport) was adopted by her foster family and enjoys the company of her new brother, Jet.

Sport is a female, approximately 3 1/2 yrs old and weighs 40 lbs. She came from a farm in northern Missouri. She was relinquished to MKBCR because the owner did not connect with her and was unable to work her on cattle. Sport is a very friendly dog, seems more drawn to women than men. She is a very beautiful, traditionally marked border collie. She has a good recall and gets along well with children and cats. She has not had any accidents in the house even though she has spent the majority of her time outside. We have only had Sport in foster care a few days and will know more about her personality in a week or so. We'll keep you updated!

Update on Sport (09-09-03): Sport continues to do well in fostercare. It appears that she is comfortable with both men and women and has responded very well in basic obedience training. She would be a wonderful companion dog and would probably do well in competition obedience, agility or flyball. She would probably do well as a herding dog too but will need gentle guidance. We have also found that Sport does not do well with small dogs or cats.

Feburary 2004


Luke is a sweet boy. We are estimating that he is about 3-4 years old and is about 21" at the shoulders. We believe he has been shaved, therefore his coat is short. He is pretty calm for a Border Collie. He will lay quietly in his bed or at our feet. He likes a tennis ball, but does not seem to be ball crazy. He knows sit and shake. He is great around our girls, ages 10 and 13. He rides very calmly in the van, sitting nicely in the seat. He is not crazy about going in his crate, but does well in it at night and when we are not home. He is overly interested in our cat and we are keeping them separated. He is not very dominate and submits to our alpha female Border collie. He barks when someone comes to the door and seems protective of his foster home.

Duke with Caryn at the reunion Sept 2004

February 2004

Trace, aka Kip has found his new home with Joni and Alan who developed our website for us. Kip joins them and their other two border collies, Wager and Bea. All of our dogs deserve the best of homes but Kip most especially. He is getting the opportunity to do what border collies were meant to do. Kip will get to work sheep as well as maybe getting to do agility. He also gets to travel with them and join them on camping trips. What a wonderful life this sweet boy will have with two very special people.

Despite his difficult beginnings Kip is a bright, sweet, and beautiful boy and already is a treasured part of Alan and Joni’s family!


Trace is an approximately 1.5 yr old, male, traditional black & white rough coat, about 35 pounds (but needs to gain). He was picked up as a stray. His right ear flap has been damaged and the tips of his canines have either been broken or clipped off. He was only hours away from being euthanized and it was only by accident that our rescuer Barbie Ernst was alerted to his existence. Thank goodness she was because Trace is a remarkable dog! He walks nicely on a leash, knows " sit" and "down" and LOVES tennis balls and frisbees! He's a very smart little guy! When he was walked through one of the adoption rooms at the shelter and the front reception room where he encountered lots of people and other dogs, he had no problems with anyone.

02-02-04 Trace has been in foster care for almost a week. Now that he has some good food in his belly, his puppy like nature is really coming out! He is very playful and happily entertains himself with a ball or frisbee and is learning to bring the toy back to be thrown. He is appropriately submissive with his foster brother and sister and plays well with my female. My male's nose is a bit out of joint but they will be playing before long. Trace tries often to entice him into play but my boy still feels the need to be macho for now :).

Trace is very interested in my cat, not aggressive or harmful but I would not leave them alone together. I think he would be fine with a confident cat but one that is afraid or runs might not be a good idea. He's becoming less interested as the days go by so my opinion might change.

Trace is such a beautiful boy. The fact that his ear has been injured does not take away from his charming good looks. He has a beautiful silky ruff and his coat is showing remarkable changes with some good food and a bath (for which he stood like a perfect gentleman for). His eyes are so very warm and full of expression. He seems quite comfortable with extended eye contact, infact he seems to thoroughly enjoy it. He often buries his head in my neck as if to say "thank you" for being so nice :). He is very good natured and loves to cuddle and settles down quite well. Trace is in "potty training boot camp" and made major improvements in the first 48 hrs so I'm hopeful it won't be long before he is reliable in the house.

March 2004

Quinn was adopted by Rusty and her mother, Marjorie, to be a companion for their border collie, Gus, and to train for agility and as a therapy dog. What a fine dog he is. A very mellow temperament, alert and interested around noisy kids, barking dogs and people, but not overly excitable.

Yet when it came to living in a home and being a good doggy companion Quinn's motto was "I know nothing, nothing!" In the six weeks Quinn was in foster care he had a crash course in learning the basics: Sit, down, heel on a Gentle Leader, shake, don't jump up on people or "countersurf," and the start of a good recall. He also made great progress on potty training. Quinn attended good dog training class and visited an agility trial in Lawrence, Kansas. He went to Petco (so much food here and so little time!) and proved to be quite the charming fellow when meeting new people, kids, and other dogs.

By the time he was ready to leave, the bedraggled, muddy fellow who came into rescue had put on weight and had a shiny black coat showing a touch of mahogany highlights. He used these good looks and his enchanting behavior to capture the hearts of Rusty and Marjorie.

Quinn's made quite a journey, not only in the miles from a southern Missouri shelter to a loving home in central Kansas, but also from a sweet, yet frantic, hungry, wandering young dog to a well-mannered companion. A real diamond in the rough. Way to go Quinn! Congrats Rusty and Marjorie, we'll be looking for you in the agility ring.

Quinn is approximately 2 1/2 yrs old. He was a stray found in Southern Missouri. We know very little about his personality right now but we'll certainly keep you updated on his progress. He is in good health with the exception of intestinal parasites which are being treated. He is a very nice boy, very sweet! He seems to do fine with other dogs (likes the ladies....that will change soon :) and is ok with cats. Haven't had him around children yet but we've been told he seems fine with them. He is not potty trained yet but is currently in the care of our potty training expert team of Bridget and Dale, if they can't potty train NObody can! We'll keep you updated...

02-02-04 Quinn has been with us for two weeks. In that time we had him neutered and began house training and basic obedience training with him. He had apparently had little guidance before and was a wild guy when he first arrived. He has a near perfect temperament getting along with other dogs, people, and cats. He doesn’t seem attracted to racing cars or screaming children on bicycles. He has made great strides in his training and is eager to learn as well as learning quite quickly. He now walks on a gentle leader very well. His sits, comes, and has decreased his jumping behavior by 75%. His “counter surfing is much better and he is quite content to be in his kennel. He loves balls and toys and is beginning to retrieve and oh yes he sails over baby gates so I think agility or flyball may be in his future. He is not ready for adoption yet as we want to make sure his new behaviors are more embedded. He is very handsome and is quite lovable and bright soaking up learning like a little Border collie sponge!

March 2004

Max is one lucky boy...his new mom is his rescuer :). Lola found Max in the shelter and even though she sees needy dogs in the shelter everyday, she saw something special in Max. Boy was she right, he is a very special dog! After spending some time with Lola and her parents, they decided they couldn't part with him. He has become a cherished member of the family and he is where he belongs, with people that love and appreciate him!

Max is a 3 yr old rough coated male. His coat has been shaved so it looks like he's a smooth coat but it is growing back and he will have a beautiful coat when it does! He is an owner relinquish because he was too intense with children..my guess is that the children were too rough with him. He was underweight when he came into rescue and still need to gain about 5-7 lbs. He is very active and loves to play ball, frisbee, anything that involves retrieving, and he does bring the toys back. He is hesitant around men but comes around quickly and is then happy to deliver a ball to their lap. He is great with other dogs both large and small and doesn't show much interest in cats. He is completely housetrained and will bark at the door if he needs to go out but in general, he is not much of a barker. Max is truly a wonderful dog! He loves to be groomed and did beautifully while being given a bath. He comes when called and seems well trained (sits, downs and stay). He loves to be with his human and is not at all aggressive.

(Note from Jennifer 02-20-04) I met Max for the second time yesterday. First time was in the shelter where he had been relinquished. There he frantically retrieved the ball I threw for him, brought it closer when I asked him to, sat when I asked him to and went down when I asked him to. All mechanically done. Yesterday, he had a light back in his eyes. I watched as Bridget gave him a hug and he had a look on his face that expressed amazement. Jeez, these people are really nice to me!

Max is a very very well behaved dog. How he got that way I wonder. He was somewhat stunned when offered a treat for an obedience command...my guess is that in the past he was not offered such kindness. When I hesitated in throwing the frisbee at one point, Max offered a "rollover" for me. It was our turn to look amazed. What else does this dog know how to do that we haven't figured out yet?? The list of commands we do know that he will do are: sit, lie down, stay, roll over, go back, and closer (bring the toy closer). He is truly an amazing dog. He is quite shy and wary of strangers but all is needed is for them to toss him a frisbee or ball and you are his best friend. He continues to be afraid of his crate so his foster mom doesn't make him go there. He is not destructive and gets along well with the rest of her dogs so whats the point really? He is very nervous and will give a warning snap (does not try make contact) when you try to pick him up. With a little work and desensitization though, that will be easily fixed. We have no doubt that he will be a devoted and cherished companion for the right person!

Renny (Irish; Patron Saint of Kilkenny, prosperity, gracefulness)

Renny is a 10 month old registered female. She is very petite weighing approx 25 lbs and is 18" at the shoulders.

She is so full of life!! She will definitely need a job, only those applicants able to give that will be considered. Renny is full of confidence, energy and curiosity. She is very sweet and affectionate and hasn't met a person she didn't like! She is great with other dogs, only mildly possessive of food. She is house trained, crate trained, knows sit, shake (both paws), plays dead (reluctantly, just goes against her grain LOL!) and is ok with cats (very curious but doesn't harm). Renny has been tested on sheep and shows tremendous potential. She would make a fabulous agility and/or flyball dog!! I think she would also excel at search and rescue.

April 2004

Renny was adopted by one of MKBCR's volunteers, Cheri, in Southern Missouri. Renny is one heck of a handful! Cheri has plans to train Ren in agility and has decided to give her the kennel name "High Velocity's Render Me Speachless", now is that an appropriate name for her or what? (Trust me it IS!) LOL! I expect Ren to go far in agility, wouldn't surprise me to see her in the Nationals one day soon! Reports are she is a natural :)!

Update (09-2004): Renny has been busy since she came to live with me. She comes to work with me at my grooming shop twice a week and is already finishing up her second agility class! She loves it! We are also starting a formal obedience class next week. She likes to play with "Vixen", my sheltie. She has decided it's best not to overthrow the Queen, my bc "Lexie". She's a lille rough on my cats, but we're working on that. She loves to get in the car now (she used to be afraid and get sick.) She has learned to let me take things away without a fuss. I love her bunches!

April 2004

Corran was adopted by a family in Northern Arkansas. Corran now has a big yard to run and play in with siblings to play with! He may even have a future in flyball!!!


Corran (*Gaelic for "arrow") is a 1 year old rough coated male Border collie. He is between 20 and 21” tall and weighs about 35 lbs. He is housetrained and crate trained. He is a bundle of playful energy trying very hard to engage our dogs in a good game of chase. He is very affectionate and enjoys playing with toys including balls and boy does he like to jump and to run! He goes sailing over baby gates, hassocks, other dogs, and people! He is reported to be good with children but he is too full of energy for small children or adults who might not be steady on their feet. He knows” sit “and walks well with a Gentle Leader and is just beginning to learn not to jump on people-replacing it with standing on his hind legs and looking. We haven’t exposed him to cats yet but I suspect he would just like to play with them. He needs some time to relax in foster care before we can completely assess him but at this point he is a very sweet, high energy little guy that definitely needs somewhere to express all that energy, maybe agility or flyball?

Update on Corran (04-20-04): Corran has been with us for five weeks now. He remains a very affectionate and friendly guy. He has is now in very good physical condition seeming to love the opportunity to jump and run as well as play with other dogs after being an apartment dog most of his life. He has proven to be quite athletic now that he is in good condition and will leap in the air after a Frisbee. We introduced him to flyball and he flew across the jumps with little training. He is doing well on his obedience lessons and is eager to learn and to please. He is still very much a puppy and is full of mischief. His way of inviting our dogs to play is to pull their tails which sometimes is not well received by them. He would play all day with them if they would allow it. He loves being with people and will follow us around constantly checking up on what is going on. We still feel he would be an outstanding agility and or flyball dog. He needs an active home where his people want a dog to be with them much of the time and if other dogs that they also enjoy having an active playmate. In any other circumstance he most probably would get into mischief. In short, he is an active, lovable guy who is still very much of a puppy and like many Border collies will remain that way until he is two or so.

Corran with his new playmate Casey!

April 2004

Rowdy (renamed Jack) was adopted by Jim in southern Missouri. Jim was looking for a dog for a companion but also as a working dog on the farm. Jim also likes to camp and will enjoy the company of Jack on his camping trips!


Rowdy is a 10 mo old male. He was relinquished to the shelter because of energy level.

Rowdy is a very sweet boy! He loves attention and people. Comes on a bit strong with other dogs but not aggressively. Rowdy has just come into rescue and is currently in boarding so we'll know more about him when he reaches foster care.



Gin (register as Ginger) is a two year old, lovely dark red male...his pictures simply don't do his color justice!! He is what may be called a chocolate....regardless of what his coat is called, he is simply stunning!!

After living most of his life in a small kennel, Gin has come to Kathy's Kamp, and learned that life is just pretty darn good, after all. This young boy is still a bit shy, but it's wonderful watching the real Gin come out!! He has no interest in sheep, only people, and finally, other dogs...this boy would make a great obedience dog, and perhaps an agility dog.

It's been a treat to watch Gin come out of his shell...to be one of the first dogs in the house, rather than me having to go sit outside, and call him to me at night. Gin is crate trained, and we are working on housebreaking. My first goal was to have Gin comfortable with himself; the rest will follow. Today, I looked out, to see him asking another dog to play with him! What a thrill!!! Gin is good with cats, although as he gains more confidence, I think my cats will have to smack him around a bit. Just to be on the safe side!!

Gin truly needs a home that will provide him with the attention he has lacked as a young dog; he simply wants nothing but to please.


April 2004

Gin (renamed Riley) was adopted by Randy in central Missouri. Gin will be his constant companion and will have lots of playmates in his new neighborhood. He also has a new lake to go swimming in and many grassy fields to run in!!

"Riley" with his new Mom and Dad!

Update (04/05)

Hi, just a quick note to let you know that today is Riley's (Gin) one year birthday (as a part of our family). I want to thank you for letting him join our family. You would not think he is the same puppy that I had a year ago. When we got him he was so skittish and scared that he hardly moved. I would sometimes have to pick him up to get him to go outside. Anytime I raised my hand to toss him a ball, or a biscuit, he would just cower. He was so unsure that he kept his ears back so much that it looked like he didn't have ears. The puppy that I have today is my constant companion. He's outside with me all the time, supervising while I work in the yard. We now play ball and he loves to play hide and seek, I hide and he seeks. He loves the lake, or any body of water where he can lay down in it, to include the mud puddles when we walk around the lake. He also knows sit, sit up, stay, down and lie down and shake. He's a wonderful member of the family and we'll be having puppy ice cream to celebrate his first year. Sorry for the long e-mail but wanted to let you know that Riley and I are doing great.

April 2004

Diamond, renamed to Dima, has been adopted by Tia in Victoria BC Canada. Tia is looking forward to seeing what Diamond likes to do! She wants to try Diamond in therapy and herding among other activities! She will have a very full life in her new home!!

Update on Diamond (06-14-04): Diamond got to attend her first flyball tournament this past weekend, as an observer not participant :). Diamond was a huge hit! We had a laser gun set up to raise money for cops for cancer. It was called fastest dog, just for fun of course, and Diamond was clocked at 39 kms/hr! Can you believe that! Most of the 4 legged dogs were between 38 - 40 kms! I got to show off Diamond to tons of people and she was so inspiring to everyone!!

Diamond is approximately 1 yr old. She was an owner release to a shelter, because she needed "more room to run". We have no idea how Diamond lost a front leg, but Diamond doesn't seem to miss it!!!

Diamond is a SUPER dog...her "handicap" never stops her...she can bail over the tailgate of a big Dodge truck without blinking an eye! She is housebroke, but is still in the chewing stage! Very well crate trained, and the rest of the house manners should come with age.

Diamond needs a high activity level, and wants to work...any kind of work! Balls, frisbees, livestock, other dogs, cats...Diamond will take it all on! She is loving and sweet, and adores children. Diamond is looking for a super active family...a family that can keep up with her!


Diamond and Annie with their new pack in Canada!

One happy dog!

Annie (far left) and Dima's (far right) doggie family!

May 2004

Annie has been adopted by Matt in Victoria BC Canada. Matt is active in agility and flyball and intend to get Annie involved in both sports. Annie will be living very near Diamond (Dima) so I'm sure the two dogs will become very good buddies!!

Update on Annie (05-21-04): Annie go to attend her first puppy flyball class last night. They just did some restrained recalls, and then did recalls over low hurdles. She was flying over the jumps in no time! She'll be a star for "Total Anarchy" before you know it :)! Way to go Annie!!


Annie is 1 year old smooth coat. She weighs approx. 35 lbs, approx. 20" at shoulders. Annie is an owner relinquish, her Dad died last fall and her family didn't have the time to spend with her that she needs. She was much loved and well cared for. She is very sweet, loves people and children. She gets along well with other dogs but likes to herd them and seems very movement sensitive. We would not recommend that she go to a home with small children for that reason. She is a ball and frisbee freak and would make an awesome agility and/or flyball dog! She loves to herd cats but doesn't harm, the cat would need to be quite tolerant and dogwise. She is obedience trained, knows sit, down, stay and plays "dead". She is crated trained, house trained as wel


Lucky dogs!!!

Update 04/05
Annie has proven to be an agility star over the past few weeks. Matt just may have to think about competing with her! A few more beginner classes then on to intermediate. She's such a genius that one!

Annie (far left) and Dima's (far right) doggie family!


May 2004

Devin was adopted by a couple in KCMO. They also have a cabin at the lake and spend a lot of time there. Devin is his Dad's constant companion! They go everywhere together, even take naps together :). Devin (nka Buddy) is a very lucky and happy little boy!!


Devin (Celtic for divine, also meaning "poet")

Devin was abandoned in a church yard in Southern Missouri. He is approximately 1 year old and a tiny fellow, barely 27 pounds and 17 inches high. He waited patiently without food or water expecting his owners to return and incapable of grasping the indifference of the people he had given his loyalty to. Finally, he wandered to a house nearby and found some people who did care. They took him in and ultimately contacted Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue. Despite his experience he is a loving sweet dog who is surprising healthy. He hasn’t hesitated to trust his rescuers and is eager to learn and try new things. He seems to get along with everyone kids, cats and other dogs. Even though he is only a year old he has the ability to quickly adjust and react to new experiences with a surprising calmness that we often see in dogs that have had to make their way alone in the world. He is being fostered by Barbie and Fred and will soon be house trained as well as obedience trained. He already knows how to love and forgive.


May 2004

Sean, now known as Chase, was adopted by a couple in Wichita. He is their very first border collie but they were ready to take on the challenge! Not only that, but they have also become foster homes for Mo-Kan!! Chase will be learning the ropes and teaching new rescues what its all about :)!


Sean (*Irish "God's grace") is approximately 3-4 mos old. As most puppies are, he is sweet and adorable!! Sean's house training is coming along well, with few puppy spills now - and that usually happens because he was playing hard and slurping up lots of water, and I wasn't watching for his "gotta go" signals. He's a beautiful, healthy, bold puppy with a "no fear" attitude. He ccepted the challenges of the staircase and the doggy door with no problem whatsoever. He's beginning to learn a few obedience terms, and he'll sleep a couple of hours in his crate. He's well socialized with people and all the other dogs; the cats find him to be a normally rambunctious and annoying four-month old, and just stay out of his reach. I'm sure one day soon he will get a lesson in "cattitude" and come whining to me when one of the cats gets her fill of him and slaps his annoying little nose! He's exhibiting strong herding behavior; a prime candidate for a livestock working dog. Somebody needs to snatch up this little fellow and begin bonding . . . he's going to be an awesome dog!

May 2004

Joe was adopted by Zeev and Francine from Quebec Canada. The are onsight managers for an 800 acre forest and wildlife preserve in Quebec. Joe has a female companion at his new home, Mandy. It sounds as though they hit it off right away :)! Joe has lots of new places to explore and a lake in his backyard which he loves! Zeev and Francine already love him very much and Mandy whole heartedly approves of their choice in companions!!



Joe is approx 1 yr old, rough coated Border collie who was found as a stray outside of Newton Kansas. He weighs about 35 pounds but needs to put some weight on. Joe is a delightful boy. He loves to cuddle and be petted and really likes people and other dogs. We took him to a local dog walk event and he was thrilled with all the new people and dogs to meet! Joe will need to receive some obedience training as well as house training but is a dog that is very eager to please. If he thinks he hasn’t he will come over and politely apologize.

We will need to have him in foster care for a week or so before we can tell you more about Joe but we learned one sad secret when he was neutered. The vet discovered that Joe had been shot in the mouth and one canine tooth had to be removed as well as some fragments in the sinus area. This has not affected Joe in the least in terms of his trust of humans which is often the amazing thing about rescued dogs-they will offer their trust even after the most heinous acts are committed against them. Joe’s story also tells us about the best and worst in people. There is the callous indifference of the individual who shot Joe and in contrast the dedication of the people at the Newton shelter who searched for a place for Joe. We are committed to be worthy of Joe’s trust. He is a special dog who deserves to have a special life.


June 2004

Moss was adopted by a family in South Missouri. He fell head over heels for the boys when he first met them and the family knew it was a perfect match!



Moss is a 3 yr old male that was an owner surrender from south Missouri. Reason for relinquishment: "moving - can't take dogs with me." He's definitely a good natured fellow with people and other dogs, and walks nicely for me on the leash. He seemed eager to respond to direction and please me, even with all of the distractions at the shelter.

Monday I brought Moss home from the vet. He's a very friendly boy, on the soft and submissive side; he seems a bit unnerved by all of the sudden changes in his life, so at this point it's difficult to tell just how much training (if any) he has had. He needs to gain some weight, so for now I thought we'd just give him several days to recouperate and settle in here before asking much of him.



June 2004

Buddy was adopted by Elizabeth and Robbie! Elizabeth decided to rename him Finn (I'm a bit partial to that name myself :).

Update: 12/2009:
After more years (5!) than seems possible, I can report that Finn (formerly Buddy) is still the best ever. He is very clever and learns very quickly. He seems to love life for the great gift that it is. As an example of his cleverness (and rather subtle ways), he and Abby know that on weekends I like to sleep in, and the rule is that dogs are not to be rumpusing around the room, poking me in the eye with a nose or paw, etc. until I am ready to get up. No problem. Sometimes they will flump around on the bed, as if trying to get comfortable, but I am onto that trick. So Finn devised another strategy: he sits up. That's all, just sits. Instead of lying down. He normally sleeps at the head of the opposite side of the bed, so I can feel him looming over me. Works every time. When I open my eyes, he is staring thoughtfully off into space, contemplating the universe and seems surprised to see me awake. However, I have been trying to open my eyes very quickly to see if I can catch him either staring at me or leaning over me, and sometimes I can. Usually not fast enough for him, though, and most often he has time to strike his innocent pose.

Thanks for everything, not least the work that you all do --

Elizabeth Burns

Buddy is a 1 year old rough coated BC, about 22" tall and 48 pounds. He is a beautiful dog who is being surrendered by his owner--a livestock farmer--due to lack of herding instinct.

Buddy has wonderful manners and is an easy keeper. He is accustomed to living in a small outdoor run, and is quiet when left alone. He does not react to the sound of other dogs barking in the distance. Buddy dreams of the "indoor life," and loves cuddling in front of the TV. During his supervised introductions to the great indoors, he has not had any accidents, and quickly learned to navigate stairs and acclimate to noises like the TV, dishwasher, hair dryer and phone. He will likely be easy to housetrain, as he resists using his pen as a potty, waiting until his foster mom returns from work to take him for a walk. He rides very well in the car, laying down and resting the whole way whether crated or loose.

Buddy is fabulous with other dogs, with good manners and excellent" calming signals." He is not the exuberantly playful "in your face" type, instead preferring to walk side by side with another dog, sniffing at the same things and enjoying each others company.

Buddy is a total sweetie who would love the chance to move indoors and be your new best friend!

Robbie, Elizabeth, Finn (aka Buddy)

June 2004

Eve was adopted by an active family of four! They all fell in love with Eve when they met her and knew she would be the perfect addition to their family!

Eve (formerly known as Cookie) was rescued by a caring citizen after seeing her running in the streets for several weeks. She has apparently been hit by a car not once, but twice since her current injuries wouldn't have led to the amount of nerve damage done to her leg. Unfortunately we will have to amputate the right front leg due to those injuries. However, Evie is a darling pup, she is happy to see people and continues to be perky and full of life!

Eve's medical bills will be expensive so anyone wanting to help out can make donations through PayPal or mail checks directly to us. Information can be found by clicking DONATE. *NOTE - Thanks to the generous donations from MKBCR supporters, we have raised enough to cover Eve's medical expenses!! Thank you!!!

We will keep you updated on Eve's progress so check back often!!

Update 06-09-04: We are guessing that Evie is approx 8-10 mos old. She is a very petit dog only standing 18 inches from the floor to the top of her head. She has learned to sit on command and is getting better at down. She loves to chew and play with toys. She runs through the house with a braided toy that is as big is she is but it keeps her occupied for quite awhile.

As for the leg, she misses nothing. Her stitches came our Tuesday and the wounds are very well healed. She was super at the vet who was able to get the stitches out without any problems. She runs and walks with Buddy and keeps up with him, step for step. When we walk, she chews on his ear so it's a bounce step to jump up and reach him. (More exercise for Evie!) She will play fetch with a tennis ball or by herself. She doesn't seem to need a lot of people attention at all times. She is content to chew or play with the ball by herself but she is happy to have her ears scratched and easily will climb in your lap if you are on the floor with her.

The house training has been interesting. Saturday she didn't have any accidents while Sunday, she had several. She stays in her kennel when we are not home and at night and has no accidents during the week. She is still a puppy though so the house training is still in session!!

She has not been afraid of any individual or any of the dogs, big or small. She tries to play with the cat but a quick "no" and she stops. She does not chase her at all. I would again caution anyone that she is a puppy and chewing on us is a bad habit we are trying to break. She has been around smaller children (3 year olds) but I kept her tight with me because she was jumping. I think she would be fine. She does bark at the other dogs outside but stops when told and they are barking at her. I certainly would not call her a barker compared to the rest of the dogs in my neighborhood.

Eve is a wonderful dog, she will make someone or a family a wonderful companion!!


July 2004

Eli (aka) Riley

What a joy this boy was to foster! He learned his manners very quickly and was so affectionate and anxious to learn and please. He has been adopted by Amy and Mark who feel in love with this guy right away. He is living with them in their new house that is less than a mile from a dog park and has a large back yard. Their only other pet is a parrot. He will accompany Amy and Mark to Amy’s parent’s home where he will be in doggy paradise with several acres and a lake.

Eli is a stray from Southern KS (Crowley CO) and we're guessing he is approx 2-3 yrs old. He is a gorgeous, traditionally marked, rough coated male. He is 22" at the shoulder and weighs approx 45 lbs.

Today Eli went to the anual Dog-n-Jog on the Plaza in KC. I used a Gentle Leader on him and he did beautifully, only tried to get it off for the first few minutes. He walked fairly well on the leash but will need a bit more work on that. He knows sit and lie down and is learning wait/stay. So far he shows no interest in balls or frisbees. We will be testing him on stock in the next couple of weeks, I have NO doubt this boy would make an awesome working dog as well as a wonderful companion!

Update 06-25-04: Eli is a really nice dog! We did leash bonding with him for the first couple of days and now he follows us around and lies down wherever we sit down. He gets along with our three dogs and has started playing with them. He is learning to chase balls and Frisbees and his skill is improving. His obedience is going very well. He will walk well with a Gentle leader but also is learning to heel, sit lie down, and stay without one. He loves to lie beside us on the floor and cuddle. He is quite content in his kennel at night. So far he is a very calm guy. He has been to Petco, the vets, a dog walk event and numerous walks and car rides and has been friendly and curious but not hyper at all in any of these activities. He has responded well to children. He has had some mild food possessiveness but with learning to take treats sitting with the other dogs and hand feeding this is fading. He really is an easy and enjoyable dog to be with, very calm and loving yet playful. He learns very quickly, like many Border collies and is anxious to please. At this point he would do well in a home without cats (he wants to herd them) and I think could make an outstanding therapy dog as he doesn’t jump or get overly excited and does very little licking. He doesn’t seem easily startled so novel events don’t phase him much. And did I mention he is gorgeous?!


July 2004

Rook was adopted by Keith in Lawrence. Rook will get to go for long hikes and accompany Keith when he goes jogging. They hit it off right away, Rook settled right in and made himself comfortable. He will be a wonderful companion for Keith!!! Don't they look cute together?! :)

Rook (male, larger of the two) and Jubal (female) are strays from the Ozarks. We believe them to be either brother and sister or mother and son. A couple camping there discovered them rumaging thru the garbage and when they asked the campground manager about the dogs, they were told the owner passed away and no one took the dogs in. There were originally 7 dogs but only these 2 remained. They were litterally getting the blood drained from their bodies by the enormous amount of ticks on them and they were very undernourished. The couple fed them while they were there but when the time came they just couldn't leave them behind. So they brought them back to KC and contacted us.

We guess their age is about a year old, at least for Rook, Jubal could be a little older if they are not siblings. Jubal is very dependant on Rook and is very protective of her but not at all aggressive, neither dog has a mean bone in their body! Both dogs also get along well with other dogs and are reportedly good with children. They currently do not have any training but I will be bringing them home and then begin work on their house training and basic obedience. It shouldn't take more than a week to get the basics down. I've been told that they don't like to go potty in their kennels which is a good sign they'll be very easy to potty train.

The months of adversity these two dogs experienced making their way alone must have formed the strong bond we see between them. They grieve for one another when separated yet at the same time make room for relationships with people and other dogs. When interacting with others they will frequently stop and check in with one another-a brief rub or muzzle touch. Rook is the big happy pup who is dying to play with toys (he’s a little unsure if he is allowed yet.) Jubal is the cuddly one who first asks then presses her body next to you and gazes up with the gentlest brown eyes asking for a caress or a kind word. These two have charmed and tugged at the hearts of everyone who has met them. We know they will always be special dogs in our hearts.

06-20-04: Rook and Jubal are now in my home after being vetted and deticked (major job!). They are very friendly dogs and Rook is very playful. Jubal is much quieter, tends to just sit back and watch the activities happily. It makes me think that she might be a tad older than Rook. They obviously have not been inside very often, they were very scared to come in the house. Once inside, they investigated everything with keen but wary interest. After letting them wander around for a while, I then steered them towards the crates. They both went in out of curiostiy and then came back out. When it came time to PUT them in and close the door, they weren't quite so sure this was a good thing :). I quickly dished up some food and put it in the crates. They ate happily and after only a little whining, have both quieted down and are resting comfortably. When they were outside in the kennel, they were quiet until I let my dogs out and then they began to....howl :). All the neighborhood dogs joined in. It was quiet amusing...for a short while LOL! I will continue to put them in the kennel with the hopes that they will get used to it and comfortable there as I think they would be happier there during the day than in crates. They will sleep in crates at night however, so they will be crate trained.

06-23-04: Rook and Jubal are settling in and getting used to life around the house. They really enjoy being inside now :). They are spending their days in an outdoor kennel and sleeping at night in crates inside. Rook is showing his puppiness when he plays and when he discovered the tunnel that I set out for them. He didn't even need to be shown what to do, he just walked right over and went thru it. He does like to chew and if left to his own devices, will find something to chew on. I've left rawhides, nylabones and rope bones laying around and he usually is happy with those. He does not inhale the rawhides, he likes to run around tossing them in the air and then sits down for a good chew :).

July 2004

Mystique was adopted by Mike and Deb from West Plains MO. Here is an update on Mystique:

Well, we made it home around 1130 pm monday night. I think it was love at first sight for Buddy! Not so sure about Mystique's feelings for Buddy, but he's her's now!

Actually, they are doing extremely well together. Buddy will not let Mystique out of his sight-follows her around constantly. She holds her ground with him, and they are constantly romping and playing together. It's really nice to see them together! They seem to be pretty content with eack other. A match made in Heaven!

Anyway, thanks again for giving us the opportunity to get such a nice dog.

Mystique is a border collie mix; she looks collie and Border collie, but she is probably part lab.

A lovely girl, Mystique wants to be part of someone's family! For that family that wants the look, and some of the drive of a Border Collie, but isn't into the high drive so many Border Collies have, this may be the dog for you! She is very good with kids, cats, and other dogs, and is ready for obedience classes!

Mystique is house broke, and crate trained..and really wants that forever home like her siblings have!!


August 2004

Nellie is going to live in Ohio with her new mom and dad, Renna and John and her three cats Pongo, Penny and Patches. We are going to continue playing frisbee with her and hopefully get her interested in agility after she gets used to being with us. If the only thing we can do with her is play frisbee that will be enough for us to be happy with her as long as she is well adjusted and happy.

She is doing pretty good for the most part. She still gets nervous when she hears either kids yelling or when the people in the neighborhood decide that yelling at the tv will actually help Ohio State play better on Saturday afternoon (after all these years, you would think that they would realize it doesn't help lol). As her confidence builds a little some of the reaction to this may lessen. There was a thunderstorm the other morning, and I don't think she even noticed it so that is a little progress.

The most important thing we hope to do with Nellie is give her a life long home where she knows she is loved and help to build her confidence and trust in people.

Nellie is a registered 3 yr old female. Approx 21" at the shoulder and weighing approx 40 lbs. Nellie gets defensive around threatening dogs or in stressful situations. She is afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks but as long as she has a place to hide, she is fine.

She is adjusting well to her new foster home and foster siblings. There have been a few tiffs with one of the other females in the house, we expect that she will do much better as an only dog. Nellie is a very loveable dog and she bonds quite quickly to her caretaker. She has learned very quickly to walk on a loose leash with a Gentle Leader. She will make a wonderful compainion dog and would probably excel at agility and we will be testing her on goats for herding instinct...my guess is that she'll turn on quite quickly :).

Nellie waiting for Santa!

At the 2005 Reunion!


Spirit was adopted by Becky, Phil, Allison and Patrick in Overland Park Kansas. Having had experience with the husky temperament before with their last dog, they proved to be the best place for our Miss Spirit! I know she will be an awesome dog for them and we look forward to seeing her in puppy class in a month or so!! We'll have updated pics of her then :).


Spirit is one of Jubal's 4th of July pups. We believe her dad was probably a husky (that was a tough call eh? :). She is a wonderful girl, already showing the husky traits by being the first of the litter to wander around the yard! Spirit was not one to be bullied by "King Ben", she actually put him in his place and decided that the pack should be lead by a strong female instead...herself!

Spirit--All grown up! (March 2005)

Libby is one of Jubal's 4th of July litter. What a little princess she is!! She can be a bit naive sometimes :). She is so totally adorable and such a love bug. She is big like brother Ben but yet I'm not sure if they have the same sire. Her coat is soft as mohair and as Irish red as they come! Who knows, maybe dad was a red/white border collie??


Libby was adopted by Alisa and Matt in Lawrence Kansas. Her siblings will be a bulldog named Axel and 2 cats. She immediately hit it off with Fonz, one of the cats but wasn't quite sure about Axel :). Now, however, they are getting along just fine, I'm sure they'll be best buds in no time!! Look forward to seeing you in puppy class Miss Libby!

Heres an update on Libby:

Libby has been so fantastic to have. Axel and her get along great now and it seems wrestle time starts around 8:30 every night. When I say wrestle, I mean Axel rolls on his back and Libby jumps all over him. They both seem to really enjoy it.

I have taken Libby to the dog park twice now and she seems to love it. She was a little timid at first of all the big dogs and strange people, but with assurance and the support of Axel she got used to everything pretty quick. I introduced her to water yesterday and she went flying right in. However, when it got deep and lost her footing she came flying right out of there and didn't go back in.

Libby is doing fairly well on a leash and I have gotten her to do a few tricks. She can sit, shake, and fetch is slowly coming around. Both cats have warmed up to her, although she still is a little rough for them. She has become a great running partner with me, and I find myself trying to keep up with her!!

Libby and Axel (4/05)

Update April 2005

Libby is doing well. She gets skiddy around bikers and we are not sure what is the best way to fix that. It started when she was a puppy. She is loving the dog park. She knows it is a Saturday and Sunday routine and gets really excited in the morning-especially when she hears the magic words "dog park." Last Sunday we took her to the river run area and she had some fun in the water. She and Axel also enjoy a pig ear once a week and get really excited when they hear that word. She does well in the kennel when we are not home and we have her now sleeping in the room on a dog pillow or sometimes she hopes on the bed. Matt and I are looking forward to the reunion this fall.


September 2004

Pauly was adopted by Patti, Steve, Linnea, and Valerie in Liberty Missouri. Pauly will have Linnea and Valerie to play with and spoil him rotten. He'll also have plenty of farm land to run and play on! We'll have updated pics as he grows up, we're all curious to see what these pups look like as adults!!




Pauly was one of Jubal's 4th of July litter. What a sweetheart this boy is!! He thinks he's king of the castle but infact was the smallest of the litter. The rest let him think he was big and tough but they new he is all talk and no action :). Pauly stole my heart when he was only a few hours old and continues to do so! He will most certainly take a piece of my heart with him as will the rest of these adorable pups!!


Pauly (04/05)

Kip was adopted by Joan, Darrell, Elise, and Rachel in Overland Park KS. Sounds as though he thinks he should be a lap dog and the cat is still his main focus in life but things are going well and he is a very happy boy in his new home!!


Kip was a stray from Springfield Missouri. He was brought into resuce and put into the care of Sarah Davis and she brought him back to life! She discovered his love for raw potatoes (huh??) and is lack of knowledge of how BIG he is :)! He thinks he was born to be a lap dog!!

October 2004

Belle was adopted by Judy and Tom in St Louis. She will have a new big sister, a GSD/Husky mix named Keiffer. Here is what Judy and Tom said about Belle's first day:

Well she is doing good, but we are tired! Yesterday she met our other dog Keiffer. At first it was not good and she ran under a chair and cried, but by the end of the night they where chasing each other around the house. She also met the yellow lab across the street, that's like meeting a moose! Other than the lab would not let her alone the meeting was good. She also met a lot of humans, both grandmothers, neighbors and people that I work with. She did not like to be put in the pin at night at all! She want to just sleep by the bed. To keep her in the cage and quite we slept on the floor next to her in the pin. Now you know why we are tired!

In the morning Keiffer and Belle chased each other again. They are playing longer and better each time they play. She's also trying to steel Keiffer's milk bones and raw hides but to no success. I don't know if she could do this or not before but she is going up and down our steps like crazy. That one way to tired her out!

Belle is one of Jubal's 4th of July suprise litter. What a little sweetie she is! Next to Pauly, she was the smallest pup but packed with spunk :). She was one of the first pups to talk back to Queen Sophie....even if it was from under the coffee table lol!

Belle (04/05)

Belle with Keiffer...."couldn't I just have one lick??"

Belle and family at the 2005 reunion

September 2004

Callie was rescued from the Warrensburg MO shelter. Her new foster family quickly fell in love with Callie and decided to make her a permanent member of their family!!



Callie was rescued from the Warrensburg shelter. After reaching her foster home, it was not long before we realized, she would never be leaving her fostser home :)! Callie is now a happy member of the Sparks family joining her 2 other border collie sisters, Lucy and Desi!

September 2004

Kelty was a stray found in the country east of Kansas City. His foster family also fell for Kelty and he has now found his forever home!!


Kelty was a stray from east of KC, he also never left his foster home!! Well have an update on him very soon :)

September 2004

Ben was adopted by a family in Des Moines IA. He now has his very own family that love him and welcome him as a permanent member of their family! Heres and update on Ben:

Benny is doing well. Tom said he didn't make a peep all the way here last night and only got sick once. The boys were beyond excited. We went to the pet store together to get supplies before his arrival and they loved picking out special toys and bowls for Benny. He was a little timid upon arrival but warmed up pretty quickly. We let him
get his bearings until around 11:00pm and then set up his crate in our room. He whimpered for maybe 2 minutes and then conked out. He never barked or whimpered during the night to let us know he needed to go potty --instead he
just flopped around his crate and made noise that way. He is such a good boy!!! We took turns taking him out about every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. He went in the yard and did his thing every time. He is certainly checking everything out, trying to figure out all the new smells and noises. This morning we got up to go potty around 6:00, gave him his breakfast and played with some of his new toys. That was fun. We let him wake up the boys--they thought that was great. So far this morning I have been reading the newspaper on the front porch with Benny while he takes a nap. We are really enjoying each others company while the boys are at school. He is a perfect addition to our family. He is so good- natured and loving , yet playful and curious and so darn cute. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for all you've done for him!

Ben is one of Jubal's 4th of July litter. We think Ben's daddy might have been an Australian Shepherd. He is now 10 weeks old and has had his first set of puppy shots and will be neutered before adoption.

Ben is a cuddly boy, he is the one that most enjoys just sitting on my lap and getting tons of attention. He was generally the first pup to tire out although he does love to play, now with his mother since his siblings are all in their new homes. Ben has striking hazel eyes that really stand out, he is a very pretty boy! I think he'll have a medium to rough coat (somewhat long but not super long). Right now its still soft and fuzzy. I expect his mature weight to be around 50-55 lbs.

Ben is learning to go potty outside and is also learning to walk on a leash. He's used to big dogs bossing him around and takes their corrections quite well. He loves to chew on nylabones and rope bones so those will be a must in his new home! He is crate trained and doesn't make a fuss when its time for his nap in the crate.

Ben went the the 1st Annual (for sure we're doing this again!!) Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue Reunion yesterday! Boy did he have a great time!! At first he was a little intimidated by all those BIG dogs running around trying to sniff him but in the end, he was out in the field running around and juming in the pond along with them! Ok the jump in the pond was a bit of an accident, and shock, the first time (he was just following big sister Sophie around and didn't see the change in footing...or lack there of :). He was overjoyed to see his sibling, Paulie and they played and wrestled all afternoon! It was a great experience for Bennie, he was exposed to a lot of different situations and he handled them all beautifully!

September 2004

Jubal was a stray found at a campground in southern Missouri along with her companion Rook.Jubal went to her new home on the 3rd of July and just one day later on the 4th, I got a call from her new home saying that she was giving birth to puppies! This was after she was supposedly spayed! Well, much to our delight, the pups were all healthy and it was quite an experience for us to have our first set of newborn pups to raise! The new home was not prepared for a litter of puppies along with Jubal so they decided to return her to rescue.

After raising her puppies (what a wonderful Mom she was!!) Jubal found a new home with Debbie, Terry, Matthew, Michael, and James in Bridgeport, Nebraska. Jubal is now the center of attention there and is thoroughly enjoying it!! Thank you Miss Jubal for giving me the experience of a lifetime, I'll be forever grateful :)!



October 2004

Charlie was adopted by his foster family in Mission KS. Jill and Tyler fell in love with Charlie and he has become Tyler's best bud! Thank you to Jill and Tyler for giving Charlie the permanent, forevever home that he so badly needed!! He and Kelty are 2 very luck boys!!

Charlie was found as a stray near Longview Lake in Lees Summit MO. Charlie's favorite activity is chasing birds out of the yard!

October 2004

Tulla was adopted by Greg, Lori, David, and Sarah in St Louis. Her new sister is Mopsy, a cocker spaniel who I'm sure will show her the ropes!

Here's an update on Tulla, renamed Maggie:

I just thought I’d drop you an update on our little sweet girl. She is starting to walk pretty well on a lead, is 99.99% housebroken (and the .01% is probably our fault for not getting off our butts soon enough). She comes when called and sits in a nice straight little sit right in front of me (I’m thinking obedience shows…???) Our cocker has endless patience with her, which is a good thing because Maggie has wrecked her beautiful long ears. She hangs on to them like a security blanket when she is introduced to something new (it’s really pretty cute). She still sleeps with my daughter every night, and the only chewing incident was one essay that had been saved on the computer, so no big deal. I’ve already made plans to get her into a puppy class and we will probably get into our local agility club as soon as she is old enough.

We love her SO much. You did such a great job with the puppies - she is so trusting and well adjusted. (Thanks again)

Maggie (1/05)

Maggie and Dewey (March 2005)

(See more pictures of Maggie and Dewey under Dewey below!)

Maggie, Greg and Lori (March 2005)
Dewey and Maggie playing like brother and sister!!
(March 2005)

Maggie and her agility ribbon - 2008


Dewey with his new family!

Dewey, David and Marsha (March 2005)

October 2004

Dewey was adopted by the Deckers in St Louis MO. Heres what they have to say about Dewey:

We've given Dewey his formal name: Maxwell Dewey Decker. My husband and son got so used to calling him Dewey though, they have not been able to make the switch over to Max, so I think Dewey will be his name, regardless of what is written down :).

As I mentioned previously, Dewey LOVES pillows - I've included a picture of him sacked out on the sofa between some pillows. He still sleeps in bed with David and I at night - When he can sleep through the night, he will transition to Austin's room. (Austin is a heavy sleeper and probably wouldn't wake up to let Dewey out to potty at night right now, and I wouldn't be happy with the outcome of that in the morning.(smile)). Speaking of house training - Dewey is doing very well, just a couple of accidents and mostly right in front of the door where we let him out. He loves to sit in the grass and just enjoy the breeze. We spend a lot of time outside on the weekends. Unfortunately, the weather during the week has been a bit rainy but we have played ball inside as a diversion, he doesn't always bring the ball back, but he is beginning to "get it."

Dewey has learned to sit - only took one day - He is sooooo smart. He is learning to heel and is already getting it with just a couple of lessons. We will begin training with that guy that works for my husband in a couple weeks to get through the additional obedience training items. Dewey loves to chew on any exposed toes so he's got a little work to do there! I've also included a picture of his favorite toy - his blue teddy. He carries the darn thing all over the house in his mouth then flops down from time to time to chew on it. I tried to get a picture of him carrying it, but every time I would get down on the floor to take the picture, he'd drop it and come trotting over to see what I was doing.

All in all our family is doing great with our new addition. Even the cat has come out of hiding. Both Dewey and Sassy spent the night in our room last night. And while Dewey doesn't take the place of my beloved Tucker, he makes missing him a little less painful every day.

I'm so glad we found the Mo-Kan web site. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Dewey and his blue bear! (1/05)

Maggie and Dewey playing NON-STOP! (March 2005)

(See more pictures of Maggie and Dewey under Maggie above!)

March 2005

October 2004

Roxie was adopted by Pam and Teresa of KCMO. She will join Stymie, a five yr old labrador retriever in her new forever home!

Heres an update on Roxie, now know as Alfie:

We were very impressed with you and your family - your girls are both wonderful and involved - we just wish that we had been that great at their ages! Thanks so much for the photo! I was telling a friend of ours about what you did with Roxie's towel and she burst into tears - she was so touched by your gesture. We have settled on Alfie as the permanent name. Her middle name is Roxanne though, so she will remember her first happy days! She is doing great - she just knows how to play the right cards with Stymie - very interesting to observe. And Stymie! I am so proud of him for the way he has already acted toward her. He is interested and wants to play, but his size causes Alfie to stop and go submissive. We thought we were going to have to crate her most of the time for a couple of weeks, but they were outside together today with no problem. We are keeping a close eye though until she gets a bit bigger and things are a bit more routine. We've had visits from several of our friends as they meet our new girl and everyone thinks she is just adorable. She has also met several of our neighbors so everyone is getting a big smile from meeting her. I am sending along three photos - one so you can see Stymie, and two because she is just so cute!

Thanks again for all your effort - we will stay in touch and let you know how she is progressing!

Alfie at the 2005 Reunion

October 2004

Iggy, now named Luke, was adopted by the Williams in Andover KS. Luke has Harley as his border collie sibling. He is doing great. He loves going for rides in the car!

Iggy is one of Freckles puppies, born on August 5th. He will be adopted with a neuter contract.


Luke at 9 months! What a cutie!

October 2004

Lacey, now known as Lannie, was adopted by Tim who had never had a Border collie before. It was love at first sight but has also been a big learning experience for Tim. Her herding tendencies, which she had directed towards cars have been a particular challenge -especially when she is in a car while she is doing it! But Tim has been up to challenge. He has learned about clicker training read Patricia McConnel's "On the Other End of the Leash" and kept in contact with us through this process and Lannie is making steady progress.. She is very bonded to Tim and her desire to please him seems to be the ticket! From a sick and very matted and skinny girl she has been transformed into a beatiful sleek dog who runs like the wind and who,from all appearances,is a very happy girl who knows how lucky she is!

Lacey is a tricolor Border collie that came from a shelter in Topeka Kansas. We estimate her age at about two years. She weighed about 34 lbs when she came into rescue but now is a few pounds more. She is a very affectionate girl who loves people and loves to cuddle. She also is playful enjoying fetch but has also made up her own game with a "Jollyball" and a rope that is hilarious to watch. When she comes to you with a toy she wiggles her butt and smiles at you ending the game with softly putting her paws on your lap. It is so darn cute! She must have been given some people time when she is a pup because her temperament is excellent with people. But her later life was spent on a chain as evidenced by the wear on her teeth. It’s hard to imagine why she was not kept inside as she is housebroken-not one accident and seems to have good house manners and accepts crating. She knows sit, down and come but still needs work on her loose leash walking and her outside recall. Like a lot of female Border collies she seems jealous of our females not wanting to share the strokes and cuddles she seems to crave. She is also very sight sensitive, so if left unsupervised in a yard it would be better that it have a privacy fence and she definitely will need to be on a leash for at least awhile outside when she goes to her new home. She is a beautiful girl that would suit a family or individual who want a lively and loving companion. It would be best if she was an only dog or at least the only female dog and in addition to playing fetch could also be a good agility or flyball dog.

August 2004

(I'm a bit late getting Misty's success story on the website, hence it is listed as an Oct adoption when hers was in August...sorry Misty!! Better late than never right? :)

8-17-04 Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for my family and this one was no exception. Friday evening, Misty fka Orca arrived after a long trip from St. Louis. Her transport angel, Linda French, was so kind. Misty was car sick all the way. It was so bad that Linda switched her to a second kennel. Misty was so pitiful, scared, and messy. After a quick sponge bath on the front porch, she came in to explore her new home. Shortly after touring the house and yard she was sound asleep.

By Sunday, she was really perky. My youngest son, Nick, and his border collie, Cody, came to visit. Have you every watched a very young sister follow her very big brother around? That is a picture of Misty and Cody. She jumps all over him and chases him and then he chases her. She loves Cody and Nick!!!

By Tuesday, we have started a routine. She has not made a mess in the house. Her house manners are perfect (unless there is a Kleenex laying around). She is starting to play with toys and knows a few commands. The commands need reinforcing but she is doing great. We have been sitting in the car and taking short trips around the block. She is getting much more comfortable in the car.

She is such a sweetheart, very loving, and so quick to try to please. She is my shadow. Where ever I go she is at my heel. I think she has found her forever home. (Boy, that didn’t take long ;-)

8-21-04 First family party!! Cody came. That is always fun. Xena came. Xena is an 80 pound shepard/chow mix. That was a little scary!! Everything went fine and Misty had a great time with both Cody and Xena. Tabby, who is a 5 year old girl, was great fun also. The day was a great success with a very tired puppy at the end of the day.

Misty is doing great. She is completely housebroken, has great house manners, and is learning new commands. We are still working on the car sickness but making progress. We are up to 12 minutes in the car without getting sick. She is really going to know this neighborhood!

Thank you to everyone who helped Misty and I get connected especially her former family who recognized the match was not right and Misty deserved another chance.

Orca --- 30 to 35 lbs; 10 months old; aprox. 19" at the shoulders;
excellent with adults and with children of all ages and excellent with
cats and other dogs. Sarah has two cats and another border collie with whom Orca loves to play.

Misty with her new pal Cody

November 2004

Daisy was adopted by Pat in KC MO, here is what Pat has to say about her new companion.

I just love Daisy. She is so good natured and eager to please and soaks up attention like she's been starving for it. I was concerned about her not liking people coming into the house, but she has been improving about that. I try
to make a big deal of showing that I'm happy to see them, and not to make a big deal if she wants to go sit at a distance. I figure she'll just have to get used to it. She is also very nervous about storms, rain in particular. Last
night, or rather early this morning, she came in and jumped on the bed and was really nervous. It had started raining, but not raining hard. I couldn't even hear it on the roof. I have had this problem with her before. I have a
twin bed and there just isn't room for the both of us, plus she is nudging me and pawing me because she is nervous. I ended up putting her in the cage - ham is a surefire bribe - so I could get some sleep. She refuses to get off the bed - the only time she ever won't do what I tell her, so I have to sort of scoop her up and put her on the floor. But she is back up there right away. I know at some point there will be a storm, possibly with thunder, which terrifies her, and I won't be home to deal with her.
She is such a sweet girl that I would like to help her over these fears.

Daisy is a 4 yr old, registered female. She came to us heartworm positive so she is currently in treatment but is just finishing up her first month.

Daisy does great with other dogs, she is house trained, crate trained and is reported to be started on stock. She was relinquished because the previous owner really wasn't prepared to handle a border collie.

She is a beautiful girl with a nice temperament and would make a wonderful companion or sporting dog. Not sure yet about her interest in frisbees since she's been under house arrest during her HW treatment. We'll have more updates soon!

08-06-04 Daisy is a love bug…She CRAVES attention and will do anything for a little love. Her hair is curly and VERY soft like a pillow :). She has recovered wonderfully from treatment from what I can tell. She can keep up with Chase (pka Sean) for the most part. I take them out to a field that is about a mile away and she can pretty much haul it :). She isn’t QUITE as playful as Chase but definitely loves to play with him and puts up with him pretty well when she doesn’t feel like playing. She will chase after balls and get them but is having a hard time with the idea of bringing the ball back to me. She loves rawhide bones and can put a 10 inch one down in about an hour. She does seem to be a little bit timid at times like maybe something has happened to her, especially when I am loud but it isn’t thing that is terrible she will still come when I call her even if it is a yell. I think she was house trained at gunpoint because she has a bladder the size of a milk jug. I have not had a single accident with her …very trustworthy.

That’s Daisy. I could tell something was up with the heartworm, about 1 week then she seemed like a perfectly normal dog. I walk her with Chase about 5 or 6 miles every other day. She does great doesn’t get short of breath or anything. Kathy is a youth leader at church and we had kids over she didn’t do anything with

Daisy and Pat

Ash is one of Freckles puppies, born on August 5th.

November 2004

Ash was adopted by the Pitts family in Lenexa, Kansas.

Here's an update on Ash (1/05):

Ash is doing great with the kids. He really is silly in the morning, but then calms down with them through the rest of the day. I am a little surprised that he doesn't sneak off with their toys and things to chew on. We got him some new toys and gave him a couple of stuffed animals and he only chews on his things - it has been really good. In the beginning, I had a problem with him eating crayons that he would find, but he has even stopped taking those when they are on the floor. He has also been good with potty training and going into his crate at night. He hasn't had an accident in the house for weeks and he sleeps really good at night.

Ash snoozing! (1/05)

Lexy/Jessie is one of Freckles puppies, born on August 5th.

Jessie (1/05)

Jessie--all grown up! (4/05)

November 2004

Lexy, now Jessie, was adopted by Wendy and Cindy and they live in Mission, Kansas.

Update on Jessie (1/05)

Jessie's doing great. She has a favorite ball now. She even brings it in with her when it's time to come inside the house. She loves to fetch and she never gets tired of the game! She and Sam, our shepherd mix, run and play constantly. Just yesterday they stayed out for over an hour running and tackling each other non-stop. Her training is going well. She picks up on the commands very quickly and has a very good memory. We still have some more work to do on the "Stay" or" Wait" command but she's getting there.

Jessie--what a cutie! (4/05)

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