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Success Stories 2005


Toby is approx 1 yr old, he was a stray found in Springfield MO. Toby weighs 51 lbs and stands about 22" tall at the shoulder. He is fully house trained and crates easily. Toby gets along very well with other dogs, he is very playful and defers to the alpha in his foster home (thankfully :). He is curious of my cat but so far no problems. He does like slippers and shoes...and hand spun wool (argh!) although he is learning "leave it" and is very respectful of corrections. He does like to jump but I am working very strongly on him that. He's not bad, doesn't jump with both paws up, just jumps up to say "HI!". He has a tendancy to walk very closely, onleash he doesn't pull which is very nice. He does need to learn how to walk properly on a leash because he tends to circle you which can make walking a bit tricky! He'll be easy to train though, he already has a good start. Toby is a happy boy, has a very nice temperament. I think he would make a great family dog and companion!

Update 01-29-05: Toby is certainly turning out to be a very interesting dog! He has been introduced to a friends puppies and amazingly, he is quite nurturing and gentle with them. Even when they came running up to him while he was chewing on a bone, I held my breath but he just looked at them and continued to chew as they laid up next to him, quite amazing really! Our thought is that Toby may have some Great Pyrenees in him. There is something about his gentleness and desire to protect that reminds me of some that I have been in contact with. He is larger than your average border collie that would suggest a larger breed mix. He is quite a "soft" dog in that he responds very well to corrections. Its obvious he has not been given boundaries in the past but he has quickly realized that slippers are off limits and nylabones are OK. He loves nylabones! I have been leaving him uncrated at night in my bedroom and he does just fine, sleeps soundly thru the night (although he does snore and talk in his sleep lol!). Something we have always discouraged is people thinking that border collies make good "kid minders" however, Toby might be just that. I think he will be a very protective but gentle family dog. He is very biddable and eager to please. He also loves to watch TV :). He was watching I, Robot with me this morning and became quite concerned when the robots started to take over lol! His head cocked, he stood up and trotted away from the TV, not taking his eyes off the screen, it was quite amusing! There are certain things that startle him, raised hands (I do believe he has been hit before) and certain objects that I haven't quite figured out yet. He is the type of dog that is very visual, notices changes in his environment and strange objects that he is not familiar with concern him at times. He is learning to like to ride in the car, at first it was a struggle to get him into one but now he jumps in with just a little coaxing (fun destinations help :). He is a wonderful car dog though, once he is in. He had a few episodes of being sick but since the initial long treck from Springfield to KC, he has been just fine. He lays down in the back of my SUV and rides very quietly. He does still need work on his recall but I don't think it will be hard to train.

February 2005

Toby, now Bailey, has been adopted by Jeff and Monica and their 2 sons Tyler and Ryan in Kansas City, Kansas.

Update from his family (Mar, 15, 2005):
I still wonder how we got so lucky finding him. He has been absolutely perfect.
Bailey now loves car rides, he will go down to the garage door when we say "bye bye" and jumps right up into the Jeep by himself. The trips to go pick up our boys from school & walks in the park(even though he seems to be taking us for a walk sometimes) gave him the confidence he needed. You might also like to know that Bailey & Toby(the cat) have become best of friends, of course they will push each other to the limit when they play, but then lay down together & even lick & bathe one another, it's hilarious. Monica & I will get some pics to you eventually, sorry for the delay on that. Oh yeah, one last thing. We actually won that 1 year supply of dog food, and what is cool is the adoption agency wins one too. COOL HUH? Thanks again for such a great addition to our family, and believe me Bailey thanks you too.
Jeff & Monica Thieman

Bailey is approximately 2 yrs old and weighs 35 lbs. She is super sweet but holds her own against my 2 males. She really is sweet and is happy to have her head in your lap for a pet. She torments Charlie but no major blow outs. She is absolutely a herder (which means she probably would do better only with older children - 12+). She really disrupted the Frisbee game last night with both Charlie and Kelty. Not interested in the Frisbee just in stopping them. She appears to be housetrained, there have been no accidents in the house (yeah!).

February 2005

Bailey was adopted by Rick, Debbie, Kayla and Paul in Northern Missouri. Bailey will get to go to the golf course where her new Dad works everyday! Sounds like fun to me :)!!

Bailey is a good dog. She is calm and likes to put her head in your lap for a loving pet. She also loves to run and play. She loves to go for car rides. She wasn’t too crazy about playing with anything when we first got home. I got her to play with a tennis ball and she loves it! She can catch the ball in her mouth.

She knows sit, stay, down, drop ball, get ball, and come. She does well on a leash and doesn’t pull. We have a cat that Bailey tries to play with but our cat doesn’t seem too excited. Bailey loves tummy rubs. She will stop in front of you and plop down on her back to get a tummy rub. She also loves to be brushed. As soon as I get the brush out and start to brush her she won’t move a muscle until I’m done.

Bailey follows me around everywhere I go. After I leave for school she mopes around all day. When the bus pulls up to the house she watches out the window until I get on and off each day. When I walk through the door her rear shakes and she gets so excited. At night she will get in bed with me and lay on her back for a nighttime tummy rub and loving.

I have taught her new things and she catches on real quick. She has learned how to play hide-n-seek. That is her favorite game. I will tell her to sit and stay then I go hide and call for her. She has learned to look in every place that I have hid before. It is so cute. She can greet people also. She will sit, shake, and speak. I have also taught her how to shake and speak and we only had to show her how to once and she did it the next time by herself. When you put a treat on her nose and tell her to stay she will sit there until you say OK. When you ask her to you can get a hug from Bailey. She is an awesome dog!!



February 2005

Becca was adopted by John, Andrea, Jackson and Peyton of Kansas City Missouri. She is happily adjusting to her new home and is much loved by her new family!

Update 3/05
After an initial adjustment and LOTS of love and patience from Becca's new family, she is doing well. She was anxious and having difficulty being home alone in the beginning, but is now fine when her family leaves for work and school in the morning. The special toys she gets when they're gone help that - three stuffed kongs :) If for some reason her dad doesn't have to leave until later than normal Becca can be found sitting by the door waiting for him to leave. LOL! She has access to the backyard during the day and can sometimes be found sunning herself or playing alone when everyone returns in the afternoon.

As her mom, Andrea, said, "She is really doing well, and we just love her. At night the kids play with her, and she still gets a lot of petting, but she is so good about just laying down while we eat, give baths, etc."

Update 4/05
Becca is doing great. She can't wait for us to leave in the am so she can get her treat toy full of liver and peanut butter......on weekends, she can't figure out why we are not leaving! She has become quite the squirrel hunter, and has almost caught one...and she is so loving as well. We figured out we have to spell squirrel....and even if you say "go get it" and are talking about something else, she runs to the back door -- yesterday she guarded a tree for a good hour making sure that squirrel didn't get past her.....what a hoot she is. :) Every night she "helps" put the kids to bed and sleeps in Peyton's room while I lay with Peyton, and in the morning she "helps" wake each kid up with a kiss and they just love it.

Thanks, Andrea

Becca is a sweet 4-year old BC/Lab mix. She is built like a smooth coat BC and weighs 46 lbs. She is spayed and is current on shots, heartworm preventative, bordatella and flea/tick preventative. Becca loves to be with her people and she would make an awesome therapy dog! She knows the following commands: sit, stay, lay down, come, wait, leave it, drop it, shake, that's enough and no. She is really happy when she can sit near you and have you pet her or twirl her ears! She won't complain about a good belly rub either. She doesn't have the high energy level of the BC breed, but enjoys walks. There is a county park near her home with lots of open fields and woods. Her mom takes her and her furry sisters for off leash walks there. Becca gets nervous in the car, but lays down after a few minutes, oddly enough though she loves to get in the car. She goes to the lake with her mom and will ride in the front of the boat or on the waverunner with her nose in the air and ears flapping!

We need to find a new home for her because she and one of her older female companions are both strong alphas (leader of the pack) and they are unable to live together peacefully anymore. She would be best in a single dog family or with a submissive dog that will respect that she is Queen Bee :). Becca is great with all ages of humans, young and old, she simply loves people! She would make a wonderful family pet!

March 2005

Blue was a stray from southern Missouri. She was taken in by a very kind person there who discovered that Blue was suffering from red mange, a parasite that lives on dogs but can cause problems when the dogs immune system is compromised or their health is poor. Blue was terribly underweight and it was obvious she was not very old. The mange was treated and a new home found even before she was listed on the website.

Blue's new home is with two very special people! Chuck and Lissa adopted Cody in 2003 and have worked with this sweet boy diligently to make him more confident and secure. Cody will always be a shy soul but he loves other dogs :)! Chuck and Lissa decided that it was time to give him a full time companion! Their timing couldn't have been more perfect. They contacted me about adopting another dog virtually the same day we found out about Blue! At the time I thought it sounded like a perfect match and after todays long awaited meeting, it turned out to be just that! Cody and Blue (kna Connie) look so adorable together! They are exactly the same size, both have one blue eye and one brown. I know that Connie/Blue will be so good for Cody and Chuck and Lissa are so thrilled to add her to their family :)!

Blue in her new backyard with her new brother Cody and new friend Mick

Blue with her new Mom, Lissa

March 2005

Fez was adopted by Charlotte and Jim and their daughter, Valla, in St. Louis, Mo. Fez has already started in obedience and agility and doing nicely! He will get to be Valla's 4-H dog!

From Charlotte (3/05) What a sweet boy! Fez had a good night, settling into his crate about 10:00 and was quiet until 2:40am, when he wanted out. He and Valla had played soccer in the back yard, he being faster than the ball! Dukie played with him, trying vainly to hunch him while running! Fez is so sweet, he laid down in front of King and softly and gently offered to play with him. What wonderful insight into an old and fragile dog. He obviously has never been around nordic dogs. They woo, howl and talk a lot. King wooed at Jim last night and Fez went running over, sniffing him and licking his face like, "are you alright?" King didn't know what to make of it, he was just announcing some random bit of Samoyed news. This morning in kids n k9s, he started heel position with straight sits, down and sit stay, recall and spin. In agility, he went over or through every obstacle except the teeter! 2 1/2 hours of work, No fear, wonderful desire to please all the way to the end. Tomorrow, we start tracking. I think this is going to be a wonderful placement. Fez loves the new work and seems to be settling in already. Valla is ecstatic with him. Jim has played with and petted him and Fez seems to be winning him over. Thank you for finding, recommending and taking care of our newest family member.

August 2006: Fez successfully tested to become a certified therapy dog this weekend. He will begin doing nursing home visits and our dog bite safety program very soon. He also got his first two legs in Rally Advanced with Valla the previous weekend.

Fez is a 11 mo old male weighing approx 40 lbs. He was a stray found in a Kansas City suburb. What a doll he is!! He is a gorgeous boy with broad shoulders and some intense herding drive (so far only displayed on cats and other dogs). He is great with other dogs, very playful but a bit cautious at first meeting. Since his neuter, I expect that to become less noticeable. He love people of all ages, a very loving boy! He would make an excellent sport dog and will probably show potential as a working dog. If the ice ever thaws here, we might be able to get him tested on sheep if there is interest.

Fez will need an active human to keep him occupied. He is full of energy. He would also make a great companion and playmate to another dog in addition to other activities. Fez would be a super running parter, agility dog, flyball dog (although he needs to be taught to play with toys/balls).

More updates in a week or so!

(1/22) Fez has been with us in his foster home for about a week. He is such a nice boy! He loves to be close to us, always lying at our feet or in the same room with us. He did not like the crate at first, but now goes in willingly. He loves our kids and is not shy around people who come to visit. He is learning not to jump up to greet people. He knows sit and to tell us he has to go outside. He keeps his collie eye on our cat, but is not agressive towards her. He loves to play with balls, toys and tugs. He's eager to learn and please!!




Sheba will be 1 year old in April and weighs about 40 pounds. She is very sweet and good with kids. Loves the water and squeaky toys. Her mom and dad were border collies. She was the last of a litter of pups and a family took her in.

Update 02-28-05 Sheba is a pretty girl, especially after a bath Saturday night. She is doing pretty well . . . very curious, especially with the cat so we are watching the two of them very carefully. She has not had any accidents in the house but we make sure we take both dogs out quite a bit and run them around the yard. She does not like the crate, but we will persist! She does know "sit" and responds well to her name. Other than that, still has "puppy" traits in her. We also discovered that she will go after and actually bring back the tennis ball to you . . . haven't tried the frisbee yet. We also watched her bury a bone in the garden . . .dig, drop it in, and use her nose to cover it with dirt . .. what a kill!

03-06-05 Sheba is such a great dog! She craves love and attention, but appears well taken care of and well fed. She likes our big yard and likes to explore but prefers our company to being outside alone. She is showing more interest in the tennis balls, and we are trying to get her interested in the frisbee. Only one accident in the house and it was pretty minor. She doesn't like the crate but is getting better each time. She wants to be right next to us all the time, but is starting to explore a little more.

Our biggest problem has been her intensity with our cat. Fred is just too passive, doesn't use her claws or hiss. Sheba is fixated on her to the level you can't get her to move once she has her eyes on the cat. As soon as she gets in the house or out of her crate she goes looking for the cat and then wants to be as close to her as possible. The cat pretty much ignores her, but we obviously can't leave them alone together. She hasn't hurt her any, pretty much herds her around if we let her get close. So unless you have one TOLERANT cat...I'd say she needs a home without one :).

March 2005

Sheba, renamed Bonnie, was adopted by Brian and his family.

Update 5/18/2005
It's funny about the first class in obedience - between her food motivation and her innate BC traits, nothing in the class really was all that tough for her. We still need to work on stay, down, and wait, but she's a vastly different dog then we she first came into the pack. Like most pups, she's distracted a little too easily. We also can't tap into her food motivation in the agility class, so we use her ball, and it's tough weaning her off that.


Buddy is a 10 week old puppy relinquished by his owner. While we've only had Buddy in rescue for a few days, he's proving to be a wonderful puppy. He played outside with his foster mom and his 2 1/2 year old human brother on his first night at their house. He helped plant some bushes and seemed to enjoy the dirt : ) While he will explore on his own, he doesn't wander too far off and appears to want to stay close. He's learning that his foster family's cat isn't much fun, but kept trying to engage him by running circling him and barking. Buddy eventually gave up when he realized the cat wasn't going to play that silly game! Potty training has started and he seems to be a quick learner. He's beginning to learn Sit and Lay Down as well. We'll provide additional updates in the next couple of weeks.

April 2005

Fynn, previously known as Buddy, was adopted by Annie in Topeka. He joins his new sister Boo, who was also adpoted through Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue. Fynn and Boo are getting along great! Boo is finding out how much energy a puppy has and is loving it!

Tragically, Fynn has passed to the rainbow bridge.


Update 5-25-05
What a darling boy/heathen. I love him as does anybody who crosses his pathway. He doesn't know a stranger and is such a well-adjusted puppy. Boo is fabulous with him. Almost like a Mother. Tolerant beyond belief with the baby teeth and they roll around "fighting" most of the day. Then collapse in respective corners. Fynn is sleeping through the night and has his own baby pool. He adores water. I discovered this as he splashed in the toilet bowl for fun, sending water everywhere, and then would also stand in his water dish....so, he is wet and filthy most of the time...looking like a Badger. His full name is Fynnegan Begin Again. I am so happy to have him. He has been to the vet and last Tuesday he was 16.5 lbs. He is growing like a weed.


Tazz (previously known as Sweep) was an owner relinquish from the Independence Shelter. His owner no longer had the time to care for him. We were told he is very high energy (confirmed :) and that he does well with children but is too high energy for small children. His birthday is 12-25-03 so he is just over a year old. It appears that his previous owner did some work with Tazz. He is quite well mannered, appears to be house trained, sits, drops the ball when asked and crates very nicely. He is also very quiet in his crate, rarely complaining.

Tazz will need a very (VERY) active home!! He is one of the most ball crazy dogs I have ever met (and thats saying something lol!). He catches frisbees in the air and is fast as lightening. Anyone interested in a flyball dog would not be disappointed with Tazz!

His new foster mom has discovered just how ball crazy this dog is....she had let him out into the backyard to work off some energy and went back into the house. She heard this sound like someone knocking on the window. Well, turns out Tazz was standing just outside throwing the ball against the door!! LOL! Obvioulsy not hard enough to hurt anything so it was quite amusing!! He has also learned to go to the top of her yard, drop the ball and race to the bottom to retrieve it!

Tazz plays very well with other dogs although we have not had him around cats. I would suggest a home without cats because of his intensity. He may not harm but he would probably torment the cat into insanity (my cat can relate :).

03-06-05 Tazz has unfortunately come down with kennel cough since leaving the shelter, not too uncommon and easily treated. We are having to keep him seperated from the other dogs in the house though so poor Tazz isn't getting to play with his new girlfriend, Sohpie (yeah, she does get around doesn't she? Don't tell Fynn!!!). He did get to meet several new human friends today, all new Tazz fans! He happily greeted everyone, dropping a ball at our feet and staring at us with eager anticipation. I think almost everyone at some point expressed interest in taking him home with them...all were denined, however, since their homes are already full of border collies (hazard of being friends with border collie rescuers :)!

Update 04-22-05 - Tazz is now healthy as a HORSE! Wow can he move lol! He is a delightful boy, always has a grin on his face and loves nothing more than to get out in the yard to play with the other dogs in his "play group". One in particular would be his foster Mom's (Bridget) new pup, Mick. They would play 24/7 if given the opportunity! They have a wonderful big back yard that extends into a wooded area and finding lost balls there is a favorite past time. They also like to chase each other thru the agility tunnel set up in the woods. Bridget says that Tazz reminds her of her first Border collie, McGuffin. She swears that dog was the smartest dog she's ever known but Tazz is coming in a close second :).


August 2006


Update: January 2008 - Picture is from a weekend trial,14 out of 15 runs he Q and placed out of Level 5 in CPE.We are 13 legs from his Championship in CPE and AKC we are working towards Mach points. Thanks again for all your group does,he truly is a gem.
Christy Felty

April 2005

Tazz's Angel is "Auntie Linda"

Tazz has been adopted by Christy in Michigan. Christy does agility, herding as well as obedience and is interested in starting a flyball team. It couldn't have been a better match! Christy says of Tazz "What a dog!!! No problems. He goes to work with me everyday. Last night at training he did all the obstacles, no fear, except for the weaves but that takes time. He played ball with kids for 20 minutes, he loves kids. I took him to obedience class and after a couple corrections he was awesome. What a lover boy with everyone he meets. The guy who gave him up doesn't know what a gem he is."

Update Aug 2005: Tazz is doing great, knows all the equipment for agilty, has awesome weaves and is learning flyball.Now is sitting next to me waiting for breakfas--this boy loves to eat. He trys to kill garbage cans, just not sure what they are. He is unsure of strangers on the hiking trials--barks, but we are working on that. Will let you know he does at his first agilty in November and end of October he is going to Ohio for a 3 day workshop.

Update June 2007:
Taz is doing great AKC is in excellent and CPE level 4/5.Plus joined a club for agility and some herding clinics,1.5 hour drive but its worth it for the BC'S.Next year will be looking for another BC female young under a year.So keep me in mind if a sport prospect comes along. Rescue is the way to go they are so loyal and he is a snuggle bunny.

Tazz doing the tunnel!

Christy and Tazz--over the A frame!

Update March 2006 - Well the boy amazes me!!
four Q's, for the weekend. Two 1st places, two third places. Plus he had the fasteest times in all his classes,15-30 secs under the other dogs. This boy is on to a MACH Title. He was quiet as a mouse and checked in with me while running. He spun once at a jump and slid off the table,that will come with better handling on my part.


Update July 2006 - Hello, Had some good news with Taz,so had to pass it along.Taz has his own boy at the agility trials,my friend brings her 12 year old godson who Taz adores. This kid is so dog smart,he has done alot with Taz.He brings his chuck it to play ball with him and walks him for me.I have seen a big change in Taz he is better around kids,not small ones, but I dont worry about him nipping anyone.Taz also is doing great we have one leg to go and we will have finished level one in CPE,all his placements have been 1st places he is so fast.We are going to agility camp in Sept,so I learn to handle him better his speed is awesome.People cant believe he is a rescue because he is so nice loves to work.Thanks again for adopting to me,he is truly a GEM.

Max is a 10 mo old owner relinquish from the Kansas City Mo Animal Shelter. His owners did not have a fenced yard or the knowledge of a border collie's needs. Max failed the shelters "temperament testing" when he was tested with an intact male and was said to have aggressively lunged at this dog with no warning. He was therefore slated for euthansia. We were contacted about Max by several other rescue groups that had met him in the shelter, saying that he was a really nice dog. Being pretty strict about any kind of aggression in dogs, we were wary but decided to at least meet him.

Kathy Hallberg went to the shelter the day before he was to be put down. She was actually able to talk with the previous owners and was told that he was a sweet boy that loved everyone he met.

They said he got along great with kids, loved to play frisbee and knew some obedience commands.

April 2005

Max was adopted by Ian from Oklahoma.

Ian writes: Everybody here is great! Max is the most intelligent and loving creature on four legs and seems to live every day to its fullest. Each day with Max is packed full of chasing his tennis ball - both inside and outside the house. Max walks very nicely on the leash after some very brief training, and his anxiety about the move to Oklahoma was entirely nonexistent. The trip back to Norman went great - My sister doesn't ride in cars this well!

Something funny about Max is the extent to which he uses his paws... I have never seen a dog do nearly as much - from grabbing the tennis ball out from under the sofa to pawing at a hand when he is ready for it to scratch him.

Nobody can believe that I picked him up from a rescue agency and less people than that believe that he was ever accused of being anything more han excited about seeing new people and dogs. Max is easily the most happy-go-lucky dog to ever walk the earth. Thank you very much for everything that your organization does and stands for. Max has truly blessed my life.

It was obvious to everyone that he was very people friendly and when Kathy walked him up and down the isles of the kennel, he showed little if no interest in the other barking dogs. So we made the decision to take a chance and bring Max into rescue. Because we currently have no open foster homes, we had no choice but to board Max at Elkhound Kennels who have generously offered boarding at a discounted rate to us

I made the trip out to the kennel this morning (03-06-05) to meet Max myself and took our veteran test dog, Sophie, along with me (yes, flirty girl again...I just KNOW Fynn is going to start hearing rumours about his woman! :). I decided to meet Max by myself before bringing Sophie in.

He greeted me in the play yard with tail wagging, very happy to meet a new friend! I played with him, throwing the frisbee but you could tell his heart wasn't in it. I decided it was time to bring in Sophie for the dog aggression test.

He was definitely over the top with enthusiasm to meet Sophie and get his paws on her but I didn't see it as aggressive, just very eager. He was trying to mount her and coming on very strong. Soph simply ignored his advances and walked around the yard acting as though he didn't exist. When he became too physical, she turned to him and gave a brief warning snarl and he immediately but reluctantly, backed off. Once I was comfortable that he meant no harm and I saw no aggression in his actions, I let the leash drop. He again lost his head and came on too strong (ya just don't do that with Queen Sophe lol!), she gave him a pretty stern correction and he backed off instantly and gave her space. Once I saw that, I knew we were good to go :). He immediately calmed down and was just fine with her (as you can see in the pic of them together). In a different enviornment, I have no doubt they would have begun to play. However, Soph was a little stressed herself so she didn't loosen up enough to play with him (probably afraid I was going to leave her there too :).

So, MY evaluation of Max (as well as Kathy's and our vet's) is that this boy is simply very undersocialized with other dogs. This is very common in dogs that have been removed from their litter too soon and have had no further contact with other dogs. Thankfully he is still quite young and with some heavy socialzation, this can be easily resolved.

Update: 03-24-05
Max is now in foster care!! He will be staying with 2 other male bcs and on first intro, things were going very well. Kelty, one of the boys, was very keen to play with Max (came on even stronger than Max usually does!) and the second boy, Charlie has already let Max know he is not fond of visitors :). His feelings were hurt but I was pleased to see that he respected Charlies feelings and was actually afraid of him after that (much to Charlies delight :). Max is just one big puppy!! He'll make a super addition to just about any family!!

Update 3-31-05
Max continues to meet new friends and to him, everyone is a playmate. He does back off very quickly with any dog that is not interested. Those that don't stick up for themselves, Max is relentless is trying to get them to play. I have caught he and Charlie chasing each other many times in the backyard so even Charlie can tolerate the puppy play and Max figured out a way to make it happen.

Max is completely house broken and goes into his kennel willingly. He loves to chew but has always picked up toys or chew bones. He knows sit, down and stay (although like most dogs, he does get distracted). We are working on a leash heel which he does beautifully and he has great recall to "come". He appears to be a happy go lucky fellow that wants a home and a job to do even if its to play a game of fetch. He listens to both Tyler and me and anyone else that he comes in contact. Out of the few dogs I've had the pleasure of fostering; Max has quickly won a way into my heart and into Tyler's.


May 2005

Gigi, now known as Annie, was adopted by Meg and John of Kearney MO. Annie now lives with them on their farm in the country and has lots of room to run and play! She gets to go on walks at a nearby state park and is learning to not get sick on the rides over there lol! Annie and their cat Lily have had to come to terms with each other but sounds like things are going well now. Both Meg and John have been very patient with Annie and have put many hours into helping her adjust and get over her rough start in life. She adores them both and I know she has found the perfect place to call home! Annie had a huge support system from the prison training program where she was initially rescued. She was a favorite there so they are all very happy to see Annie her new forever home! Congrats Miss Annie, you grabbed a lot of hearts along the way :)!


Rhett is approximately 1 yr old and weighs 40 lbs.

Unlike many rescue dogs who see the world initially as a frightening place full of threats and deprivation Rhett is the quintessential optimist. He sees puzzles to be solved, people and dogs to meet and experiences he wants to have. Saying he is a smart dog doesn’t mean much when you’re talking about a Border collie but Rhett uses his smarts to solve puzzles. He has taken the initiave in how to open the cat food container at his foster parent’s house, determined that the best spot to sun in the yard is on top of the dog house and learned his obedience commands easily. Although crate trained he has figured out how to charm his way onto the people’s beds at night. Not an easy task when your foster home has kids, cats, dogs etc to compete with you. He likes kids (big ones who can handle his energetic enthusiasm.) He loves to learn and would be a great flyball or agility dog or jogging companion to a dedicated jogger. He likes other dogs (especially when they share his gusto for fun) gets along fine with cats (especially after he figures out how to get into their stored food!) He is affectionate but really loves to play the best. Rhett would be a great addition to an active family or individual who love to have fun with their dog and include him in their activities. (People who want a just a “cuddle or backyard dog” need not apply.) Rhett is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once a day and to stamp out any couch potato inclinations you might have!

May 2005

Rhett was adopted by Michael and Kelly in Lawrence, KS.

Here's an update from Rhett's family (6/05):
Rhett is doing great!. He's adjusted quickly to being a part of the family. He's rapidly learning his manners! Obedience is going well. We're still working on come and a good sit. He's showing growth on a daily basis and appears quite happy and content. Our Rat Terrier, May, is still annoyed we brought him home. She does a good job of ignoring him. Rhett has established sleeping in Kate's room at the foot of her bed. He's there all night until the next morning when I'm up and going. He doesn't stray to far from me. He's putting on some weight and his coat is looking very nice. He's turning into the handsome gentleman he's named after! He continues to be the sweetest most social dog we've ever met. He loves all kids and dogs! We've had him on a road trip already and he's turned into quite the co-pilot. He now stays and protects the van while we run in and out with quick errands. No diving out the window anymore!

Thanks again for helping connct us with our wonderful friend, Rhett! We love him!




Nell is approximately 2 yrs old and is a stray from south Missouri. She weighs 34 lbs and is 20" at the shoulders.

Nell is a very social dog! She can be very intense with another dog, usually locks onto them (visually) like she would with livestock and just follows their every move. She also must have something in her mouth during this ritual, doesn't matter what (rocks are popular :).

We think that she was chained for the first year of her life. Her teeth are worn because of it, that and carrying rocks around probably! Since I've had her here, she has become best buds with my male. They play constantly but they don't play quietly...oh no. They are quite rough when they play so she would not do well with another dog that didn't tolerate rough play. My female for example will not tolerate it and she has laid into Nell for it. Nell has never fought back when this happens, she is very respectful of the "Queen" and does whatever she is told in that respect. She does very well with all the dogs she has come in contact with. She treats cats as her "job". She does not harm, just keeps tabs on them.

Nell loves people...all people, especially children. She is gentle, tends not to jump up unless given permission. I think Nell would be an awesome therapy dog! She probably would not excel in agility or flyball because she is so focused on other dogs. She would excel as a working dog with some training though. She is also not interested much in balls or frisbees at the moment although I do think with a bit of practice, she would learn.

Nell crates very easily, she actually enjoys being in her crate. She is thunderphobic but all she requires is a place to hide. She does not get destructive or frantic so it is very managable.

Nell needs a home that will make her a part of the family. She needs that interaction with people and would do well with another playful dog


May 2005

Nell's Angel is is Zeev and Francine in Canada
in memory of Rocky


Nell was adopted by Taylor and Jennifer.

Nell had a great first day! Denali is definitely hording the toys but
no altercations so far. Nell definitely misses her foster mom it seems like she has roamed the house looking for her. She is full of love and I think that we will be able motivate her to come out of her shell.

Second day has gone very well. She spent four hours in her kennel yesterday while we were at work and she did great. She was outside playing for most of the afternoon and had a long walk with Denali at night. They both did great. We are working for her to get the focus back on herself. We did some basic obedience commands using hand signals and she was picking up sit nicely.

Nell and her new pal Denali

Nell and Denali August 2005

Nell August 2005


Nell and Denali crusin for sticks!

June 2005


Jet was adopted byTeresa of Houston, TX. We look forward to an update soon!

Jet was born on 1-08-01 and is registered with ABCA. He has fear issues of men and people he does not know. Once he knows someone, he is VERY LOVABLE. He craves attention and is very sweet. He has been abused by 2 men that I know of and so he is more shy of men than women. I would NOT reccommend him going to a home with kids because of his fear issues. With me, I can do about anything with him and I would never worry that he may try to nip. When I first got him, he was wary of me the first few days and then as soon as he accepted me, he has been my loyal friend. He stays right with me when we go for walks and he comes every time I call him, no matter what he is doing.

He gets along with my cats and chickens and has not been aggresive with the other dogs, but I only have females here. He was sent for stock dog training and he will come, sit, down and heel. If I am working a horse and he wants to help, I can tell him "OUT", he will immedialty quit and leave. He runs right into his kennel if I tell him to "KENNEL". He is very smart and loyal and loving. He also loves to pick up buckets and carry them around, but when I tryed to get him interested in a frisby, he got scared.

Jet needs a home where he will be nurtured and given a chance to get his confidence up. He is a very nice, biddable dog and trains easily. He would be a great companion or working dog.

Jet has proven to be a surprisingly resilient fellow! His diminutive size (18" at the shoulder and 35#) cannot mask his huge heart. The most endearing feature of Jet's personality is his intense spirit; he has survived unspeakable cruelties, yet he still desperately seeks the loving approval of a human guardian and benevolent leader. He will lock his gaze into his handler's eyes, eagerly anticipating his next command!

Jet was delivered to our home for foster care one week ago today. He presented as a very sweet, submissive dog; obviously frightened of strangers, quick movements and loud noises. We housed him in an environment that he had become accustomed to in his previous homes: an outdoor kennel and dog house. During the first three days here, his foster mom and dad (Barbie and Fred) took turns sitting on his kennel floor, speaking softly and offering tasty treats. On the fourth day, Jet appeared to be comfortable with his new home and caretakers. We then added another dimension to his experience, and introduced him to the "downstairs" house area accessible to the community fenced-in area via a "doggy-door." Jet mastered the doggy-door within seconds, and happily sails through the small opening and plastic flaps with ease and confidence!

One at a time, Jet has been introduced to the six other dogs here. He has gotten along just fine with all of them - both (neutered) males and (spayed) females: Four Border Collies, one male German Shepherd Dog and one (very fussy!) Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix female. He has been ambivalent to friendly with our house and barn cats, and appears to be entirely comfortable in the presence of horses.

By the fourth day, we already experienced a major breakthrough in trust and relaxation: Jet began playing games with a big blue "Jolly Ball!" This leads us to believe that with a modicum of patience and understanding - and dedicated human leadership - Jet is ready and willing to become a full-time companion and work-mate for that special, compassionate individual or family.

Jet is a four year old purebred (ABCA registered) neutered male Border Collie. He is fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative (currently on Interceptor monthly heartworm preventive tablets) and receiving monthly applications of Frontline Plus flea and tick preventive. Jet is an intensely attentive, loyal and hard-working dog who responds consistently to basic commands ( "Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Out, Kennel" ) and will thrive in a family with soft voices and sensitive touches - he's guaranteed to work his heart out for you!



Lucy is a stunning white and black 10 month old Border collie mix. But don’t tell her as she possesses, the heart, the spirit, and the intelligence of a purebred Border collie and one of the few BC mixes we have taken into foster care because of this. She went to the shelter in Wichita because her first owner was an elderly woman who would have done much better with a smaller older dog who could be a companion to her. This may have been the worst possible match we have seen with a Border collie.

But Lucy’s luck has changed. Her foster mother understands Border collies and is giving her the training, exercise, stimulation, and partnership with a human that Lucy craves. Even when Lucy runs off leash with the other dogs in her foster family, she returns “checking in” and making her connection with her “master” more important than romping and exploring all the wonderful scents around her an unusual characteristic for such a young dog but not surprising for a Border collie.

Lucy has energy which needs to be focused. With a dog like Lucy who loves people, defers to older dogs, and is anxious to learn, as well as being very athletic, there are many options. She would make a wonderful jogging companion; there is little doubt she would excel at either flyball or agility. She needs someone to build on the foundation her foster mother has built by continuing her obedience training and take classes not just to learn obedience which she has a good start to, but to challenge her mind which is essential for all border collies.

She also needs to be inside with her family unless she is involved in a focused activity (fetch, running,) etc as she has a strong attachment to her people. She gets along well with other dogs and is only curious about cats so could fit into a home with other pets. As with most young Border collies she would do best with older children only as the little ones could easily be knocked over. Children 10 and above would be best if there are children in the home. And most of all she needs a home that will love understand and challenge her and in return her new people will be adding a very special new member to their family.


July 2005


Lucy was adopted by Kent and Melanie in KCMO.



Baxter is approximately 1-2 years old. He is the kind of dog that makes fostering so rewarding and frankly addictive. He came to us a wisp of a dog that despite being so emaciated and weak that he had some difficulty standing his tail never stopped wagging and he would lean into your side with his muzzle gently resting on an offered hand. Besides being thin his coat was a mass of tangles and all we so was a sick very gentle dog who had little attention in his life.

But that amazing metamorphosis that we see sometimes in rescue dog has occurred with Baxter. Under the skillful care of his foster family a handsome loving Border collie has emerged. He has those beautiful brown eyes that many Border collies have but in his you can see the gentle loving spirit of a survivor who seems to know that his patience has paid off and it is safe to enjoy life and to trust people again. He now plays with balls, something he could not do at first. His confidence and physical strength has grown and he is now the jogging partner of a neighbor of his foster family. He gets along famously with men, women, children, and other dogs. Recently at the KC Pet Expo he was one of our greeter dogs. Despite several hours of constant noise and hundreds of people walking by many of them stopping at our booth, Baxter maintained his composure and politely greeted everyone who stopped to visit with him. He has learned his obedience commands well and walks (and jogs) well on leash. He is housetrained and very gentle in all he does including taking treats and greeting other dogs and people. Baxter is certainly an “old soul” despite his young age and will be the kind of dog that will be the once in a lifetime dog who will always be remembered as special.

July 2005


Baxter went to live with Joyce and David Hawthorne in Tulsa, OK.

Maggie is a sweetheart. She is between 6 months and a year old. Maggie loves to run and walks fairly well on a lead. She loves kids and has just started to get interested in the cat…foolish dog! She loves to leap over her foster brothers. They have no idea where she goes or how she gets past them!! She loves to take the Frisbee and hide it from her foster brother, so she is a little ornery. She knows sit and would pick up other obedience commands easily. She just wants to please you and be loved. We were told she was a registered bc but we aren't entirely sure.

July 2005


Maggie was adopted by Andrea.


Dugan is 5 weeks old. His mom is Maggie and dad was a cocker spaniel. He has the cutest little face and his personality is just starting to come out. A blade of grass can entertain him for up to 15 minutes! There were some concerns about his back legs, but he is walking and running without any trouble now about 90% of the time. He went to a 4th of July party with lots of noise and kids to playing with him--he was a hit without a doubt.

July 2005


Dugan was adopted by Mike and Patty and their son Matthew in Mission Hill, KS.


Dugan all grown up!


It’s easy to smile when you see this gorgeous boy. His sweet face with its gentle expression gives you a preview of his personality. MacGregor is a happy dog who likes to play - whether it be with a soccer ball, tennis ball, or just playing with his human pals. He seeks human affection and is more than happy to curl up with people on the couch or bed and dispense kisses. He listens well and already knows sit and come, and we are perfecting down and stay. I think he’d do great with more advanced training as he is eager to please and likes to have an activity to do. He already goes willingly into his crate and will even go in it uninvited just to relax. MacGregor travels great in the car - eagerly hops in and sits so quietly you wouldn’t even know he was there. He gets along fine with my dog and loves to play with him (doggie wrestling is a favorite).We think he is about a year old (he came from the Springfield, MO area) and he still has a little of the playful pup left in him. He’d probably be a great agility dog as he loves to slither around - especially under the bed. MacGregor seems to love all people and did fine with children for the short time we were around them. He seems mildly interested in cats. He is rather thin right now, but he’s working hard on gaining weight. MacGregor is a sweet boy who is craving a family of his own. That will be one lucky family!

July 2005


MacGregor was adopted by Cindy & Michael in KCMO.

Update--July 2005: I'd have to say that the success story is how McGregor has improved our lives. In the first couple weeks we would not stop mentioning to each other how much our lives had been enriched. We have had McGregor for about 9 months and continue to walk him two times a day. My morning walk is a nice quiet time to start the day. After work, Michael and I have an oppurtunity to spend quality time together on our walks. The most notable thing about McGregor is his ability to learn. We challenge him with many new tasks and he always succeeds. We're currently narrowing in on picking up clothes and putting them in the hamper! It's a delight for him.We've travelled cross-country with ease. Our neighbors enjoy watching him catch frisbee in the front yard. And, we never get tired of the " what can I do for you next?" look.We only hope McGregor gets as much joy out of us, as we do out of him. He really has made our lifestyle and family a success story.



Beau is from a shelter in St. Joe, Mo. He is between 1 to 2 years old and is very affectionate. He knows sit and down and seems to be house broken and crate broken. He is a great dog and has a great attitude about everything. We have gotten him to show a little interest in the Frisbee and he will chase it if you don't toss it to far, we are up to about 15 feet now. He does love for me to hold the Frisbee up so he can fly through the air and snag it out of my hand. We have a 6 foot fence so I don't think he can jump that but I don't think he would have any problems clearing a shorter fence. He loves hugs and will sit on you lap if you invite him onto the couch. At night he comes up on the bed for a good night hug then gets on one of the dog beds and stays there. He doesn't care for the water and when he got wet in the hose it was the funniest thing watching him roll around in the mud trying to get the water off of him which in turn meant more water to clean the mud off. He does have a lower energy level than the dogs I have. Beau is a little skinny so that my account for him just preferring to sit around a watch the other two crazies that he is living with.He loves treats and will snap to attention once you bring them out. He would make a great pet for someone that wants a smart cuddly dog to play with.

August 2005


Beau was adopted by Blake & Teri in Shawnee, KS.

Meet puppy Jake! Jake was rescued from a shelter in Oklahoma just hours before his “time was up”. He is about 7 months old and has a wonderful personality! Jake is well-behaved, housebroken, crates easily, gets along with other dogs and is beginning to learn basic obedience commands. He greets children by flopping over for a belly rub and would be a great family dog. Jake is not afraid of trying something new, and he would probably enjoy agility, obedience, or any other activity that meant he could spend time with his family. While the shelter thought Jake was a purebred, Jake is probably a mix – possibly part lab or cattle dog. Whatever it is, it turned out to be a good combination for a family dog because Jake is smart but also much more low-key than many purebred border collies. Jake would probably not be the fastest or highest jumping dog in competition, but he’d excel at being your best friend.

August 2005

Jake was adopted by Lori & Greg & David & Sarah in St. Louis, Mo. Jake joins his new sisters Mopsy and Maggie. Maggie was also adopted through MKBCR! Maggie and Jake play non-stop!!!



August 2005


Mitzie (now known as Pippi) was adopted by Bethany.

Here is what Bethany has to say about her: Pippi has been a perfect fit in my home. She quickly made friends with all the kids and dogs in the neighborhood. Her quiet spirit and friendly disposition is loved by all. Pippi loves going to the park, chasing bunnies and squirrels in the backyard, and spending time with her human friends. She has added great joy to my life.

Thanks again for helping make this match!


Pippi at her new home!

Pippi and Bethany

Mitzie is an 18 month old owner relinquishment. She came to us from a shelter in Springfield. She is housebroken, knows sit, down, shake and "no jump". She is very loving around both men and women. Her previous owners stated she was good with kids and that appears to be true. She nicely tolerated a bath and brushing and was quiet while crated in the car. We will be learning more about Mitzie now that she is in her foster home.

Update 07-12-05 Mitzie is a sweet young lady that has been a delight to care for. She loves to cuddle and asks for nothing more than to be petted. It’s so cute to watch her wag her funny tail (it’s only about 1/3 of its normal length).

When she is in the house, she is very calm. There have been no potty accidents, so she is clearly housebroken. She stays in the house during the day and hasn’t chewed or damaged anything. She gets along well with my female BC and 3 cats.

Her former owner said she “needed more room to run” but she doesn’t seem to be excitable. I do believe she’d be a great friend to someone who jogs or runs. When she starts into a “dog trot” she can cover a lot of ground due to her long legs. She doesn’t nip at my feet or heels, so she wouldn’t be a hazard to a runner.

When I’m outside in the yard in an unfenced area, I keep her tied on a long lead and she lies in the grass, contently watching me or the people who walk by. Inside the fence, she loves to run, buck and wiggle. She likes stuffed toys, is interested in a tennis ball, but doesn’t quite have fetch & catch down yet, although I think she will after a bit more practice because she’s very interested in anything that moves.

She’s a beautiful girl that would love to have a forever home with someone who has time to teach her some additional tricks. She’s already good at “sit”, “down” and “no jump”. She needs to improve on “come”, but we’ve worked on it and she is getting better already. /although she’s not thrilled about being crated, once inside she calmly waits until it is time to be let out.


Reid is a 4 month old red and white border collie. He is one of several puppies that came from southern Missouri. He has been in foster care about a week and his puppy personality is definitely coming out! He is, of course, smart--he knows what "outside" means and has asked to go out on his own. We haven't had an accident yet! He is learning what it means to walk on a leash. He loves toys which sometimes includes inappropriate household items! He takes it upon himself to announce that the cat has come into the room or if there are any stray spiders on the floor! He loves his crate and sleeps through the night.

August 2005


Reid, now Reily was adopted by Diane & Mike & Becky & Ben in Shawnee Mission, KS. Reily joins his new sister Callie!


Peabody is adorable! He is definitely a puppy - lots of energy and has to have something in his mouth. The shelter thought he was about 6 months. He's doing fine so far - still a little nervous. He'll be fun - nonstop energy. Right now he he is chasing his tail!

August 2005


Peabody, now named Broddie, was adopted by Nancy & Brian and their kids Justin, Molly & Emily of Ashland, Mo. It is a perfect match by the sound of it! The kids are overjoyed with him and it sounds like the feeling is mutual.

Broddie and his new family! One happy dog!

Broddie 2/07

Update 02/07: Broddie and I are now competing in Rally obedience and will soon be entering the show ring for formal obedience and agility. Where ever we go I receive compliments about what a great dog he is. Besides being a great companion Broddie has taught me so much about building confidence in a shy dog and in myself. Because of Broddie I have become an active volunteer with Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue group and have made many new friends as a result of the group and have helped many dogs find great permanent homes.

Feather is a 10 week old puppy. We aren't sure if she is full border collie or not. She does look to be on the small side. Feather is smart and engaging! She knows sit and down and has quickly picked up the routine at her foster home. She loves to cuddle and play with her toys. She is doing well on the housetraining and is quiet in her crate at night.

August 2005


Feather was adopted by Amy and Dan of Olathe, KS. Feather will have a new sister to play with, Millie a Border Collie/Jack Russell who is 2yrs old.


Willow is a very spirited and affectionate 18 month old female with a charming personality. She is completely housebroken and walks well on a leash (not a single accident while in foster care). She is comfortable in her large crate during the day. She is still quite shy around strangers but has gotten along well with two much older 'foster sisters'. Though she weighs about 30 pounds, her very favorite place is stretched out on laps and she offers kisses freely!

August 2005


Willow was adopted by Doug and his kids, Travis and Kimberly, in Lees Summit, Mo.

Update March 2007: Willow is doing awesome. You would not recognize her from before. She loves to be outside during the day but always wants her snuggle time at night. She is welcome inside or out but prefers to be watching for squirrels and the other dogs during the day. She unconditionally trusts us and is very happy. As we expose her to more and more people she has become much more trusting. But she will probably always be leiry at first. She really is a sweetheart.


Remy is a 4 month old red and white border collie. He is one of several puppies that came from southern Missouri. He has been in foster care about a week. Remy is a funny guy that has some big time herding instincts. He is a little timid but very curious about stairs, houses, what’s in the trash can!

September 2005


Remy, now named Ritz, was adopted by the Dalys of Ft. Leonardwood, Mo.

Update from the Daly's 10/05: Ritz has attached himself to my dog, Billy Ray, and I think he'll add years to Billy's life and life to Billy's years! I laugh so hard watching these two chase each other and compete for frisbees, balls, leaves, acorns, ... Thanks!"

Swift is a 4 mo old pup from a breeder in South Missouri. Swift and his brothers came into rescue full of worms and covered in ticks and fleas. When Swift came to our home a week ago today (07/22/05), he was anemic from the worms, tick and fleas and was reluctant to eat. In just that short week, he has turned into a wonderfully happy pup that is full of life and looking healthier every day! He has no trouble keeping up with the "big dogs" and is quite bold and not fearful of them although is respectful when they discipline him. He is learning to potty outside and rarely has an accident in the house (its our fault for not paying attention if he does!).

Swift is a very cuddly guy, loves people despite his previous experiences. He also does well with the resident cat but is not exactly gentle with him so a cat would need to be tolerant of him or be able to "tell him off". Swift will need to be in a home that is very active! We think he has great potential as a working or sporting dog, he shows strong eye when herding our other bcs!

Update 08-27-05: Well, we have had this little guy a month now and what a change. He is a beautiful "preppy pup" as one person described him. His coat is like burnished dark copper outlined in white. Boy is he easy to bath in this season of endless mud! He now is totally polite to the resident cat giving him a brief respectful lick in passing and continues to have a blast with the older dogs. After a rousing game with one or more of them he loves to leap on peoples laps and kiss you to death! Swift seems to be up for anything. He went with us to a herding trial and charmed a number of people (people at herding events are not easily charmed!) His temperment remains totally stable and he approaches new people and situations with curiosity and positve expectations-"I just know this is going to fun!"

September 2005


Swift, nka Twist, was adopted by Karen in Virginia. He has made a wonderful adjustment getting along with Karen's other dogs and cats. He had his first herding lesson with Karen and she reports he has done very well and is now getting used to attending Agility tournaments. Karen believes he will be an awesome agility dog!


Gidget is a 10-12 week old BC puppy rescued from the Southwest MO Humane Society. She was anemic from all the parasites that were robbing her poor little body of life and was scheduled to be put down. After ridding her of the fleas and ticks she started coming around in a matter of hours. She has blossomed into a lively, smart, adorable little puppy. She has a wonderful temperament and is cute as a little bug! She has started crate training and housebreaking and seemed to be paper trained instantly--most of the time she waits to go outside. She follows her foster mom around and tries hard to play with her foster siblings--older cranky dogs and cat. She is already playing with full size tennis balls and *herded* her foster mom while she was spreading grass seed, so she would probably have good potential for just about any typical BC activity!

Update 8/24/05: I just can't say enough about what a wonderful experience it has been fostering this remarkable little puppy. She has coaxed every animal in our house into playing now, including our 13 year old VERY cranky cat! She senses to play more gently with some of them and rough with the ones she can get by with it. She is incredibly smart and has learned several commands and tricks very easily (sit, down, shake, roll over, high five and play *shy*). She seems so wise beyond her 4 months and you can watch her trying to take everything in. I have had a hard time keeping her off the agility equipment and she loves balls and frisbees as much as my adult BCs.


September 2005


Gidget's success story will be coming soon!


Gidget (left) and foster sister Renny


Abby is a 5 year old registered Border Collie. She is a vibrant , athletic girl who excells in the sport of Frisbee catching and retrieving. She absolutely loves getting into water and thoroughly enjoys splashing in her own pool! Although she is very reserved with strangers, her personality is soft and submissive, with a high drive to please her master. She is well socialized with other dogs and cats, and has been entirely non-reactive to the presence of horses and traffic.

September 2005


Abby was adopted by Mike in Herman, Mo

Morey is a 3 year old male that came from a shelter in Kansas. Although he was there for quite a while he is a calm and loving boy. He is slowly warming up in his new foster home and learning the routine. He is quiet in his crate, take treats kindly and knows sit. We were told he was overly interested in cats, but he has shown little interest in his foster family's older cat. We will continue to see how he does. We will know more about Morey as he settles in.

Fall 05

September 2005


Morey was adopted by the Kyle and Lori in Bates City. He will have 4 acres to run on and 2 kids, Chris and John, of his very own! Morey will be one happy dog!

Update on Morey (12/05) Lori writes: We just wanted to let you know how much we have grown to love Morey. He still doesn't fetch, but we have taught him to jump through a hoop. We have two more weeks of classes at the Dog Obedience Group in Blue Springs. As part of the class, we are supposed to teach our dogs tricks. Morey picked up on jumping through a hula hoop very easily. Now we are trying to teach him to shake "hands." He is doing great in class. It has been a great learning experience for us.

We have had a little trouble with separation anxiety. Now when we leave him, we put the kennel in front of the TV and let him watch TV while we are gone and we give him a Kong ball filled with goodies. That has seemed to help.

Other than that, he is just doing great. He is such an affectionate dog. He curls up on the floor with the boys when they watch TV and lays by their bed at night while we read stories. We have had a lot of visitors over the holidays and he lets everyone love on him. Even the cat is letting him get a little closer these days. They might become friends yet.

Thanks for helping to make Morey a part of our lives.

Christmas 05

Danny is a 4 mo old pup from a breeder in South Missouri. Danny and his brothers came into rescue at the same time. He is a fun and energetic fellow with alot of potential. He has the strong herding instinct seen in his brothers. Danny loves to play and has a very charming personality!

Danny in 2006 working the woolies!


October 2005

Danny has been adopted by Caryn in Smithville. He will be joining Duke a MKBCR Alumni!

Jack is a one year old male Border Collie. He is a very handsome boy and possesses the manners of a gentleman and the personality of a nanny. He loves to take care of people and other dogs! He is always the consummate gentleman and has shown this with perfect potty manners and an eagerness to learn obedience commands. At this point he has shown little interest in toys and appears to be a low drive Border collie. This coupled with his gentle ways and affection for all people including kids make him the perfect family dog. He would do best with another dog to be best buddies with and would be perfectly happy to play "second dog" in his new home. He would do best in a home without cats as he LOVES to chase cats. His foster mother is working on this behavior with him but we would rather not tempt him if possible. Jack also has potential to be an excellent therapy dog but most of all he needs to "be of service." Whether as a therapy dog, a family companion, or a best buddy to another dog he needs to have an outlet for his need to nurture in order to reach his full potential.


October 2005

Jack, now named Dash, was adopted by his foster mom, Jill, in Overland Park. Dash will have a new brother, Chase, to play with and several cats and birds!



Here is an update from Jack (10/05)...who is now called Dash since Chase doesn't answer to Dash like he did Jack. Since coming to my new home, I have made a great friend of my big brother Chase. We rassel and get one another all slobbery. I love to run beside him while he flies after the frisbee or tennis ball. He is really good at frisbee. I bulldog him all the way back to my mom. Sometimes, I even beat him to the frisbee and catch it with a spectacular leap and just recently, to my mom's great surprise, I learned how to bring the frisbee or tennis ball all the way back to her, but lots of the time I just lie down with it and let Chase take it back to mom. I used to think mom just *let* me get the frisbee by just tossing it straight to me but now I don't think that anymore. But still, my favorite thing is just to run along side Chase as fast as I can while he does all the catching. I have a kitty all my own like Chase does. He has an enormous tuxedo cat that plays with him and will play with me too, but Chase sort of hoards Catzilla. Catzilla, whose real name is Harold, likes to rub all over me and I just about wiggle out of my skin. My kitty's name is Dooce and we play together. I can bonk her with my nose and she just rolls over and pats at my face. If I get too rough, she mews and it makes me feel bad so I am getting the hang of being really gentle but still rough housing. Sometimes I forget that I am much bigger than Dooce (Catzilla, not so much...He's very HUGE and fluffy) and when Dooce wants to play *chase-me* I try to fly over the furniture just like she does...most of the time this doesn't work out to well for the furniture and all the doodads mom has sitting around. Mom doesn't get mad though, she just tells me to slow down and catches the things that fly off tables and stuff. She spends alot of time doing what she calls *just straightening up* after I go to bed. All this playing makes me sleep really good at nite. I like that my kennel is in mom's room where Chase, Catzilla and Dooce all sleep. I am excited for the day we can all curl up together at nite. Mom says it will be real soon. I love to go for rides in the car and any time mom opens the door to the garage, I run out and stand by my door to the car. Chase rides in the way back because he likes to turn circles while he rides but me, I like to ride right up front in the passenger seat. Sometimes, I stick my nose out the window at stop lights becase people in the cars next to us will talk to me and it makes me all wiggly. Usually, though, I will just curl up in the seat and snooze while we ride. At first, I didn't like the car too much. It was noisy and I just was afraid I was going somewhere else to live, but since Chase and I go most everywhere with mom even if it's a short ride, I have gotten over thinking that because we always come back to my house and my kitten and everybody else. One really neat thing...every nite mom goes into a room she calls the bird room. She has two REALLY big birds and three smaller birds that have this one room all to themselves. She spends time in there talking to these feathery things and get this!!....they talk back! I thought it was so neat that one nite, I abandoned my play with the cats and Chase and followed her in there. The birds didn't know what to think at first and when I poked my nose in between the bars of their cage. I heard my mom suck in a breath but the one big bird OzE, just stuck her tongue on my nose. I wagged my tail. I had another NEW friend! Now I follow mom in there every nite and even if Oze and the other BIG bird, Dug scream, it doesn't scare me one bit. Sometimes I am at the door waiting for mom to go see the birds, I like them so much and the birds always come down from way high to see me. Mom says I am inflappable(pun intended) in my gentle nature. Chase isn't fond of the birds at all but I would like for him to come in there with me. Mom says I don't know a stranger. I never understand her when she says this, because I don't know what a stranger is. I like the little kids in the neighborhood and I like the older kids that come over to visit. I just like everyone. I can feel the wiggles begin whenever I see someone with two legs. My other family, the Huxmans were so nice to me and I think of them all the time. I wonder how Virgil is and if he misses me like I miss him. I am so glad and grateful for how nice they were to me. Mom tells me it's because they were so kind to me that I was able to be such a gentlemen. I will have to ask mom if we can go over there sometime to see them. I would like to thank them in person for all the nice things they did for me while I stayed there. Mom told me the other day this home was my forever home. I think I know what she meant. I think she means that I will be able to rassel with Chase, bonk Dooce with my nose snuggle with Catzilla and go for car rides and always come right back here.... Thanks Jen and MoKan for giving me my home. Love, Dashin Jack

Shadow is a beautiful 2 year old border collie who is craving some love, attention, and training. She is approx 50 lbs, 22" at the shoulder. She spent her first 2 years in with her family in suburbia, being raised around small children. As the children grew, friends became frequent visitors and the running and screaming became more than she could stand. Her family decided she needed to be a farm dog so she was sent to live on a farm with horses. This only lasted a month because the new owners were not educated on the ways of a border collie around stock.

Shadow is very sweet, but still a little unsure of herself since she has been displaced from 2 homes in the past 3 months. She loves to play ball and will play for hours. She learns quickly and is eager to please (especially if you have a treat!) She is working on crate training and except for an occassional accident is housebroken. Shadow knows sit and come and is learnig down and manners. She is more than willing to learn and would probably thrive with a confidence booster such as agility or flyball. She is still a little nervous with other dogs in the house although she did very well when allowed to run amongst approx 15 other border collies of all ages in a large yard.

Shadow would do well in a home with older children (14 and up). She would be a great jogging partner, would excel in probably any performance sport (agility, flyball, herding etc). She will do well as an only dog or with a non alpha dog.


October 2005


Shadow was adopted by Stacy and Kim.

Lily will be 2 years old in December. She came from a busy family that did not have time to give her the attention she needs, so she spent most of her time in an outdoor pen. She has blossomed into a super sweet girl with a lot of personality. She loves being in the house with us and playing with all her toys. Her favorite is her stuffed snake which she runs around the house shaking. She is very smart and can get the balls out of her busy box very quickly. She loves hugs and being the center of attention. She likes to talk to us in her funny Border collie voice while were cooking dinner or not giving her enough attention.

She loves to play Frisbee and soccer. She also loves to play with our five year old Border collie, but is a bit pushy with her. She is currently living with two dogs and three cats and doesn’t bother the cats at all. She is crate trained and very well behaved in the crate. She is very well behaved in the house, even overnight. She has only had a couple of accidents in the house, which is to be expected considering she has never been in a house before.

She sits, lays, shakes and stays pretty well. She takes treats very gently. She has been to the groomer and they said she was very good. (Her first time) Lilly has a bit of a re-call problem outside of a fenced area. We have been working with her on a long line and working with her to resolve this problem. She is very intelligent and I am sure she will pick this up quickly.

Lily would make a great addition to a family that have the time to spend with her. She is a busy girl and requires plenty of attention. I think she would do well with a young dog or a male. I think she would like to be the alpha. She has long legs and is very fast, so she probably would do well in agility and fly ball.


October 2005


Lily was adopted by Warren and Terrie in Arksansas. She has tons of room and a lake to play in!

Here's an update on Lily (Oct '05).
We will soon have had Lily for one year and she's a real joy. She completed obedience school in March and did great. We're retired so we spend lots of time with her. She has a long walk each morning and then does whatever we're doing until late afternoon. It's then Frisbee in the pasture until she get hot and heads for the lake. She loves to swim and retrieves for as long as we'll throw her floating hot dog. She is great with kids and had a ball this summer with our grandchildren. She loves to go boating. She's very fast and agile and of course very smart. Her recall is much better and she has no bad habits. Her best pals are our cat and the neighbor's great dane. She has lots of tricks (sit, roll over, shake and high five) and is an avil scoccer player. She will do anything for cheese treats of any kind. We're crazy about Lily Bean and thank Ko Kan and Robin Johnson for bringing
her to us.

Warren and Terrie

Toby is one of 5 puppies from an Iowa shelter. Their mom was killed by a car. The pups will be 8 weeks old on 10/23. Toby is all boy and has a personality all his own. He is very low key and laid back. He loves the balls and Frisbee and plays tug of war with Salli using their Teddy Bear as the go between. He likes toys! He also is doing well with doing his business outside. You have to give him a little more time as he has to piddle in at least two places before coming back inside. He has only had a few mistakes in the house. He is not very vocal but does like to have some attention by just coming over to you. He loves to eat and will come and sit for a treat.

He has adapted to a regular schedule and is growing like a weed. He loves to go outside and play with anything he can find.

Toby will be adopted with a neuter contract

October 2005


Toby's success story will be coming soon!


Nikki was rescued from a shelter in Southern Missouri, where her "time" was up. She is a wonderful little girl, very affectionate and easygoing. Whoever gets to adopt this young lady will be getting a gem! She is happiest curled up on someones lap. She shows no herding urge toward the horses,in fact,she is kinda scared of them. She is getting along very well with the other dogs and has had no accidents in the house. She is very familiar with furniture and seems to like the indoors best so far. She is a small girl and needs to put on a few pounds. Nikki would probably make an outstanding therapy dog, she loves people and is so gentle and sweet she would be a big hit at that job.

October 2005


Nikki's success story will be coming soon!


Red is approximately 4-5 yrs old. He came from a shelter in Missouri where his time was up. He has been very friendly with everyone, men and women alike - even gave big sloppy kisses to the vet! So far he has been friendly with all dogs, ambivalent about cats, and seems keenly interested in horses -he watches them intently. He will walk on lead, although he does need some leash manners. He will " come" and "down" almost instantly; he is comfortable indoors and outdoors (we'll find out next week if he's actually house trained); he crates and kennels easily and rides well in vehicles. No fears, recourse guarding or any other issues we've seen. He just needs a human buddy to hang with!

Luke and Kira in the pool!

(Update 12/05) Luke is such a character! He is doing well and starting to adjust to being an "indoor dog" more and more. When he is outside he runs around with Kira up and down the fence to greet the neighbor dogs (who are allowed to roam) every morning. He also likes going into the garage through the doggie door, where he has a fleece bed to snooze in. Otherwise, he is inside with us and Mom has taught him to put the Cuz ball in her lap. What a mistake! :-) He is still kind of a lummox in the house and has no regard for anything in his way when he is after the ball. Last week, he dove underneath the raised up dog food/water bowl and we had a huge crash and splash. Actually, I was laughing because it was a mess, but pretty funny!

He is also putting on a little weight and his coat is coming back some, too. Luke and Kira are companionable but don't really interact directly a lot (that I can see). However, I know that dogs communicate in many ways that we are not even aware of...and Kira does seem more herself with him around -- not so lost and hesitant and worried like she was after Casey died. She still scrunches up her eyes and shrinks back a bit to keep from being whacked by the almost constant Lukey "happy tail" wagging in her face. I took them both up to Devil's Den state park last weekend for a short hike and he was great both on and off leash (I have learned how to blow a shepard's whistle :sort of: to get him back) He probably thought we were up in the hills looking for lost lambs, or something. We did a short agility lesson two weeks ago and he got pretty confident going over the A-frame, I have a picture of him going over it that I will send along soon, also some shots from the walk. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, too and I did give Luke some special turkey just from you!

November 2005


Red's Angel is Wendy
in honor of her Border Collie

Red, now named Luke was adopted by Wendy. Luke is doing very well in his new home!

Here is what Wendy has to say: He is still the "country dog in the city" inside the house sometimes, but he loves his memory foam pad to lie on during the day and his two "Cuz" balls which he promptly chewed the legs off of.

Kira and Luke had lots of fun playing in a baby pool in the backyard. He is such a loving dog and follows me around, always interested in where I am and what I am doing. Kira seems very relaxed with him around, and I think she is enjoying the company of another border collie.

His herding lesson was a blast, and I learned a lot...and was surprised that Luke turned out to be a trained stock dog. We will see in a few weeks if Luke is interested at all in agility.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at Mo-Kan who rescued this amazing dog...to those who took him out of the animal shelter when his time was almost up, to those who transported him, to his loving foster family who helped him with the transitions to home life, and to the founders of this rescue group dedicated to helping Border Collies find their forever homes. You are a very special group of people!!

Watching the woolies!


What a terrific dog Jack is! Not only is he handsome, he is also well mannered, entertaining and versatile. When he gets his forever home, he will become a treasured member of the family.

Jack was relinquished because his former family was so busy they were unable to keep him properly exercised. Although giving him up was difficult, they wanted what was best for Jack. Jack is so easy going that he fit in quickly his foster family cats, who often seek him out to see how he is getting along. He went to the Dogtober Fest over the weekend with hundreds of dogs and people and was friendly with everyone. When he finally got tired, he just went in his crate and quietly waited until it was time to go home

Jack is a 2 year old, registered Border Collie, with a short coat, and is about 20 inches at the shoulder. We’ve been taking long walks in the woods to help him lose a few pounds. He is free to roam but stays close and always comes when called. When we’ve walked in the neighborhood he has been a perfect gentleman, walking loosely on the leash, heeling, sitting when we stop, etc. Jack has had obedience training, is crate trained and housebroken. He has lived with an 8 year old and behaved nicely with her.

He loves to play catch and is quite good at it. He enjoys being brushed and is learning about new kinds of toys (the Aflac duck is a BIG hit). He chews on his rawhide bones and the toys but nothing else.

Jack will be happiest with a family who has time to keep him exercised. He’s not overly active, but he is full of energy and walking him 30 to 60 minutes a day will make him feel so much better. After his walk, he is ready to lay quietly at your feet while you relax.

If you adopt Jack, you’ll be getting a real gem. He is a special boy and deserves a devoted family to love him. In return, you’ll have an adoring companion of whom you will be so proud.

November 2005


Jack was adopted by Chris and Family.

Update March 2006: Jack is wonderful. We love him so much!! I smile every time I look at him and we feel so lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to care for him in our family. Jack settled into our home very well - he didn't seem anxious - he showed not one bad behavior and was very loving to us.

The kids absolutely love him!!! He plays very well with them - they like to throw the ball for him and they love to pet his soft fur! Jack likes to go in the car with us - he doesn't seem to care where we are going - he just likes to ride. I usually take him with me when I pick the boys up from school and he knows when that time of day arrives. He will stand at the car door with his nose on it until I open the door. Jack has a big pillow bed upstairs and down and he loves to lay on them. He loves to run around in the yard with the kids and he stays in the front yard very well when we are doing yard work. He likes to chase flashlight light around the room (the kids discovered this) he kind of reminds us of a cat when he stalks the light.

He is a beautiful dog and I think every day how fortunate we were to have found him - he really is a part of the family. We want to thank you and his former owners for sharing him with us. We will be happy to keep in touch and to share pictures (he made it on our Christmas Card this year).


Rock is one of 5 puppies from an Iowa shelter. Their mom was killed by a car. The pups will be 8 weeks old on 10/23. Rock is a very loving, inquisitive and confident puppy. He is gently playful and very smart. He likes toys and wrestling with the older BCs that share his foster home. He has gorgeous blue eyes that give him an look of arrogance but he is not arrogant at all!! He loves cuddles and will seek you out to lay still in your lap.

Rock will be adopted with a neuter contract.

November 2005


Rock's success story will be coming soon!


Avery is a female tri-colored border collie between 2 – 3 years old that is from a bad situation. She is very small, weighing 23.5 lbs! She was spayed a few days ago so she has been pretty low key but appears to be very mild mannered. She crates very easily although if she didn’t chase the cat, I probably would not crate her. She loves to chew on rawhides, dig through the toy bucket and chase the cat. She whimpers to go outside and has made friends with the next door neighbor boys and their dog. I believe that Avery will be a great companion for anyone without a cat. She is small enough to be a lap dog and looks forward to each new adventure. She gets along with my two males and my sisters two dogs.

Update 10/31/05:
Avery is a little shy but warms up very quickly. She does like to chew and play with her toys but has stopped chasing the cat. I leave her out at night now and she curls up and sleeps on the dog bed. She would probably be okay not crated during the day but I want to give the cat some space. She has not had an accident in the house except for the very first day. She follows Charlie and Kelty outside but tends to hide when they play. When she is by herself, she likes to play with a tennis ball. It won’t take her long before she starts to bring it back. She’s learned to sit although she has a hard time seeing the treat. I don’t think there is a problem; she’s probably not used to getting them.

She is very calm, maybe because she is a little shy but one of the few that I think would do well with an elderly person or a great family. She doesn’t jump and I’ve only heard her bark once at the cat and not since the first weekend. I don’t think she would be a good working dog but a great pet. I haven’t taken her to the park with me but plan to this week. She’s been around the neighborhood boys who are as young as seven. She loves them and again, doesn’t jump all over them. I’m having a really hard time not picking her up and putting her in my lap all the time!

November 2005


Avery has been adopted by Amy and Mark who live outside of Saint Louis. Like many of our adopters this is a second adoption from Mo Kan for Amy and Mark The adopted Eli nka Riley in 2004. Amy, Mark and Riley welcome Avery who may possibly be the cuddle queen of Border collies and awfully cute to boot!

Jax is approximately 10-11 mos old, 20" at the shoulders and weighs 38 lbs. Jax came to us from a bad situation where he was chained up and not allowed to interact with people or other dogs. Its obvious he has a wonderful temperament despite his previous experiences. He had never been in a house before so stairs, TV's chiming clocks and microwave buzzers are all new and interesting. He sat and watched TV with great interest for some time last night! Jax is interested in toys but just doesn't quite know what to do with them yet. He does have a playful personality though so it will just be a matter of time before he figures them out. He is very respectful of the other 4 dogs in our house, no possessiveness or aggression at all. He started to play with our 11 mo old female but stopped when she gave him a playful challenging stare, he didn't quite know what to make of that. He will be a fast learner, that we can see. He appreciates wire crates more than the plastic ones because he can see out of them better. Jax is pretty quite in his crate, no barking at all, just a little whining when there is activity going on or when he needs to go out. He has not made a peep thru the nights and no accidents in his crate either. Jax is a clean slate, he knows nothing but is very eager to learn, please and have a great time! It looks like Jax will be an wonderful dog to add to a family situation and would also enjoy learning agility and obedience. We'll have updates on Jax after he's been in fostercare for a week or so.

November 2005


Hi I’m Jax,

I’m 11 months old and I came from a terrible place where I was chained up and couldn’t play with people or other dogs. When I came to my new family, I was full of worms, ear mites and had never had a bath. I had never seen a toy, ball or even a dog biscuit.

I now have 10 acres to run and play with my 2 new sisters Josey and Lexi. I have my own balls which I am learning to toss and chase in the yard, and my stuffed animals I play with in the house. I help my Mom by bringing her the laundry, even if sometimes it is already clean, and I bring my Dad his shoes on a regular basis. I have been to the vet and am now healthy and have had a couple baths. I get breakfast bones and Snausages every morning and have my own bed to sleep in. What more could a guy ask for?

Thanks to Jennifer and the Border Collie Rescue crew, I now have a chance to live a dog’s life.

Thanks MKBCR, you guys rock!!!

Jax Johnson


Abby is one of 5 puppies rescued from Iowa. Their mom was killed by a car. The pups will be 8 weeks old on 10/23. Abby is a little bit of a high maintenance female but what a beauty. She has the black and white coat with two piercing blue eyes that have not changed as of yet. She is very vocal at whining to get what she wants and when she is playing. She was the smallest of the litter and I think she had to be vocal to protect herself. She likes to play with Salli our year old BC but she doesn't show a lot of interest toys right now. She comes when called and will sit for a treat after she eats and after coming in from outside. I would not call her house broke but she always does her business outside when given the opportunity and has made very few mistakes while in the house. She does seem a little aggressive sometimes when playing with the other dogs but it may just be her more vocal attack to compensate for her size.

She has adapted to a regular schedule and is growing like a weed. She loves to go outside and play with anything she can find.

Abby will be adopted with a spay contract.

November 2005


Abby has been adopted by Randy and Carolyn in Liberty, MO.

Sock is one of 5 puppies from an Iowa shelter. Their mom was killed by a car. The pups will be 8 weeks old on 10/23. Sock is beautiful full tri-color puppy that is calmer than his brothers but still loves toys and is playful. He is very even tempured and not quite as adventurous as his brothers.

Sock will be adopted with a neuter contract.


November 2005


Sock has been adopted by Shelly and Robert in Olathe, KS. She will have a new brother, Stoney to keep young!

Update 4/2007: He is awesome. Just had his yearly shots and he is 68 pounds. I was really surprised because he looks really skinny...but I guess he is solid! Stoney just hates him. Boomer is all bouncey and "play with me..play with me" and Stoney is all.."oh please just let me lay here..." He did really well in puppy school but over the past few months he seems to have lost his "socialization" skills and growls and barks at everyone. So I guess it is back to school for that little problem! My husband is just in love with this dog. The dog will rip up my plants or chew up our remote control and Bob just thinks it's a hoot. We let him out of the kennel last month because my husband couldn't stand to leave him in there every day. We just put all the pillows in a closed room and he is pretty good for the most part. He loves my plants though.....Thought I had a pic on my desktop I could forward but can't seem to find it...thanks for checking on the "baby".

Jock is one of 5 puppies from an Iowa shelter. Their mom was killed by a car. The pups will be 8 weeks old on 10/23. Jock is smart and loving. He really likes to be cuddled and is less independent than his brother Rock, but is confident none the less. He has odd looking greenish eyes that are so pretty. He is a tri color puppy that is so handsome!! He loves toys and playing with his brother Rock and the older BCs that share his foster home.

Jock will be adopted with a neuter contract.

December 2005


Jock was adopted by the Mainock's of Colorado. He will have a new sheltie brother named Max.





December 2005


Kate was adopted by Deanna and Samantha of Holden, Mo. Kate will have Emma and Aries as playmates and 2 kittens to watch over.

Kate is a 2 yr old owner relinquishment to a shelter in South Missouri, owners moving. Kate is a beautiful, classically marked rough coated Border collie. Kate is 2 1/2 to 3 years old, spayed, up-to-date on all shots and microchipped. She is healthy, isn't fussy about the food she eats, being brushed or getting her nails trimmed, etc. Her coat is not very long, so she will not be as troublesome to keep groomed as longer haired BCs. She wasn't frightened of the thunderstorm we had the other night.

Her name may be Kate, but I call her Miss Wiggles. She wiggles when she's let out of her crate, she wiggles when I get her food, she wiggles when she sees the cats, she wiggles when she gets in my lap. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Kate wants to please oh so much! She'll do anything to make people happy. Which, I have found, makes her a snap to train. She sort of knew sit when I first met her, but now she knows "down" "come" and "get in your crate". She's so excited by attention that she has a hard time with "no jump" or "no lick".

She deserves a loving family, that will continue to nourish her delightful personality. There is the seed of a wonderful bud dog in her and it will just take a bit of sunshine and tending to bring this wonderful girl into full bloom. Whoever gets Kate will be a lucky family, indeed!


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