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Success Stories 2007

Tucker is a happy-go-lucky Border Collie pup whose tail is always wagging, whose eyes just sparkle with mischief and who loves to chase tennis balls. To top off these great traits Tucker has beautiful markings. He is approximately seven months old and smooth coated. His coat has a wonderful sheen to it and glistens when the light hits it. He weighs 37 pounds and is 19 inches tall. He could stand to gain a few pounds but I do not expect he will get much taller than what he is now.

We don’t know anything about his background other than the fact that he was an owner relinquishment, along with two other dogs, to a Springfield, Missouri shelter.

He gets along with other dogs. He loves to play rough and tumble games of chase with the dogs in his foster home. We have not had a chance to test his reaction to cats but I suspect he might want to chase them.

Tucker loves kids. (Actually Tucker loves everyone.) He is probably too rowdy for young children (under 6) though. He has a good start on housebreaking, is crate trained and has learned “sit” and “down” in just a few days at his foster home. Even though no one has taught him the “watch me” command he has great eye contact and is very eager to learn. When excited he pulls on the leash some. His foster home will continue to work with him on basic obedience commands and on walking nicely on a leash. He is very treat motivated so he is easy to train. Initially he did not respond to our underground fence but after a couple of training sessions whereby he wore two training collars he respects the fence boundaries.

He is a puppy and like most puppies he likes to chew on things. However, if you tell him to “leave it” he immediately drops whatever he is chewing on and he will redirect his attention to chew toys.

He is ready to go to an active family who has plenty of love and attention to give to him.


January 2007


Tucker was adopted by Bob and Jadwiga. Here is what they have to say:

He is a really cool little dog. He was a little upset as we left for our trip back home but settled in nicely. He is good in the car and settled right down. You were right about him pulling on the leash but he was not too much trouble. We stopped at PetSmart close to home and picked up some toys and a collar for him. He slept well the first night and made it through without accident. We introduced him to some of the neighbors and some of the neighborhood dogs on Sunday morning. Every one thinks he is beautiful except Lola and Sophie the girl Beagles from next door. They will be reintroduced shortly as they are nice dogs. No fighting but no outpouring of love from those two girls, yet.

We have renamed Tucker Filutek (Fee-Loo-Tek) which means mischief in Polish. He is responding very well already to his name. Yesterday Filutek and Bob napped together during the Bears game. We had gone to PetSmart again Sunday to pick up some toys etc and he is a very confident and outgoing boy. He already is comfortable to the point that he feels that the house is his territory and gets right to the door if he hears anyone approaching. He found out today that if he barks at deer they will take off even though they are bigger than he is. We went for a long walk in Busse Woods today and saw many deer. He is a great little explorer and enjoys going for car rides and walks. Again Thank You both very much we are having fun.

Update: 11/07:

Well we have had Filute out to the Beck Lake Dog
Friendly Park twice now and he really enjoys the outings. Last week when we arrived we came in right behind two big Dobermans and Filutek decided that among the dogs he could play with the Dobes were the ones for him. Beck Lake is fenced and dogs run off leash and get a great opportunity to socialize and interact. He ran with these two for an hour and a half, playing chase, fetch and race. He actually would not swim out to fetch a stick but thought it was fun to steal the stick from the Dobes. Ramsey is a rescue Doberman who never had his tail or ears done, is 3 years old and has long long legs. He really took Filuteks bad manners in good stride. This week we found 3 Golden Retrivers to play with but they really liked to spend alot of time in the lake so Filute actually spent some time in the water. A couple of more weeks and it will probably be hard to get him out of the lake. His agility classes are going well and he really enjoys the A Frame and tunnels but is not to sure about the teeter yet. It moves and makes noise when it hit the ground. The weave poles are fun and he is starting to get comfortable on the dog walk. He is really easy to take anywhere and gets along so well with other animals and people that its a pleasure having him with us. The other night, while we were out for a walk, we saw a cat which did not run away but stood its ground. When he stopped the cat took a step towards him and Filutek took off at high speed the other way. 80 lb Dobermans? No Problem, but watch out for those mean Kitty Cats. He does crack me up!



Avery is a perfect combination of playful, cuddly, and athletic. Abandoned at a nearby park during the recent cold spell, this little guy was found covered with ice and scared. He is recovering nicely from his ordeal thanks in part to his easy-going personality.

Taking cues from his foster brother, Avery is fitting in great in his foster home. Already house trained, Avery quickly became crate trained and is learning his new name. Initially a shy guy, Avery warms up to people and becomes attached. This little fellow believes beds and couches are for cuddling and uses his small size (he is a mere 32 pounds) to his advantage so he can curl up on laps.

Avery is no less attached to other dogs. He thinks nothing of sharing a dog bed or chair with his foster brother and seems to believe that the closer they are, the better. Avery is starting to enjoy toys and it’s a blast to watch him throw a toy across the room and then go get it. He’s not so sure about others throwing the toys yet, though. Avery does fine with cats and children as well. We suspect that this strikingly beautiful tricolor may have some sheltie in him due to his long nose. At approximately two years of age, Avery has nice manners and makes a wonderful family dog.


January 2007


Avery's success story will be coming soon!


Hello!!! I'm Jesse! I'm a 2 or 3 year old Border Collie boy.I LOVE to play with toys, if you throw them for me, I don't always bring them back, but I'll chase and play with them. I also LOVE to be belly up on the couch while the person who feeds me, (the other dogs call her Mom... she doesn't have four legs though) reads a book or watches the talking picture box. She usually scratches my belly while I'm laying there. She laughed at me last night, I was asnooze in her lap and snoring she said!

I get along with her dogs and kitties.. Did you know that if you stare at the tabby cat, she'll smack you with her paws??? So I don't stare at her any more.
That mom person says that I have energy, but not alot of it. Before she made me type out this note, I was asleep in the recliner! A dog has to have his beauty rest! I have my own room, that I sleep in at night, and when that mom person is gone. I like it in there. Nice and quiet, and you can get lots of beauty sleep. I don't potty in the house. And I like to be right with that Mom person.. she says I'm like a shadow.. whatever that is.

I want a home that wants to do something, like maybe running or jogging, I think I might like agility or obedience too.. That Mom person said she would show some of that agility stuff to me as soon as it wasn't muddy outside.
Toodle do!

Update: 1/17/06: Well! What 3 weeks has done for Mr. Jesse! He is the ULTIMATE cuddlebug. He LOVES to be with me, constantly. If I'm on the couch, he's on the couch, if I go to the kitchen, he goes. He loves to just be touching you, doesn't have to be laying on you, but a paw will do for him. He gives high fives, and he's learned basic obedience very quickly with a clicker and some food.

His energy level is actually lower than what I first thought it would be. He is perfectly content to lay on the couch with you if you're there, or if you're not there, and at the computer, he's underneath the desk, warming your feet.

He's an absolute love, and really just wants someone who would love him, and toss a toy once in awhile.

January 2007


Jesse is doing well, enjoying his sheltie brothers and playing at the dog park.

Angel Jesse's Angel is Suzanne Kaehler, mom of Lila and adoptor of Maggie.

Meet Teddy! He got his name because he is just a big Teddy Bear. He is snuggly and cuddly and loveable. His favorite activity is laying his head in your lap to be petted. Teddy has the sweetest face and beautiful eyes, along with striking tri-colored markings. He’s smart, too…he knows sit and stay and he was picking up “down” in about 5 minutes. He will play fetch and is crate trained.

Obviously, Teddy is not a full border collie. He looks like he is part Bernese Mountain Dog, which were developed in Switzerland to drive cows and pull carts. They are calm, intelligent, loyal, good-natured, agile and sturdy. They supposedly make good house dogs and devoted family dogs. That pretty well sums up Teddy, add Border Collie brains and this is a pretty awesome dog.

Teddy came to us from a shelter in southern Missouri where they had picked him up as a stray. We were able to get him just before he was to be euthanized. He has had all his shots, is heart worm negative and has been neutered. We have only had him a few days, but he has had no accidents at all, and has perfect house manners. He is very gentle for his size. He gets along with our dogs and is fine with our cats. Our 11 year old son thinks he’s great, and I think he’d be fine with younger children, too. He is very gentle for his size. Teddy weighs about 65 pounds, and could maybe loose a few, but is not very overweight.

This guy would make a great family pet. He loves attention and is very people oriented. He would rather be with us than play with the other dogs. He is just as happy to sit and be petted as he is to play fetch outside, as long as he is doing it with his people.

January 2007


Teddy was adopted by Ty and Kari and Joshua and Whitney in Colorado. Ty works at home so Teddy is his companion and the kids are crazy about this guy!

We think this little guy is going to make someone a wonderful dog, maybe even be that life changer every dog person has in their life. He has come to us without all the emotional baggage many rescue dogs have. His happy smile and willing, trusting attitude has won him the nickname of "little wiggle-butt." In this first week, he has already begun to ask to go outside for potty, learned sit and down and is doing well on loose lead walking. He has determined that you must approach any of our three cats softly and with respect or they will make your face hurt. Yesterday, he went into his crate on is own and napped while I slept on the bed.

He personifies the analogy of a puppy being a little mobil "sponge." He naps and plays with Fez and Duke, our older dogs like litter mates. Favorite games with his foster brothers include tug, chase, watch the horses and wrestle. He is fast and agile, fearless and combined with his obvious intelligence and willingness to please, he should make a wonderful obedience or agility dog. Yet, he is not over the top with energy and is content to lay at my feet when I want to relax.

We named him Oliver Twist in honor of my good friend who has a wonderful red and white border collie named Oliver and because when the little one approaches, he performs this appeasement behavior where he twists his little butt towards you offering a friendly posture. It's so cute! Just one more thing...to whoever gets to give Oliver Twist his forever home, can we have visiting privileges


January 2007

Oliver Twist

Twist was adopted by Beverly in Chicago.


Quinns Blog... "The World According to Quinn"

Update: 2/2009: As I sit here trying to find the words that will truly share Oliver with you I am reminded of an email I received about Oliver this weekend. Perhaps one of our friends, who sees Oliver (aka “Red O”) and me together in the ring can tell you what she sees and maybe it will help you “see” Oliver:

Hey Bev!

I just wanted to say that I think what you are doing with Red O is amazing. a lot of people, such as yourself, who have reached the pinnacle of achievement of obedience competitions, would have gone out and gotten another championship prospect puppy and started from scratch. But you went out and found a dog that needed a good home and you have brought him along on your wings to this point something I greatly admire you for. Red O is a beautiful and loving creature, a wonderful spirit, and based on how he looks in the ring, is thoroughly enjoying the sport of obedience - especially doing it with you. I have every confidence that you will go onto great heights together.

I believe that Oliver, who’s official registered name with the AKC and ASCA is “MoKan’s Oliver Twist” (he is ILP’d with the AKC and LEP’d with ASCA as an Aussie) is truly enjoying the journey we are on, and I cannot begin to tell you how much he has changed my life. He is a special gift that some one, some where decided was intended for me.

I proudly share with you that Oliver has two legs toward his ASCA CD, and an ASCA High in Trial to his credit, and this weekend he completed his AKC CD. Some times when the road is long, we don’t see the beginning or the end, we loose sight of how far we have come, or even what the journey is all about. Thank you to each of you for pursuing the rescue journey and believing that that little red aussie that showed up in BC rescue 3 years ago was worth your effort. Thank your for the present of Oliver, because he truly is a gift, and oh what a ride it has been!

Oliver is trained through Utility, and will continue to compete in AKC and ASCA obedience venues, we may even give UKC a try. In addition to Oliver’s obedience adventures he is a gifted agility dog and enjoys the classes we take for fun at this point. He also enjoys the occasional herding adventure he gets to take when we visit a friend who has 10 acres of land and approximately 75 sheep. Most of all Oliver is a treasured friend, companion and family member.

With thanks and gratitude to each of you,

Beverley and MoKan’s Oliver Twist CD

Angel Sid's Angel is John, Renna and Nellie

Sid is a young (6-8 months) boy, with the most beautiful blue eyes! What a fun little boy this is! He is so loving...thinks the whole world is his bestest friend! Hard to get pictures of him, as he is always RIGHT there!!! LOL!

Sid is learning sit, and is getting good at it. Loves my treats! Is learning "wait" (as in at the door), and I'm trying to teach him OFF! He has learned I don't appreciate him jumping on my clean newly folded clothes, but hasn't quite grasped the concept of not jumping on the kitchen counters.

He is fun to drive with...he stays in the back seat, but sneaks up, and gooses you in the ear with his cold nose! But he does sit and stay in the back, for the most part, and watches the world pass by out the window.

Sid has now been neutered, and will get his booster vaccinations in the upcoming week!

January 2007


Sid's success story will be coming soon!

One of the very first working dogs I ever met was named Kip, and I always said it would take a special dog to earn that name. I think our Kip is trying his best to fit that bill!

Kip came to us from a shelter; the folks there simply fell in love with him, and contacted us to help find him his forever home. A stray, but Kip knew sit, down, stay...obviously, someone trained this dog in his first life. I thank the folks at the Ark City, Ks shelter for caring so much for this special boy, to go the extra for him!

Kip is probably about two years old, a sm0oth coat. He has taken to the house, like a fish to water. I was concerned that he might be a "marker", but that fear has been unfounded. Crate trained, and not a chewer, he is a pleasure in the house..follows me around, and crashes on the floor near me. He is still unsure of my husband, but is realizing that he is not so bad, afterall.

Kip still doesn't understand toys, but plays well with my dogs. He learns quickly; too quickly, perhaps, as my young Golden taught him to jump the front yard gate(which is only 3 foot tall), but stays behind the six foot fence in the backyard!

Won't you consider taking our special Kip into your hearts, forever?

February 2007


Kip was adopted by Gracie, Marlin and Nikki in Iowa!

Gracie describes: Kip is a wonderful car dog, he made himself comfortable on Nikki's lap in the back seat and rode most of the way home that way. We stopped once for a potty break and some water, and Nikki and Kip ran some in a grassy area, he liked this, too. We left him in the car when we stopped for supper and he had a little supper of his own. He finished up Marlin's trail mix and left a very tidy, although empty, bag on the floor! He is and enthusiastic eater! He was laying in the seat innocently chewing on his chew when we returned. He found the dog food as soon as he came into his new home and had some of it, so I guess he likes our kind ok!!! Sadie, our other BC, finds Kip quite interesting. She took his new squeaker toy and played with it right away.....this included rolling it to Kip and standing with a look of anticipation on her face for Kip to grab it and play. She did this several times and Kip tipped his head and watched with interest. Sadie loves her toys!

P.S. Thanks to the transporter!

Update 11/07: Kip is in his new home and seems to be doing well. Kip is a wonderful car dog, he made himself comfortable on Nikki's lap in the back seat and rode most of the way home that way. We stopped once for a potty break and some water, and Nikki and Kip ran some in a grassy area, he liked this, too. We left him in the car when we stopped for supper and he had a little supper of his own. He finished up Marlin's trail mix and left a very tidy, although empty, bag on the floor! He is and enthusiastic eater! He was laying in the seat innocently chewing on his chew when we returned. He found the dog food as soon as he came into his new home and had some of it, so I guess he likes our kind ok!!! Sadie, our other BC, finds Kip quite interesting. She took his new squeaker toy and played with it right away.....this included rolling it to Kip and standing with a look of anticipation on her face for Kip to grab it and play. She did this several times and Kip tipped his head and watched with interest. Sadie loves her toys and I'm hoping that Kip will learn how to play with her...I think he will. I don't think there will be a problem with Kip finding his place here....I think he already has. He is such a friendly guy and he especially seems attracted to my husband, which Marlin thinks is pretty cool! Kip follows Marlin all over. Hobbit, the Chihuahua has his nose somewhat out of joint but he will be ok with Kip in a week or so. Until then Hobbit only gets to "visit" Kip under our supervision. He was this way with Sadie, too and now they are buds. We are doing fine, we love Kip and I sure can see how Kathy must miss him...what a sweetie he is! We'll keep you updated. Gracie

Sid and Gin (right) playing!

Gin (left) and Sid.

Gin was a stray from the shelter, and never claimed.

She rode well in the truck, staring out the windows. I think she was perhaps worried about her next stop in life, but I think she is enjoying that stop! She does very well with the "pack" here, and appears at this time to be in awe of my cats. She loves to play ball, but hasn't figured the fectching thing out totally yet!

From the first night, Gin has been comfortable in the house; going up and down the stairs, and crating well at night. She knows sit, but she is still busy exploring the house and grounds here, and doesn't always come yet when called. I expect that to change, once she has been here a bit.

February 2007


Gin was adopted by Pam...

HELLO!!! I just thought I'd drop you a few lines and update you on Gin/Roxie! She has truly become a great companion and playmate forScout (and me!) We graduated obedience school with flying colors andshe's even learning to play with the frisbee more (she still LOVES the tennis ball!) I've posted all my doggie pictures at this website. Hope
Pam :)


4 years ago I went and picked up Roxie from Columbia, Mo thru the Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue on President's Day. thanks for giving me the opportunity to give this fun-loving little girl a forever home!

I can't believe it's been 4 years already, she's come so far - from a shy little BC to a very outgoing and fun girl who loves to run and play. We've also done some agility (she's quite the jumper) and some herding (she likes ducks - not so keen on the sheep), but most of all she LOVES her tennis ball and to play catch in the back yard!

Pam (2/2011)


Maddy is very inquisitive, she has a great personality. She will need lots of loving attention and reassurance.

She came from the shelter where she was very scared. She learned her new name in just a few days.
She has alot of energy-she loves to run and play with the other dogs at her foster home. She is still learning to come-we haven't worked on sit or down yet. She loves shoes-even the ones still on your feet. She is small and petite 18 inches and 25#s. She could use a little more weight. She has a good appetite, so that will come. She loves to curl up in your lap and is the perfect size for it. She has a beautiful coat of hair. The first thing you notice are her eyes-they are very
captivating and intense. I'm not sure about her reaction to cats or young kids. She has warmed
up nicely to our 16 year old son.

March 2007


Maddy made a very smooth transition to the Murphy household. She was essentially housebroken from day one and definitely lets us know when she wants to go outside. She also gets along well with our 11 year old Keeshond. She is eager to please, loves to play and is quite the comedian. She has two favorite pastimes - trying to herd squirrels and rabbits in our backyard (which we refer to as the Maddy Track Meet), or stretching out to sleep on the biggest pillow on the nearest couch. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are so thankful to the Columbia MO Humane Society, Beth Huhs and MOKAN for being there when she needed them most!

At nineteen weeks old, this pup is all play and sweet kisses. Lark thinks toys are the best invention ever made and loves all kinds. She even loves squeaky toys that no longer squeak. Lark also loves to doggie wrestle and doesn’t care if the other dog is four times her size. When she finally wears out Lark is a great cuddler. Of course, she’s smart as a lark!

Lark responds to her name, sit, and come and she has made tremendous strides in the last week towards being housetrained. Lark is fine with cats.

Lark is currently around 23 pounds and she is working hard to grow into her ears (which are big and adorable and have golden hair trailing from them.) Lark will likely be a 30-35 pound adult dog.

March 2007


Lark's success story will be coming soon!

Zen and Cash (Cash will be listed soon) were released by their owner/breeder, when they couldn't sell them. Beautiful six month old boys, my husband's description of them was simple.... "CUTE"!!! and cute they are!

Their sire was a working dog, and these young boys do show alot of desire to herd things...each other, the other dogs, and my horses(thru the fence). Very biddable dogs, I think they could grow up to be anything a caring owner would wish them to be, from working, to obedience to agility.

Zen is the more outgoing to the two, but Cash's sweet personality makes him my favorite. Zen wants to explore everything; Cash wants to lay by your side!

Both rough coated black and white kids, we will have more pictures of them soon!

March 2007


Zen's success story will be coming soon!

Holly was an owner release girl, a cute little black/white sweetie. Kept in a kennel run all her life, she came to us a bouncy young lady, loving, with no manners. I think she felt her name was "OFF" the first few days here!!!

Smart as a whip, and very wanting to please, Holly tries her best to make you happy! What makes her the happiest is being loved on! (and food...food is important!!)

Holly is now about ten months old, and is more than ready for obedience training. She apparently never had toys, but is learning all about them here!

Very camera shy(the flash scared her!), I do hope to get better pictures of her, as she is very, very pretty! She is ready to win your heart over, if you will let her!

March 2007


Holly has gone to her new home with Laura, in Manhattan, Ks!! Laura says that other than having no interest in her new toys (which doesn't surprise me...poor Holly was in a kennel run for 9 of her 11 months), she is doing great!!!


Skye is a happy, playful, affectionate girl. She is very sweet and friendly to everyone. She is always busy and on the go, usually carrying around a toy or something in her mouth. She is barely out of puppyhood...probably about 11 months old, and is still learning what is a dog toy and what is a vacuum attachment or bottle out of the recycling bin...you never know what she might walk by with.

She has won over our crabby older dogs, and they play together very well. Our two usually are not so nice to our foster dogs, especially the energetic ones, but Skye's sweet personality has won them over. She has not managed to win over all of our cats, she likes to chase them if they run. For the confidant cats that will stand up to her, she is curious but does not chase them.

Skye is house trained and will walk OK on a leash, but still needs so me work on paying attention and not pulling if she gets excited. She has learned sit, down and stay very quickly. We are working on "leave it", which she is getting really good at, unless it is a moving cat that you are trying to get her to leave alone. Skye also is very agile and fast...I think she would do well at agility or flyball. She is a petite girl, weighing about 33 pounds and measures 17 inches tall at the shoulder. She is smart and she is gorgeous! Her coat is mostly a soft black and a little wavy, she has a hint of brown above her eyebrows and on the back of her ears. She has white toes, and a thin blaze on her nose, with white on her chest. Her eyes are very warm and expressive, and she is so cute when she listens to you, she tips her head and pricks up her ears and really pays attention.

This is one sweetheart of a dog, she will be hard to let go. She loves kids, but may be a little too rambunctious for smaller children that she could knock over. If you want a sweet, active, fun dog, this is the girl for you!



March 2007


Skye was adopted by Pete and Nancy Fogg of Denver Colorado.

From Pete & Nancy:

Syke is full of beans and majorly affectionate. She wants to be in on all the action no matter what it is. She and the cat (Glower) have developed a partial truce - Skye tries to stalk her but Glower will tolerate her being up close unless Skye tries to play nose-rubbing. Skye also has some neighborhood dog playmates for backyard frolics. She's better on leash and took 1st place in her obedience classes last fall (of course, there were only three dogs there for graduation and she has chosen to forget much of what she learned, but with a few reminders she's pretty good and getting back into the routine).

The photos are at Lake Helen in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming over Labor Day weekend. We packed in about five miles to a perfect camp site. With no leash requirement she had a blast. She and I did a major day hike up onto the flanks of Cloud Peak (12,000+ feet) while Nancy lounged at camp, and it turns out Skye is a real mountain goat when off trail. Skye is still a bit overly playful when running into other dogs especially when walking in the park - she wants to whoop it up when the other dogs may not be very interested. Not a problem, but we aren't yet comfortable letting her off leash unless we are out in the back country, and have some ideas on how to get her to be more responsive when we want her to "Come Here" that we'll try out over the next few months. Skye also gets into what we call her prairie dog posture - she'll basically sit upright with her front paws stretched out for someone to hold, like she was sitting on a burrow looking out for coyotes. Very cute!

She is a real treat and we're delighted to have her with us.

Hope all the other Mo-Kans are finding happy lives with happy families.

Sam is a 3-4 month old male border collie. He was adopted from the Jeff City shelter as a Christmas present and was later found wandering the streets alone, the family was no longer interested. How anyone could dump a little 3 mo old pup on the street in the dead of winter, I have no idea, especially one as darling as Sam.

Sam is a very confident little guy, not too thrilled about the vacuum cleaner but then, neither am I! We have all adult dogs in our house, ranging from 2 yrs to 7 yrs old. None of them are all that thrilled about Sammy’s desire to play with them (they’re all grouches) but Sammy doesn’t give up easily. He is however, learning to respect his elders and that biting them to get them to play is not always a good thing. They are teaching him that if he must, to bite gently to initiate play. We "the humans", are teaching him that we don’t like biting period and there are rules that he must adhere to. He’s in that mouthy stage right now because he’s starting to loose his baby teeth so he needs appropriate things to chew on to sooth his gums. Other than that, he is a remarkably good puppy. He doesn’t cry in his crate, keeps himself entertained very well when provided with appropriate toys and rarely chews on anything inappropriate…well, except shoes, he LOVES shoes! He’s just teaching us to pick up after ourselves. He’s also doing pretty well with potty training. We’ve learned what his signals are, he doesn’t signal to us but as soon as I tell him “lets go outside!” he runs to the back door and outside to go potty so he’s getting the idea.

Sam is a darling pup, but what pup isn’t so its important to note that he will not be good with small children. He is fairly dominant, even though he submits when pressured to, he bounces back very quickly and doesn’t hesitate to challenge on a regular basis. Sam is the kind of pup that would be perfect for someone who wants a dog that isn’t afraid of new situations (as long as his socialization continues after adoption) and that loves to learn new things. We believe Sam will need someone that isn’t a pushover and can maintain leadership with him. Once that relationship is established, he will be a very loyal and devoted companion.

We just adore this little guy and he makes us laugh all the time! Sam has been introduced to a cat and shows interest but thankfully respects the warnings that are spat at him. He has a great sense of humor, loves to play and would do well with another dog that is willing to let him take the lead.


March 2007


Sam was adopted by Vickie and her husband. His new life includes living on ten acres, visiting Vickies horses and going to work with Vickie at the GREENIES company. Now that is the life. Vickie reports he is doing very well and that confident little guy is in the perfect place now!

Yes, our Sam is doing great. He is such a smart pup and so much fun to be with. He is actually very quietwhen he is alone with us. Still a little rascle when with other dogs but he is coming along just fine.We love him dearly and so do my co-workers and friends.

Yes, he get's the best of both worlds. Horses are still monsters for him but heis dong well and is starting to show his border collie herding characteristics.

A wonderful ending for this little pup who was dumped outside after Chrismas when he was only a baby!

Meet Chris! Chris is a shy tri color boy, who after he gets to know you, he warms right up to you, and wants his belly rubbed!

Chris is coming along nicely and showing some real talent in herding. He's so atheletic and biddable, his eyes pierce right through you when he figures out that you're going to work with him on something, his intelligence is just outstanding. I think Chris could do just about anything if someone wanted to teach him.

I took him to sheep on Sunday, and he's very quiet, doesn't rush, and he listens very well. Which is unheard of in a dog that basically came to me with little or no training. He gathers nicely, and even pulled them off the fence. With some training, I think he would really make a herding dog for either fun or every day life.

He loves his tennis ball and is quickly learning that if he brings it back to me, I will throw it again for him. He leaps for the ball when it's thrown in the air, his timing is a bit off, but that too is coming along and getting better with each session.

His shyness is slowly leaking away, he's come from hiding in his crate when people come over, to coming out and standing at a safe distance, then eventually nudging the hand of the strange person for a pet.



April 2007


Chris' success story will be coming soon!


Paislee is a 5 month old female. She came to us with an injured paw, a case of worms and no vaccinations.
We now have her current on her vaccinations, she is worm free and her paw is healing. Overall, she is in excellent physical shape and has been gaining weight at a steady pace.

She does well with other dogs. She plays hard as puppies do but is not aggressive. She has been exposed to cats a couple of time and has ignored them. I would suspect that she would be more attentive to them and perhaps make contact if another dog was actively engaging the cat. She is fine around kids. She has jumped up for attention a couple of
times but that is easily corrected. She has been respectful of the boundaries associated with our yard. It is fenced and she has made no attempts to breach it. Her recall is pretty good when she is not distracted. As with all young dogs she will require close monitoring in a high distraction environment. She is house broken and has taken to crate training very well.


April 2007


Paislee was adopted by Nigel and Karee of Overland Park, KS.

Petey and Paislee--tired pups!

Keree, Petey and Paislee

Cash is a beautiful young man, about 8 months old, that was turned in by his breeder, along with his brother. He has a wonderful, very biddable, personality. When Cash came here, he was a bit on the shy side, but as he grows older, and more comfortable, he is gaining confidence every day!

Cash is very good with other dogs, and loves wrestling in the yard with them. He likes to "herd" my Golden Retrievers. Slightly afraid of my cats (did I mention he was a smart boy???), he should do well with most cats. Cash is a very "herdy" boy, being sired by a working cow dog, and would probably make someone a very useful working dog. Whatever his job will be as an adult, his first job is loving his people!!!

Cash is crate trained, and learning about houses! He has a fairly solid recall, and is learning "sit" and "down". He is layed back enough that I feel he will be good around children, although small children he may herd.

Cash needs a loving, active family, perhaps with livestock, or another job to do!

April 2007


Cash was adopted by the Simpsons from Iowa to share their farm with them. He is one lucky boy!



Carson and Cody are purebred 8 week old male border collies. They are typical BC pups that will need plenty of socialziation and training and are ready for both. Potty training has begun but will need to be continued after adoption. Stay tuned for more updates.

Carson and Cody

Both have been Adopted!

April 2007

Cody was adopted by Heather and Mark of Wichita, KS

Carson was adopted by James and Heather of Belle Plaine, Ks


Sailor is 10 months old with one blue eye and one brown. He is very friendly and fun loving. He stands 19 inches and weighs 30#s.

He was turned into the shelter by an older couple that said he was just a little too much dog for them. He was well cared for, has good manners, knows some basic obedience and comes when called. He gets along with the other dogs in his foster home and has been around cats. He likes to play ball and frisbee, go outside and romp in the yard or just hang out in the house with his foster family.

He will require a fence as he has shown a little too much interest in the passing cars. He's a real cutie that just melts your heart.


April 2007


Sailor was adopted by David and Sarah of Liberty, Mo


Cisco is an affectionate, lively, neutered male who was adopted from the Central Missouri Humane Society about 4 weeks ago. He was listed as a “stray” at CMHS. The staff at the Humane Society estimated his age at somewhere about 1 year. He went to a home that had room to roam, but didn’t have adequate fencing to keep him from roaming too far. It is apparent now that Cisco needs a fenced yard to keep him safe and a family that can give this energetic Border Collie a job to do, be it herding, agility, obedience or Frisbee.

Cisco has a strong “herding” instinct as well as high drive. He enjoys toys and is interested in playing ball, although he hasn’t caught on that if he returns the ball the fun continues. The ideal home for him would not have young children as he gets pretty wound up and wants to herd the children by nipping at them. He also loves to herd cats so he needs a home with no cats or a home with dog savy cats.

Cisco is a real gentleman in the house. He is well house broken with no “accidents”. He is crated trained but has never been in a crate for more than a few hours at a time. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He is current on all shots.

Cisco has been started on basic obedience commands. He has learned “sit”, “down” and “off”. Cisco appears to be quite intelligent and would surely excel at obedience if someone takes the time to work with him.

Cisco still has a lot of pup left in him. Being a young dog he loves to chew and needs supervision to ensure that the chew toy he picks is an appropriate toy.


May 2007


Cisco was adopted by Pierre and Sherri of Liberal, KS

Angel Riley's Angel is Kara Gilmore

Riley spent the first year and a half of his life alone on a chain, but he has no regrets and appears to be ready to conquer the world. He has a zest for life and learning (and TOYS!) that will help him thrive in his new home.

Riley has been getting along great with the other dogs in the home. He does not seem to care much about pack hierarchy – he cares a lot more about where the toys are than who is the top dog. My male dog is not great with other males, but after he and Riley “got to know each other” they have settled in really well together. He really views the other dogs as playmates, and is happy to hang out with the gang.

Riley is a quick study, and has been doing a great job with basic manners – sit, lie down, wait, stay. He runs into his crate when you ask him, and stays very quiet in there.

Riley is looking for a home where he can continue to spread his wings and learn new things. Riley is great at entertaining himself but enjoys even more the interaction with people and other dogs. He is very fast and loves to play games -- if you are looking for a dog for agility, flyball, Frisbee or search and rescue (we think he’d be a great SAR dog!) then Riley is the dog for you!

Update April 24, 2007

Riley continues to thrive in his foster home, and is thoroughly enjoying his new-found freedom. He loves playing any kind of fetch, but the Frisbee is quickly becoming his favorite toy.

Riley has been learning a little bit of agility (tunnels and jumps), and shows a lot of talent in this area. He is very fast, very high drive and a quick learner. Riley also makes quick turns and responds quickly to commands. We think he would make an awesome agility dog.

Riley also shows promise as a herding dog. In his first time on sheep, here is what one of our volunteers said about his skills:

“That tail dropped as soon as he saw the sheep and at one point he had one in a corner and she turned and stomped at him and he just kept walking up on her, she turned and moved out of the corner...VERY impressive for a first time out!! Not once did he grip and he looked as cool as a cucumber the whole time. He would be a blast to train as a stockdog.”

As we thought he would, Riley shows working potential in a lot of areas. In addition, he’s become an excellent house dog, fitting in perfectly with the pack. After he runs and plays hard, he loves to just hang out for some serious love and attention. He will make someone a very nice performance/working dog.


May 2007


Riley was adopted by Taia in Colorado Springs, Co.

See a video of Riley!!!!

Update: 11/07: Our little boy is doing great! Everyone just thinks he's so awesome, and rightfully so! You should definitely send those pictures of him with the sheep over - Matt and I would really like to see them. We are learning how smart he is, and how he just lives to please. On the weekend, he and Bailey love to crawl in bed with us on a lazy Sunday and just lay there snuggling. Other times, he is just non-stop with the frisbee or anything with a sqeeker in it! HAHA! We've been spending a LOT of time at the new park by our house, both dogs get so excited now when they hear that's where they are going (if only I could stop Riley's drooling in the car, that'd be great)! :o) I took some pictures a few days ago of the both of them running around playing with daddy in the park - I'll send those over once I get them off my camera. Riley's doing very well with obedience - he'll do anything for a cookie! We are starting him up with Agility in a few weeks, so that'll be a new and exciting adventure for the both of us. Plus, we are planning a camping trip in the mountains within the next few weeks, so it'll be great to have him along for the ride. So things are just going really good, he's adjusting beautifully - and is always one step in front of his big sister (although, she lets him know who's boss still!)

We'll get some more pictures over to you and I'll definitely let you know how he does in Agility in the next few weeks.





Skye is a very small 2 to 3 year old male border collie who can melt your heart with his gentle, happy-go-lucky soul. Skye is one of those rare border collies who would make a great family pet even for a family with younger children. He likes to chase balls and play with toys but would never think of knocking down a child to get at the ball. He gently drops the toy at your feet and waits for you to throw it again. With everything he does Skye is a real gentleman. When not playing with his toys Skye loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

Skye previously belonged to an older gentleman who had to go to a nursing home. The owner’s family dropped Skye off at an animal shelter where he lived for 4 months. A kind MoKan volunteer pulled Skye from the shelter. When Skye came to live with his foster family he was very confused, sad, thin and his coat was very dull and dry. Within a few weeks the sparkle came back into his eyes and he began prancing around the house with what we term his “happy dog dance.” He has also put on a few pounds and his dull, dry coat now shines.

Skye is approximately 16 to 17 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds. He has a beautiful split face with lots of ticking on his face. Skye is undeniably beautiful and to keep him looking his best his adoptive family will need to be willing to spend time brushing him on a regular basis. Skye has a very thick undercoat that will mat if he is not brushed regularly.

When he came into foster Skye was not housebroken and did not know how to walk on a leash. He is now completely housebroken, walks on a leash like a dream and knows several commands including sit, down and shake. He is very willing to learn more he just needs a family of his own to teach him. Skye gets along with all the dogs in his foster family well. This is quite a feat as one of the dogs is an old, cranky female terrier who usually hates fosters.

Skye is crate trained and respects an underground fence. He has not been around cats but I suspect he would do fine especially if the cats were already dog savvy. He is neutered, has had all his shots and is on heartworm preventive. Don’t pass up this gem. Great dogs like Skye are not easy to find.

May 2007


Skye was adopted by Kim, Richard, & Teddy

Our family was so fortunate to have adopted Skye. We loved him right away but it took him a little while to feel at home with us. He has now settled in perfectly and seems totally happy. Our house is in the woods and on a lake; and he really loves the yard. My husband and I have had dogs most of our lives and I can truly say that we have never encountered such a loving, wonderful dog. He is the first pet for our six year old son (Teddy). Skye follows him just everywhere. He gets really disappointed if he is not allowed to ride along when Teddy goes to school.

Every one of our friends that comes to the house talks on and on about how perfect and well manered the dog is. We are just in love with him and we can not thank all of you enough for bringing him into our lives! Special thanks to Nancy and her family for taking such great care of him before he came to us.

Kim, Richard, & Teddy Brull


Gizmo is approxametly two years of age and was a stray from Kansas City Missouri. This guy is a lover! His favorite spot is next to his people. He gets along well with everyone human and canine (We are not sure about cats) but guess with his mellow temperment that any dog savy cat could quickly "inform him" of his place. Gizmo will make a great family dog as he doesn't have the high drive of many Border colllies so playing, cuddling and being part of a family are all he asks. In return Gizmo will make a wonderful addition to the right family.

May 2007


Gizmo's success story will be coming soon!

Beauty, brains, and heart; this girl has it all. Kate’s young age (she’s about 10-12 months old) keeps this free-spirit playful. She can play for hours and her tail wags for all doggie playthings - balls, squeaky toys, bones, other dogs, rope toys, sticks, etc. Actually, it is seldom that her tail isn’t wagging. Kate plays very well with her canine pals and is great at catching balls. Like the rest of us, Kate has spring fever and enjoys being outdoors. After a long day of playing hard Kate likes to cuddle up with her person. Kate does well with older kids, although we haven’t had her around any little kids yet.

Kate is very smart and learned her new name in just a few days. She was so proud when she learned to go down the basement stairs that she immediately ran up and down a few times after taking the initial plunge. Found as a stray, Kate is healing from a neck wound from where a collar likely grew into her skin. She is healing nicely.

Kate is approximately 45 pounds but is working hard on shedding a few of those pounds. Kate is a fabulous dog who will make any family proud to call her their family member.


May 2007


Kate was adopted by Lynn and Tom of Kansas City, Kansas.


Meet Kep! Kep has never met a stranger that she didn't like. She eagerly wags her tail to everyone she meets, making her an instant hit wherever she goes. Kep loves to play Frisbee and walks nicely on a leash, but is also happy curled up next to you as you work at your desk. Kep is such a sweetheart--she follows me from room to room, wanting to be wherever I am. Kep was housebroken when she arrived, is learning basic obedience, and is learning to "kennel up" in her crate. She will occasionally bark when in her kennel, as it is still new to her, but that is the only time that she barks. Kep may do best as an " only dog" as she isn't particularly interested in being with other dogs. She doesn't show much interest in being with my pack--she'd rather do her own thing, so they respect her decision. But with all fairness, Kep wasn't in the best of health when she arrived in Kansas City, so she may want to interact more as she feels better. She has only been with us for one week.

Kep was rescued from a farm near Bolivar, MO where she was a stray all winter. Naturally, Kep came to us malnourished, so she is working on building up muscle mass. The vet thinks she is between one and two years old. Kep is not a full Border Collie. We think she may be part Australian Cattle dog, but she hasn't told us whether we're right or not. Kep has a Border Collie face, but a stockier build in the rest of her body. She has a thick, full coat, like a Cattle dog or an Australian Shepard.

Kep is just a darling young girl that wants to please you. Don't pass this sweetheart up!


June 2007


Kep was adopted by Chad in Ilinois

Here is what he has to say about Kep: Kep is doing fine she doesn't like the kennel too much but she is wonderful with the kids and people. She hasn't really eaten much since she been here not sure what the reason is but she eats off and on can't seem to find a steady time she like to eat. As for other dogs she seem very aggressive toward any dog in our neighborhood as well as my parents two dogs. Not sure if it's a territorial thing or she thinks she protecting us but that is our only major concern for her at this point. Were going to be taking her to obedience classes soon so we can work with her to become a better trained girl.


Hank is approx 4-5 yrs old. He was abandoned at a farm in KS after being dropped off for stud. He supposedly won some herding trials but won't work
cattle so he'd probably be a nice farm dog for sheep, he's not super keen though. Hank gets along well for the most part with other dogs, has the occassional dislike for other males. He'd probably do better with another female or as an only dog.

Hank is a very gentle dog, quite submissive with people and does fine with older children. He walks beautifully on a leash and does seem to have had
some training. He was not potty trained but picked it up very quickly and is reliable after just a few days. He is starting to learn that people can be nice but still likes to show his belly when unsure of whats expected of him.


June 2007


Hank's success story will be coming soon!

Tweak is a lover and playful at heart. He is about 1 year old and weighs 40 lbs. He doesn't show a strong herding sense which would make him a great family dog. He enjoys his people but also loves to play with other dogs. He quickly won over his foster sister (who barely tolerates other foster dogs.) They play and play! He loves toys--especially tug of war.

He sleeps nicely in his crate and hasn't had a accident in the house--he knows how to ask to go outside. He is a smart boy, he quickly picked up sit, wait and ride. He will even sit and wait for his food until you say OK. He would soak more training up like a sponge.

Tweak would do best with a nice yard to run and play in with his family and would love to take walks. He would be happy to curl up on the sofa with you. He LOVES to cuddle--if you sit cross legged on the floor he will immediately come sit in your lap! While you watch tv or type at the computer he will warm your feet for you. He is very interested in cats and unless they are very dog-savvy cats, would do best in a home without them. He is such a happy go lucky guy that he makes you chuckle!

June 2007


Tweak was adopted by Ashley and Danny in Independence. Here is what they have to say...

Tweak has done well with us. He's learned how to play Frisbee, catch/return a ball, hide & seek in the house, he was great with all the people at the softball field for 7 innings! He's been on a few car rides and is a gem. He is a pretty early riser, but it's gotten us up and going in the morning too. We're still working on taking him on walks, that's a work in progress. :-) We figure we have to get him to walk first, before he can run.

We think he's been struggling a bit with the new schedule. I don't think he's quite used to being alone 8-12 and then 1-4:45. But, he's getting a bit better.

All in all, we think some classes at PetSmart are going to do wonders. We hope it helps with his attention/focus, manners (he likes to jump/nip), skills, tricks, etc. He's a great dog and you did an excellent job with him.


Update: 11/07 He continues to improve and we are enrolling him in the second round of classes. Hopefully we can clean up his socialization. He's not a big fan of other dogs/animals when he's on a leash.


Abby is the perfect family dog that most people are never lucky enough to own. She is a 2 to 3 year old purebred border collie who has that border collie intelligence but very little of the hype. She is 23 inches tall and is currently working on regaining her svelte figure. What can we say, Abby loves her food.

Abby has a very mellow personality. Her motto in life is: “Why bother with chasing tennis balls when there is somebody around who is willing to pet me.” Abby adores children and is very gentle around them. She has impeccable house manners as long as you are in the house. We have been told by her former owners that if left in the house uncrated by herself she will get into some mischief. We have not had any problem with this as we keep her crated or in an outside run when we are gone. Abby walks well on a leash and is housebroken. While at our house, Abby has been a perfect houseguest.

Although Abby is not toy motivated, Abby loves treats and is very willing to learn. She has master sit, down and come and we will work on more commands while she is with her foster family.

Abby desperately wants to please her family and has bonded with us very quickly. She has these wonderful soulful eyes and when she looks at you she seems to be saying please love me and she is incredibly affectionate. Abby gets along with the other dogs in her foster family’s home. However, Abby ignores two of the dogs (an old alpha terrier female and a 2 year old intense male BC) in her foster family but has developed a great bond with the third dog (a 3 year old male Brittany who is very easy going).

Although Abby spends lots of time playing with our Brittany her primary focus is on her human family. Abby wants to be with her human family at all times and she follows you from room to room. However, she is not one of those pushy dogs that insists on being the center of attention. She is quite content to lay at your feet as long as you occasionally reach down and pet her or talk to her. Because Abby wants to be with her family so much she should not be left out in the yard by herself when her family is at work as her former family reports she often became lonely and scaled their four foot fence. (It is a really bad idea to leave any dog outside all day.) At our house she has not made any attempt to leave our yard when left out for short periods of time. We have an underground fence as she respects the fence.

Abby is a very special border collie in that she is incredibly affectionate and low keyed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to adopt this great dog.


July 2007


Abby was adopted by Elizabeth from Boonville, Mo

Abby joined our household (i.e., me and Finn, formerly known as Buddy) last summer. From the first day, she lived up to her description on the website: polite, sweet, affectionate, quiet. None of that has changed -- but as the months have gone by, Abby's fun, mischievous side has come out. Although she still loves nothing more than a good, long cuddle on the couch, she adores playing with Finn (who says, "Girls can be rough, Mom!"). She loves to pull his tail, and he is so patient. Until recently, her favorite thing to do with toys was to tease Finn with them. She'd find one of his favorites, waggle it in his face, then run away as fast as she could. However, she never showed much interest in playing with toys herself until this week. Now that she's had six months of seeing Finn play Frisbee and fetch every day, I hear the gears grinding in her head as she watches. She is starting to play with toys on her own! Yay!

Abby is our social butterfly. She loves meeting new people, especially visiting the patients at work. If she wants something, she turns on the charm and gives a long look from under her eyelashes -- who can resist?

But my favorite time with her is her nightly devil dog routine-- running like a mad thing all over the house and yard when I first come home. She can corner like a Ferrari!

Click to see photos of Abby!

Update: 12/2009 Abby is our fluffy little girl. After two years with us, she loves to taunt and tease Finn, but never too much. If he seems at all annoyed by her antics, she bats her eyes at him in a very innocent way and gives him just a little kiss on the muzzle. Finn has the look of the long-suffering, but he does love her and likes to snuggle up with her on these cold winter nights. She is a loving and playful dog who, like Finn, seems to appreciate every moment in that way that only dogs can. She has been very popular as canine "therapist" where I work, visiting with the patients and reminding them of their dogs back home. Hard work, she says, all that petting and loving. A girl needs a cookie after a hard day!

Annie is house broken, loves other dogs, doesn’t bother the cat at all, eats like a lady, loves to be outside, and loves to play with whatever she finds (balls, sticks, plastic bottles, etc.)

We are working on name recall, and simple commands. She loves to be outside and has to really be coaxed to come in at night. She will make a great addition to any family, even one with children, other dogs and even cats!

July 2007

Annie I

Annie's was adopted by Teresa in Texas.







Devin is a male BC, about a year old, average size (around 40 lbs and adding weight!). He is the type of dog that loves everyone and greets each
new person with enthusiasm. He loves to stay close to his people. The staff at the shelter and vet's office said they will miss him greatly.
According to them, he got along great with the other dogs, cats and people at the office. Devin was found as a stray dumped at a truck stop. He was covered with ticks and was very skinny. After a short time in rescue, he is back to 100% and is now enjoying the good life! He seems to love a good home with a steady food supply : ) He enjoys playing with other dogs and attempts to herd them around the yard so he may have a strong herding
drive. He has been around some small children and enjoys their attention. He seems to know to turn off his herding drive with children. He would
prefer they pet him! Devin has not been kept in a kennal at his foster home and has been good left alone in the house with the exception of newspapers.

Devin climbs into bed for good night hugs and then sleeps the rest of the night either in the bath tub or on the bathroom floor. He comes running once the alarm goes off for his morrning hugs (LOL!). He is a curious boy and managed to find a loose picket on his foster home's fence. He was able to get out to investigate the other side of the fence, but didn't go anywhere and was waiting on the porch. After some repairs he hasn't made an attempt since. With some training Devin would be good with agility, flyball or frisbee. Devin would be the perfect dog for someone looking for a dog that gets along with everyone, including children; doesn't mind a
dog climbing on the bed once in awhile; wants a buddy to sit with them on the couch; and doesn't mind being nudged off the computer to go play. No
doubt the first family that meets Devin will gladly take this loveable guy home.

July 2007



Devin's success story will be coming soon!


Noah--looking good!

Angel Noah's Angel is Lisa Codding

Noah's Angel is Linda Hunter

Noah's Angel is Clare Buchanan

Noah, running fast!!! 2/07

Noah is a 1-1/2 year old Border Collie male who was abandoned and then struck by a vehicle. His first Angel rescued him by taking him to the vet for medical attention. Noah’s injuries included a broken left front leg, broken jaw, and numerous other cuts and bruises. He was attended by the wonderful staff at Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital and is well on his way to recovery. Read about Noah's progress...

August 2007


Noah was adopted by his foster family Robin and Jamey in Columbia, Missouri. They took such wonderful care of him during his long recovery. Here's what they have to say about Noah...He's such a pretty boy. So smart. He has taken two obedience classes and is currently taking Rally Obedience. He knows many commands with high five being his favorite. We are going to bring him to the reunion, so everyone can see him.

Look how beautiful Noah is now! (8/07)

Noah and Jax (8/07)

Angel Maya's Angel is Elizabeth Burns, adopter of Abby.

The eyes have it! Maya is a strikingly beautiful young female border collie. She has been in foster care over a month and is doing great. She has so many positive traits! She is very well-behaved in the house. We have never crated her and she has never had an accident or destroyed anything. She absolutely LOVES to play with our young BC male, Boone. If she has a job, it is tackle and chew on him as much as possible- and vice versa. She is submissive to our older BC female who is not as playful, and they get along fine. Maya has not been tested with cats, but does have a prey drive and wants to chase small furry things.

Maya is generally friendly when meeting new people and dogs but can be territorial on her own turf. We had a gathering of a few friends one evening and Maya ran after people and nipped at them a few times. It was not dangerous or scary, just annoying. She was overwhelmed by the number of people in our usually very quiet house. She also barks at people passing by on the sidewalk with her hackles raised. This is indicative of fearfulness, and may get better with time.

Though she is not obsessive or highly driven and has a soft, sweet personality, she does have abundant energy. We currently go on fast walks and hikes about an hour each day. That combined with her and Boone's frequent bouts of play keep her pretty content. I cannot say, however, that she would stay content if her exercise and/or play time were reduced. She is very keen to observe and listen to people, so she likely has good obedience and agility potential (she is very light on her feet!). She also loves to play with any kind of toy, though she is not big on games of fetch. Other traits- small stature (about 30 pounds), likes to lay down in water, has funny little nasal vocalizations when she plays and when she stretches.

One very important characteristic of this lovely girl is that she does not like children. She was turned into the animal shelter for this reason. She is uneasy around them and will nip them, and so will only be adopted out to a child-free home.

In short, Maya's ideal home will be one where she gets lots of love and interaction. She would thrive best with another dog or dogs and good, daily exercise. She is an intelligent, sweet companion who is always ready for an adventure!


August 2007


Maya is loving life as part of our pack, and we're so happy to have her. Humor is certainly one of her gifts. She has a silly side and is VERY playful. Sometime she has happy fits and writhes on the couch with a big smile. Maya is a uniquely vocal dog. It's hard to describe, but she makes sounds like "Rooooooorh rooo!" when we get home, "Mmmmmm" when relaxing, and a nasal "Haaaaah hha hhaah" when she wants someone to play. Maybe you just have to hear it... She is also a sweet lap dog, and so good around the house and when traveling with us. In return, she has everything she could want (except maybe steaks and unlimited deer chasing): a big, fenced back yard, frequent hikes in the woods, lots of human attention, and best of all- a best friend!

Yes, you can't talk about Maya without talking about Boone. Boone is our young male BC/BC mix. Before Maya, it was him and our "middle-aged" BC, Lula. He and Lula played some, but he really was kind of pesky and annoying to her a lot of the time. Also, when left alone for any length of time, he would sometimes get bored and find things to chew up- like library books! When we brought Maya in, Boone found his soul mate. He somehow fell in love with her hilarious playing style, which is a cross between a bucking bronco and a Tasmanian devil. He became more confident and happy and completely stopped destroying things. Lula is happier because she can just play with Boone when she feels like it, but at the same time there's more household action to liven things up. Boone and Maya are pretty inseparable, often napping or chewing on the same toy together. It's touching to see that dogs can develop such strong friendships. Although having three energetic dogs can be chaotic at times, we are all grateful Maya has come to stay!


Talyn is a mellow and loving 2 year old male border collie. He was picked up as a stray and pulled from the shelter shortly before his time was up. He weighs about 50 lbs. He is a sweet and loving guy, who's tail starts to wag as soon as he sees you. He may greet you with a Woo-Woof as a Good Morning to start the day.

Talyn is discovering the interesting things the world has to offer. He loves to play with toys and is finding that catching a ball and Frisbee can be a lot of fun. Chew sticks and soft pillows are also things he enjoys.

Talyn will benefit from someone willing to continue his training. He knows commands, such as, "sit, "down", and "stay". He is crate trained, house trained, and gets along well with other dogs. We do not know what he thinks of cats. He has barked at motocycles and bikes but this is getting better with training. He likes to go for walks and does well on a leash.

Talyn is an outgoing guy, who will develop a strong and loving bond with his owner/family. Talyn just wants to be loved and for someone he can love.

August 2007


Update 11/07: I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Talyn is doing absolutely wonderful! I am attaching a picture of him and Pyro-a 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy-that we took when we went to see my grandfather after his release from the hospital (and he did love them both very much). He is wonderful with Pyro, and they play at full throttle. He also gets to go play with Babe (the border collie who came with us to get Talyn). He barked the first night, but settled right in. He occasionally follows the 2 cats around, but leaves them when I tell him too. People think he is just absolutely beautiful, and he spends a lot of time playing with kids and dogs alike. He has done just marvelous. We continue to work on "off" when we get excited, but he's doing better. We are still nervous about loud noises like thunder and for some reason, TV trays are very scary. We continue to work on not barking atthings on wheels, but he is also improving with that. He has yet to meet another animal or person that he doesn't like and get along with. He likes the itty bitty dogs and the big dogs all the same. He is very patient with the little kids and they like his patience (we're still working on him not getting excited with them and jumping).

Talyn has been absolutely wonderful with the younger pup-he is definitely his care taker and often "teaches" him to do the "scary" things, such as climb the steep stairs into my loft. He rough houses with Pyro, even when he'd prefer to lay and chew on his bone. But his favorite thing is to do lounge with me on the couch. He has been a wonderful and joyous addition to my home.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful dog!!!






Annie is outgoing and somewhat rambunctious, but can also be timid at times. She is very affectionate and loves to crawl into a warm lap for cuddle time. While she holds her own with Bonnie, she is more submissive. Like her sister, Annie is a quick learner and very people-oriented. She likes chew toys, but is especially fond of her squeaky squirrel.

As with any puppy, continued socialization will be required. This simply involves taking them out to meet new dogs and people on a regular basis, making these fun and enjoyable experiences.


Annie II
August, 2007


Annie's success story will be coming soon.



Dot is a very pretty white and blue merle Border Collie girl, about 2 years old.

What a unique and lovely girl Dot is!!! I've not seen many blue merle Border Collies, and she is the first white and merle I've ever seen! Her coat is easy to brush...and she loves being brushed and being beautiful!!! She will lay out, while you brush, always with a happy smile on her face.

Dot was an owner release, and spent her first years living in a kennel run. Being in the house was a big adjustment for her, but she's learned to love the good life! Ctare training came easy, and while I don't have yet a "signal" that indicates she has to go out, she will be sitting by the door...all I have to do is pay attention!

Dot is the proverbial "Pollyanna"..her glass is always half full, never half empty! She will dash around the yard, simply because she can! She loves playing with the other dogs here...and I love watching her boot scooting around the trees!

Our Dot still looks at you like you are nuts when you throw a ball for her to run after...you silly human, if you wanted it, why did you throw it away??? But run with her thru the yard or pasture, and she is thrilled!

Dotty does well with my cats, but my cats won't run; any brave cat would be safe around her, I feel.

Our Dot needs a loving, active family, and a soft place to sleep. An extra recliner would be her preference, I think, but I think she'd accept a rug on the floor, as long as she was near her humans.

September 2007




Lad came to us as a stray by way of the Newton, KS animal shelter. He is about 8 months old, and just full of energy! Lad has agility potential and learns very quickly. Lad is one smart cookie. He just wants to figure out what you want him to do, and he'll do it! Lad is housetrained. He is quickly learning how to walk on a leash and needs obedience training. Lad gets along well with other dogs and takes correction from the adult alpha females well. This gorgeous puppy has a high play drive and needs a home that has plenty of time to train him and hopefully develop his agility potential.

Lad is one of those dogs that brings joy wherever he goes. He is happy all the time and it is contagious. He loves being near his people and runs and plays with his "siblings". Lad has great recall and we are working on leash training as well as basic commands. He has acclimated to his crate and sleeps like a baby. He is learning how to play catch so all that rest must be beneficial!!

Aug. 14th
Lad had to be moved to a new foster home (foster home went on vacation) and has been here for 4 days and has definitely made himself at home. He discovered our decorative water ponds on the first evening by falling in them. Since then he's decided he likes them and will get in to cool off much to my chagrin. Tonight I tried the sprinkler to see what he thought of it, but he wasn't interested. I guess the ponds are more fun!

He is busy in the house playing with balls and chewing on bones. He tosses toys in the air and down the steps and will bat a ball around like a cat. He has that joyful play style of a happy-go-lucky young dog. He likes to wait for the chance to get my 10-year-old BC's tennis balls and walk around tossing them in the air, playfully teasing her with them. Lad is quite respectful of my BC and doesn't try to take the ball from her directly.

We are reinforcing the manners that he was taught at his previous foster home. Sit, Wait and Go Lay Down are the first commands I work on (my most used commands to maintain some control of my household!). He is learning to settle and relax which is mandatory for a BC! Lad is very food motivated so that makes training even easier.

Lad appears to get along well with all dogs and takes corrections quite well from
them. He met a cat at the vet and was cautiously curious. The cat just laid there and Lad moved on to something more interesting to investigate so he would probably be fine in a home with cats.

Lad is a beautiful boy with lots of potential! He's at that perfect age to train and encourage his natural playfulness and open attitude.




September 2007


Lad now happily lives in sunny California about an hour outside of LA. He is loved immensely and spoiled every day. His parents are Dorey and John Brekow-Dutton and his furry brother is Bobby. Lad has brought lots of energy and joy to the household since arriving in September. Bobby is especially glad to have a playmate and someone to pal around with!



Shelby is about 3 years old and approximately 42 pounds. Shelby is an amazing girl. She gets along with people of all ages, is houstrained, and was already spayed when she picked up. She is an affectionate girl who loves other dogs and has had some obediance training not to mention she is beautiful! She does get "locked" on her foster parents cats so would do best in a home without cats.

So how did this great dog end up as a stray? Her foster parents discovered the answer. She like many Border collies is very frightened of storms and can jump fences. Her nails and pads were well worn so we suspect she was left in a yard and fled during a storm possibly too far for her people to search for her.

Therefore her new home must have a secure fence and family committed to not leaving her alone aside when it storms. With these precautions she is the perfect family dog and would be a perfect addition to the right family.

September 2007



This handsome boy is a Gentleman! And if he could enlist in the military he’d certainly be an Officer….he is smart!

Kip likes to ride in the car, he walks well on a leash, knows ‘sit’, we are working on stay, he is also very good in his crate. He has shown some interest in balls. He taught himself how to go up and down the spiral staircase! In just one session he learned he has to sit before he gets his food bowl. He is very food motivated. He also understands what ‘no’ means.

He loves people, is fine with other dogs, male and female. He will chase cats but my cats have taught him some manners, so now he mostly ignores them. Did I mention that Kip loves people? He likes to be brushed, petted, loved on and he loves right back. I don’t know how he is with kids but I believe he should be fine.

He was a shadow chaser when I first picked him up, unfortunately the shelter people encouraged it. I’ve just ignored it and he has greatly improved in the 2 weeks he’s been with me. Kip weighs about 43 pounds and is approximately a year and a half old.

He enjoys getting out and stretching his legs but he is also content to lay on the porch in the evenings or cuddle on the couch with you. He is a very happy dog and would do well with a family that will include him in their activities.


September 2007


Kip was adopted by Kim and Steve of St. Charles, Mo.

Here is what they have to say about Kip: I think he is settling in nicely. He is starting to feel more comfortable and I think his true personality is starting to come out. He is still a love bug but he's not as cautious and timid anymore. At 5:00am sharp, he jumps down from our bed, runs into the family room, rolls on his back and flops around with his feet in the air. It's hilarious. Until all the dogs got acquainted, we crated him during the day for the first few days. But now, he has free reign of the house during the day and night and there are no problems.

He still does the "shadow chasing" or really just "shadow starring". We just ignore it or try to get him to do something else. We noticed that he does it a lot more when there are other people over at our house.

We think he is doing great. I am so grateful that his home is Illinois did not work out. Their loss is definitely our gain!

Have fun at the reunion this weekend. I wish we could make it - hopefully next year.

Kim & Steve


Dear sweet Lass is a three year old smooth coat border collie, who just happens to be on the more petite side...all 24 pounds of her.

When Lass came into rescue she had a chronically luxated hip that surgery repaired. The only tell-tale sign anything was ever wrong, is the muscle mass on that side of her hip is not as robust as on the other side and every once in awhile, Lass will do a very dainty little skip and favor the surgery leg. The muscle mass will eventually return and while the dainty skip itself will become more and more infrequent, Lass will always remain dainty.

Lass is not a typical high drive border collie...at all. Lass is all lady. She would much rather only go outside to take care of business and come right back in, lest her pretty white feet get dirty. She also would rather not play ball or chase things. She does like a good chew toy every now and again.

Lass walks nicely on a leash, but does not like to take care of business on the end of one and therefore needs a fenced yard with which to do that. But unlike most border collies, she doesn't require a lot of room to run around in. Lass does need to be pushed to be more interactive. She tends to lurk on the fringes of activity and if given the opportunity, will retire to her kennel. In her foster home, we keep her kennel door closed while Lass is out and she has learned to become more comfortable being out amongst us. This, however, would need to be continued in a new home environment, or else she will regress back to her old habit of lurking on the fringes and retiring to her kennel.

Lass would do very well in a home with another dog. Lass does attempt to play every once in awhile with her foster brothers but seems to get intimidated by their size and rowdiness. A smaller dog might be able to sustain play with Lass. Lass ignores cats.

We refer to Lass as a bag of sugar, she is just that sweet.

October 2007


Lass was adopted by Doreen in Kansas.


Here is what Doreen has to say: Lass fits into our little pack here just perfectly. Friends and neighbors come to my house just to visit Lass! She is truly a “bag of sugar”. It is so touching to see her coming out of her shell more every day. Lass loves to go for walks and has quickly learned how to put her paw through her walking harness to help me put it on her. I feel truly honored when I see her little smiling face at the back door, alongside Toby's, when I come home. Thanks for rescuing her and for letting me adopt her.



This beautiful girl is Echo. Echo is a 2 year old, spayed, smooth coat Border Collie who came into rescue via a kind woman who found her wandering on a dirt road in Wichita. So anxious to find someone to love her, this little girl jumped into the kind woman's car the instant the door opened.

And Echo was worth opening the door for. So full of love to give, she just wants to be near her people. Echo loves to play and will entertain herself, but likes for you to be outside with her while she plays. She is learning her manners and has excellent recall and is learning to walk on a leash with a gentle leader. She knows to sit when asked and is learning to lie down and to stay....Stay is a challenge because Echo would like to be right next to you. Echo is 36 pounds of muscle and is very athletic. Her very favorite toy is the sprinkler or hose. Part of her training has been to learn when it was okay to play with the water hose and when it wasn't. This girl loves her water though!! She also loves to play, "Go Find the....". She would rather do this than do boring obedience training.

As sweet as Echo is, she does not do well with other dogs on a long term basis. She meets them and is fine for a very short period of time, but eventually will want to dominate and therefore does not play well with them. Because of this, Echo needs to be the only dog in the home. Echo has a very intense prey drive and cats are just more than she can tolerate. Even with very intensive *leave the cats alone* training by some terrifically, no nonsense cats, Echo needs to go to a home without cats. Because of her strong prey drive, a home with older children would be best as well. However, even with these stipulations, Echo is a wonderful girl and a favorite to have with me when I spend time out in the yard. She will need firm, gentle and consistent training, but she is smart and sweet and very willing to please. She wants her own best buddy so badly she could just burst!! Will you be it? Just look at that face!!

October 2007


Echo was adopted by Suzie and her family.

Here is what they have to say: Echo has been renamed Kate, a.k.a. Katie Velcro. She loves lots of attention, and she will wiggle up as close as her little body can get to whoever happens to be available for more ear scratching and belly rubbing. Kate loves routine, and she is ready each weekday morning for her ride to school with the girls, then playtime with the frisbee or football, followed by curling up under my drawing table for a nap as I do my work. She gets more playtime in the afternoon with the girls after meeting the schoolbus at the end of the school day. By 9 at night, she is ready to take herself to bed and happily curls up for the night in her crate.

Kate is such a sweetheart. She has completed an 8 week obedience training course, and her manners are steadily improving. We're looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather so we can spend more time out of doors, taking long walks.

We are grateful to the folks at MoKan Border Collie Rescue for taking this little gal and giving her a chance at a new family. Her foster family took such great care of her. We can't thank them enough. We are all so glad that Kate is now a part of our family.

Lily and Kaiya with our sweet Kate - 2009




Luna is approximately 5 yrs old and was turned in as an owner relinquish to the Columbia MO shelter. Along with her came 2 puppies (Annie and Bonnie). Luna is a very petite little girl weighing only about 30 lbs and stand approximately 16" at the shoulders. She is also a very timid soul and doesn't trust humans as far as she can throw them. With reason I'm sure.

I wish I could convey the joy this little girl has given us. Watching her blossom from the frightened and very sad girl into what she is today has been a privalege. She now loves carreses,proudy runs down the steps to go potty and with her tail swaying back and forth and her eyes sparkling returns to get her cherry tomato. Yes, cherry tomato. It is a long story...

She is expermenting with playing and it is a riot to watch. She can now catch a toy and will race over when you squeek a squeekly toy. She has wrestled with Mick played tug a war with Charly and raced after the pack when they are chasing a ball or frisbee. She thinks nylabones, rawhides and greenies and yes cherry tomatos are the best. She loves to take walks and doesn't pull on the leash and sleeps happily on the bed or the crate. She gets along well with all the dogs and is very very respectful of the cat.

Yes, thunderstorms still scare her and the slightest sign of agression by one of the other dogs us or the cat and she pulls away.

This girl is truely a delight because you see the appreication in her eyes for her new life. She signals that she wants to be petted with the slightest touch of her nose on your knee and even enjoys being groomed now. When she first came she cringed at the touch of a brush or a hand for that matter.

Luna needs a home preferably with another dog or cat where her worth is not measured in the usual way we value Border collies. She does not herd, would be an unlikely frisbee dog and forget agility.

Her worth is in her gentle spirit and the gratitude she shows for being shown that people can be kind and life can be good. For this she offers her loyality and her sweet presence. And that is priceless.

October 2007


Luna has been adopted by her foster mom Bridget. She joins Charly, Mick and a cat named Ella.



Meet Meg!

This girl is the happiest dog I've ever met. She never met a stranger and gets along with everyone human, canine, young, old, male, female she loves everyone. She has reason to be happy, she is lucky to be alive.

Meg was pulled from a high-kill shelter in central Missouri and we thought she had kennel cough when we got her. Within 3 days, she had become so ill that she was in isolation and on IV fluids at the vet.The vet suspected that she had parvo. This can be very deadly without quick veterinary care. Thanks to round the clock treatment from one of our wonderful vets, Dr. Small and his staff at Overland Park Animal Clinic, Miss Meg came through and is all better now.

Meg is about a year old, and at 38 pounds and 20" inches at the shoulder, she is not tiny. She's a tall, slim girl with long, long legs. After being ill, she was extremely thin, but now is getting closer to a nice weight for her frame. She is probably not full BC, she has a little different shape but is marked like a classic tri colored BC. She has a very soft, shiny, medium length coat. She does not have the strong BC drive to herd, but she does love to play with other dogs or people. She can leap the 4 foot fence so easily when she is chasing a rabbit or squirrel that she looks confused when she turns around and is on the other side of the fence. And this girl is FAST! Her favorite hobbies are trying to get our old, crabby dogs to play and pulling all the firewood out of the pile to chew on.

The best part about Meg is her attitude. She is so sweet and loving. The vet's staff said that even when she the most ill and couldn't even lift her head, she would always try to wag her tail when they came in the room to see her. She was quickly a favorite with the whole staff. Now when Meg wags her tail, it's not just the tail.it's the whole dog that wags. She does have a problem jumping up on people, but we have made a lot of progress getting her to realize that she can greet you without being at eye level with you. Her full-body wag might her a bit too exuberant for a younger child that she could knock over, but there is not a mean bone in her body. All this girl needs is a family of her own to love her and she will return it, times 10.


October 2007


Freya (Meg) is still doing well. She did find a way to hop over their fence, though. Roger had a garden trailer and she discovered that if she got on top of it, she could jump over. He, of course, moved the trailer. Roger said she seems to suffer from a bit of separation anxiety, even with Loki there for company, so they might try crating her if they are going to be gone for more than an hour at a time.

Overall, it seems to be a fabulous match. They are very astute to the needs of all of their animals and I couldn't be happier for all of them. :-)



October 2007


Rocky was adopted by Mike and Stacey Roderick and their son Cameron.

Meet Jax! If he isn't as cute as a button, I don't know what is. Jax is 8 months old, and only 35 pounds. He came to us by way of Columbia, MO. He was recently neutered and is in great health. This guy has a beautiful thick coat. Jax has lots of energy and has great potential as an agility dog. He is very coordinated for a puppy and is a super quick learner. His friends at the Columbia shelter tell us that they worked the agility course with him and that he was awesome. This little guy would be the star of an obedience class. Jax does need to learn his manners, though. He LOVES to give kisses, so we are working on learning more appropriate ways to greet humans. He is learning is basic obedience commands quickly and is very food motivated. Jax plays well with his dominant foster sister and takes correction from her. Jax loves to play with toys of all kinds—koosh balls are his favorite at the moment!

November 2007


We changed Jax's name to Akka (ahk-KAH), meaning two rivers come together, because that is exactly what happened.

What are the chances that the flow of life would bring a K9 handler in Colorado, who had tragically lost his search and rescue K9 partner, to a border collie in a Missouri shelter? That is what happened in October 2007. While on the MO/KAN BC Rescue website we read about Jax. Would he have what it takes to be a disaster search dog? His wonderful foster parent, Kim, had been living with him for a month so after learning more about him we decided to give him a try. We are grateful for the love and comfort she gave him as well as the all-important exposure to clicker training and manners.

Akka's first days with us were spent at our friend's home in Springfield MO, where Akka started his K9 Search Dog Screening Process: a visit to Pet
Smart, a ride in a shopping cart, meeting strange animals, taking treats form the lawn crew blowing leaves. He then went on a hike in the park with 2
other dogs and climbed 2 flights of open stairs on a fire tower. The next day he walked in rubble at the disaster k9 training site, and played with
lots of toys. He came when called and demonstrated a balanced temperament, good nerve strength, and a willingness to bond with Hakan.

So it was decided that AKKA would travel back to Colorado with our other dogs and start Search and Rescue training.

Akka integrated easily into his new pack. He has much to learn, disaster agility, climbing ladders, learning directional commands and finding people
in all types of environments. He now understands that toys mean people play with you, and it is fun. Akka has learned to locate people that are hidden in non-disaster environments and when he does this, will bark until he receives his toy.

Best of all Akka has brought us laughter into our home.

Pat and Hakan Kaynaroglu
Canine Search Specialist with
Colorado Urban Search & Rescue Task Force 1
FEMA Disaster Response





Are you looking for a loving companion whose eyes light up with pure joy the moment you walk into the room? Then Bonnie is the dog for you. Bonnie is a real joy. She is alert and always eager to please especially if she thinks she might get a treat or a loving pat. Bonnie so desperately wants a forever family to call her own.

Bonnie is about seven months old. She is a daughter of Luna, also on our website. She was pulled from the shelter with her mother at three months of age. She is smooth coated and is probably mixed with a lab or shepherd. We are not really sure. Her coat requires virtually no care and is so soft and smooth to pet. She is about 20 inches tall and will probably grow a little larger. She weighs somewhere around the 45 pound mark. She has already been spayed, and is on heartworm preventive and frontline

When pulled from the shelter, Bonnie had no socialization and was frightened of everything, including people. Bonnie has made an almost 180 degree turn around since then and is ready to go to a new, loving family. When faced with new situations she does tend to give an alerting bark but quiets down as soon as you say, “that is enough.” Her confidence increases every day. When away from her home she does startle if a stranger runs by or toward her. We are working on this problem and it is getting better. She is very differential to other dogs and gets along fine with our three dogs, even the two that are not so nice to fosters. She loves to wrestle with our Brittany, and spends hours every day rough housing with him.

Bonnie likes toys but does not have high toy drive. She is content to chew on a rawhide over chasing a ball. She is pretty low key and would be great for the first time Border Collie owner who might not want the intensity of a high drive dog. .

Bonnie already knows sit, down, stay, come and shake. She also walks well on the leash. Bonnie is very willing to learn more. While she may not be pure Border Collie she has the brains of a Border Collie and learns very quickly. Unlike many young dogs, Bonnie is generally well manner. She does not jump up on you, does not seem to want to chew on anything, and responds well to a “leave it” command. She does like to pull her blanket out of her crate and carry it with her throughout the house but does not chew it up. She would do fine with younger children. When she first came to us, teenage boys seemed to frighten her but we have worked through this issue and she now likes my son.

Update: 9/30/2007 - Bonnie has been at my house for about 6 weeks now. (We moved her from her first foster family so she can obtain more and different socialization opportunities). When Bonnie initially arrived at my house she was somewhat timid and unsure of herself and prone to barking at new situations. What a difference a few weeks can make. I have made a concentrated effort to expose Bonnie to a variety of new situations, people and dogs. Gone is the shy little Bonnie and in her place is a well-behaved, outgoing young dog. Bonnie loves meeting new people and dogs – no more barking at new situations. Rather there is a happy wag of the tail and a face that seems to smile with joy.

We have other great news. Bonnie is now completely housebroken!!!! She learned to ring the bell by merely watching my own dogs. What a smart dog. Did I mention she is incredibly affectionate too and very low keyed when in the house. What are you waiting on, contact us about adopting Bonnie. You won’t be sorry you did.

November 2007


Adopted by Orin and Kathy Swift of Olathe, Kansas

Bonnie came to our family a few days before Thanksgiving and what a wonderful celebration it was for us to have her as part of our family. The first night we had her home, she cuddled and settled right in after some thorough sniffing investigations. We were still healing from the loss of our thirteen year border-lab mix but her gentle sweet spirit almost immediately let us know that Bonnie was our angel sent to us.

Throughout the holidays she has wowed our friends, relatives and dog acquaintances with her playful, social skills. She loves all ages and seems to bring out the best in her canine friends. Even my mother’s dog, who is a 100 pound couch potato, gets out in the yard and looks like a romping Shetland pony when Bonnie comes to visit.

She goes everywhere with us in the car and loves to go “a visiting”. Bonnie loves her daily walks and is doing quite well on her agility commands that we practice at the playground.

Our 10 year old grandson has taught her to crawl through the length of the coffee table, jump over the yardstick and tap the correct hand for the hidden treat. Bonnie seems to sense just the right action for the right age. For our one year old granddaughter, she oh so lightly kisses the top of her head.

We are so thankful to Bonnie’s foster families for all the love and care they gave her to after her very rough start in life. Bonnie is the perfect match for us and we feel like we found a black and white diamond through Mo-Kan BC Rescue and share our praises with everyone we meet.

Meet Bit! The littlest of the litter. But don't let her size fool you... Bit is the toughest one in the litter. She doesn't take any grief off of any one. She loves to play with the big dogs! She is small enough she can fit in the food bowl and still eat. She's going to be a rough and tumble pup with a heart the size to match her attitude!


December 2007


Bit, now Sophie, is doing great already knows her name and is doing really well in the house. She has slept really well in the crate at nite. We face the crate at the TV and turn on Animal Planet and she falls asleep. I take her to the vet Saturday for check up and whatever she needs. Ed and her are bonding during the day and she already knows the car door opening sound when I get home, she runs to the back door. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves the backyard. She has let the other dogs in the neighborhood that she is there...she barks back at them in her big voice.
Judy Fileccia

Update: 2/08:Thought you would like to see how much little Sophie (Bit) has grown. She is a doll and is the princess of the house....she went to the St. Louis
Madri Gras parade and festival and had a great time. She is on her second class of obedience classes and is soooo smart. I take her to the classes and Ed teaches her tricks (like high five, shake, roll over, etc.)...she can sit, stay, down, crate up (we call it "go to your house") come. I am going to continue with her and hopefully get into agility clasess when
she is ready. . She loves other dogs and her social skills are wonderful. We were talking the other night and don't really know what we did in the evening when we didn't have her.

Judy Fileccia

Meet Mike! Mr. Investigator himself! He loves to go exploring. Last night while I was dishing up supper for the pups, I hear this puppy squeaking.. I look behind me, and there's only 4 puppies... Where's Mike? Mike had managed to get himself behind the refrigerator and according to him he was stuck. Mike's ears were the first to stand up, and let me tell you do they ever! He looks like he has this surprised look on his face at all times! He's too cute! He likes to play with his littermates, but would rather investigate things on his own.

December 2007


Mike was adopted by Mike and Stacey Roderick, their son Cameron and Rocky above!

Meet Kyp! The biggest girl in the group and second in size to her brother Tonka. She is the LOVEBUG of the litter. Her personality has really changed in the last week. Last week, she wanted to eat and be held, now, she wants to play, then eat, then play then eat then be held. She is the first one in your
lap when you sit down.



December 2007


Kyp's success story will be coming soon!

Hi! My name is Ayn, and my mom says that I'm a silly girl that wants to play and play and play! My mom says I'm very biddable (whatever that means) and I like to be with people and that I'm going to be one of those Border Collies that has to have a job, whether its' herding, agility, flyball or Search and Rescue, I'm going to have to do something she says or I will chew the drywall! I like to play with my brother and beat up on him, but he returns the favor by beating up on me. I haven't seen sheep yet, but Mom says I will soon enough. She says that I will like them just like my brother Tonka, and that maybe just maybe I will go to a home where I can use my natural drive and talent and be a herding or sports dog!

December 2007


Ayn, now Erin, has a new sister, an Australian shepherd. The two are working out really well together and constantly play. The Aussie loves everyone and Erin is still tentative of strangers so they compliment each other nicely. We went to the Mo-Kan Border collie reunion up in Smithville and had a great time. Here are some links to pictures that were taken at the reunion of Erin, Mandy, my husband, son and I. Hope all is well with you and you have a Merry Christmas!

Riven, brother to Indy who is also on the website, is a beautiful, black and white, 7 to 8 month old male. Riven is one of 2 puppies from a backyard breeder in central Missouri who gave up her dogs to rescue when she became too ill to care for them. Riven, like Indy, is beginning to adapt to life in a regular home with a regular family. While his curiosity and confidence is growing as he feels more confident and trusting in our home, he still gets nervous and has avoidance tendencies. However, even though he is scared, he has never reacted to us in a vicious manner.

Riven gets along great with other dogs and has ignored our cat. He loves being outside! Riven goes into his crate easily once he knows a treat is waiting for him once he gets there, and is slowly learning about toys, especially those that have treats hidden in them.

His new family will need to be patient and continue to provide him love and security in order for him to thrive, but Riven is well worth the effort as he is a sweet dog who, without a doubt, will form a strong bond to his family.

December 2007





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