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Success Stories 2008



Jewel is a 35 lbs and about 18 months old. She is a medium coated female. A look in her eyes and you can see how very intelligent this girl is. Her learning has been lightening fast since she was taken into foster care from an area shelter. Seems she got herself in the shelter by being the best of what she is... a beautiful, intelligent,biddable high drive Border collie. This girl could do it all. She would make an excellent agility, fly ball or herding dog. She loves and yes needs action for her body, mind and spirit. And when that is triggered in her she is a joy to watch. Jewel matches or in some cases surpasses the other dogs we have adopted to homes who offer a "job" for their Border collie. Oh and did we mention she is affectionate, gorgeous and respects assertive cats? Because of her high drive we think Jewel would be best in a home without young children(they could get knocked over when she is on a mission.) And she must, we repeat must be in a home where she can develop and use her talents! This girl truly is a "jewel."

11/07: Update on Jewel!
I think I have worn Jewel out today! She's curled up alseep behind me; she's moved once since we came in...from the open crate, to the floor! Jewel went to sheep for the first time today, and as I suspected, she really, really wants to work! We were working in a rectangle lot, which is difficult for a young dog, but she handled the pressure fairly well, and surprised me by being very biddable, but not soft(the not soft didn't surprise me...the biddablity did!). She had a grand time, but is one tired dog right now!!!


January 2008


Jewel has been adopted by the Siegel family of Prarie Village KS. Kenny who is 12 is already showing a gift for dog training and Jewel will be an eager student!


Hi! My name is Tonka, my mom calls me Tonka toy, because she says I'm a big boy that always has to have something to do like a Tonka truck. I don't know what that is, but it sounds good to me! I like to play and herd the cats, the cats don't seem to mind too much. Chris my foster brother loves to play with me, and he says that I'm just like him, that I will need a job to do when I grow up. I have seen sheep before, and I like those things. I wanted to chase them but Mom says I'm too young for
that, that I have to wait til I get bigger. That was a few weeks ago, don't you think I've gotten big enough? I know I've gotten big enough to play with big dog toys, and I like that thing called the dog-walk. Mom says I will make a great sports dog when I get bigger.

Why do I always have to wait until I get bigger??


January 2008

Tonka was adopted by Nicole and Justin!



Meet Grady!
Grady is certainly a tall, handsome male Border Collie. We think he is about 2 years old. He was brought into us from Columbia shelter where he was one sorry looking soul. When we first got him he was very skinny, but now he is getting two meals a day and regular exercise he is starting to fill out. He loves people and wants them all to love him back, he does not have the high energy of most border collies but when you get him going he has stamina. He gets on really well with my dog, but he like my dog he is not a fan of cats.

Grady is good on the leash, although sometimes he needs reminding! Off leash he needs more training, however he is doing well with recall training in the yard . Grady is also great on the leash running alongside me on the bike. He is crate and house trained and is learning manners very quickly, he is also a quiet dog - rarely will he bark. In the house he is more than happy to be in the corner of the room sleeping or wagging his tail when you talk to him or give him a cuddle ...... did I say Grady loves people! He is also much more content eating a raw hide than playing with toys. Grady is building up his confidence and would really suit a home where you have the time to work with him and help his confidence build more and give him the love that he deserves. Grady has one BIG heart that he would love to share with you.

Grady is really just a big teddy bear. He loves his people and wants to say hi even before going outside after being in his kennel during the day. He'll climb up on the couch to give kisses or nose his way under your arm for a little love. Grady is an adaptable dog. He has responded very well to a demanding dog who wants to play, play, play all day with him. He is also content to sit and relax with his people though.
Although he can play with other dogs (and is showing some interest in balls) he does not demand constant stimulation.


January 2008


Grady has found a wonderful home with the Masonbrink family in Nebraska. He is in his element getting lots of love from Mary and Pat and having fun playing with his fellow four legged friends.

Partner is a rough coated male a little over two years of age. Partner is an extremely rare type of Border collie....He actually has an off switch!! This guy is happy to pal around with you and is GREAT with kids-can you believe it. An off button and doesn't want to herd the children. But he also has good herding potential having been tried on sheep. And he ignores the cats. This guy would do great as a family dog, a chore dog and best of all a "great partner "to anyone craving a relationship with a dog who wants more than anything to be part of the family.

Update: 12/07: Mr Partner surprised us all today, by being quite handy of sheep! He has a lot to learn, of course, but he was very responsive to my body pressure, and was trying in his best to gather! As very typical of a young dog, he was gripping some, but would release with my AHAH!

Partner would make a great companion, obedience dog, or chore dog!

January 2008


Partner was adopted by Renee & Bruce Becker.

January 2008


Nana or Nan was adopted by Millie.

Millie says of her "Oh, what a love she is! Typical BC pup; smart, active, alert! And so grounded..... seems to have just curiosity, no fear about anything. Loves my dogs and anyone that comes to the house. Hasn't had an accident in the house...... goes to the door when she needs out. Randy, everything you said about her is more than true! And Caryn, Nan is a perfect name for her (tho' I still find myself calling her Nana at times.....as a puppy, Nana really suits her.) And Melanie, thank you for understanding.....you would have loved her too. And, of course, Jen for approving this.

Meet Molly! Molly is an extremely sweet dog, who loves attention. She likes nothing better than to sit on the couch and watch TV with you while you pet her. She is also very active and, like most border collies, she will find a toy if she doesn't have one. She likes to play with the metal water bowl, flipping it over and sliding it around on the patio. She also will unload the firewood rack looking for just the right stick to chew. Molly is a beautiful tri color girl with lots of freckles. She is about 2 or 3 years old. She weighs 40 pounds and is quite slim and muscular; she could stand to gain a pound or two. She is crate trained and stays quiet in her crate at night.

Molly likes love and attention more than anything in the world. She is a total snuggle bug, wanting nothing more than to be glued to your side and be petted. She is rather possessive of her people and does not like to share the attention with other dogs, which is why we think Molly would do best as an only dog. She also is a bit protective of her food. She has been around cats in her foster home and pretty much ignores them. Because she has jealousy issues, she would not be good with smaller children. Molly would be happy as an only pet where everyone can pay attention to MOLLY!

If you want a devoted, snuggly, beautiful dog, Molly is the girl for you!

January 2008


Molly just left with her new mom Jackie from Wichita. Jackie came with her friend Ron and they fell in love with her as she sat on their feet, looking up at them saying "will you please take me home?" She said Molly was just the kind of dog she was looking for. She took her out to the car, opened the door and she jumped in the back seat! Jackie now has a wonderful running companion. Yeah for Molly!!

Here is what Jacki has to say: Thanks to the great work of several mokan volunteers ( especially Sherri, Diane, and Vickie es) Molly and Jennifer of Wichita became a family. It was love at first sight. Molly jumped in the car with Jennifer with not a look backward! We joke about how some of our dogs pick their new people. In this case Molly certainly gave her whole hearted approval.!!!!

Update: Well Pepper and I have just finished basic obedience class. We both learned so much. Pepper was recognized as the most changed dog in the
class. She has made so many changes. She is starting to become a happy dog. You can see her tail up and waving frequently. The instructor commented about her tail and seeing a happy dog. Pepper will now play with a tennis ball. She retrieves the ball but will not always bring it back. She does better with this in the house then outdoors. She is also starting to play with a frisbee, she still prefers to chew the frisbee but
will attempt at times to catch it in the air. Her favorite toy is a soft octopus for which she has destroyed 3 already. It was a soft toy like this that got her interested in playing. She will actually play with the
octopus by herself.

Her annoying behavior of leaning is almost gone. Only when she wants to be a baby does she lean and when I pull away she will either fall over or sit pretty. She still chews on the left back flank but some days less than others. She now knows the following commands: sit, down, stand, stay, sit-stay, still working on down-stay, sit-stay walking around her, leave it (75% of the time), heel, watch, swing, and front. She also waits at the steps until I tell her it is okay for her to come when we go for a walk or for a ride in the car. She will now come to me when I call her name.

She has gained a little weight, so I have tried to cut back on her food a little. She remains terrified of storms which was evident last night. She freaked completely out. She is having some kennel issues would rather sleep next to my chair. I am trying to make her kennel a good place with some treats
which seems to help a little. Well this is a brief update, I have signed up for advance obedience class which will start in May. Pepper started to make changes after I changed her name, but know it was the obedience classes that really bonded us. She is a very good dog. She still knows how to get everybody to pet her. All she has to do is crawl up next to them, put up her paw to shake and she gets all the love a dog could ask for. Until next time,



Where do I start in describing Cricket? She is a beautiful, one-year old, loving, very high drive purebred border collie who wants to please. She is also a clown who makes me laugh with her antics. She has an irresistible personality. Cricket has one other special trait. Cricket is deaf. No need to feel sorry for her though!! Cricket loves life and has no idea that she is different than any other dog.

Cricket was turned into an animal shelter in Kansas because she was too active for the family. There was no mention on her relinquishment papers that she could not hear and I doubt that her former owners realized she was deaf. Cricket is very good at fooling people. She reads facial expressions well and cues off of other dog’s actions. In fact, we did not know that she was deaf for a while. It wasn’t until I noticed that she could sleep through anything that we became suspicious about her ability to hear. We then took her to the University of Missouri and had her hearing tested. She has no hearing in either ear.

Cricket is waiting for a loving family to adopt her who can give her a rewarding job to do. Yes, deaf dogs can be trained. You just need to use hand signals rather than voice commands. Cricket has only been with me a few weeks and I have started teaching her hand signals. While this is a new experience for both of us, Cricket is catching on very quickly. In fact, she seems overjoyed that someone is finally communicating with her. She has learned “sit”, “down”, “stay” “good dog”, “kennel up” and “lets go out” in a week.

In the next few weeks we will be working on learning to check in constantly with her handler and other hand signals. This should not be difficult as Cricket wants to be near me at all times. With this young girl the sky is the limit as she has incredible toy drive and food drive. She has the potential to be a great Frisbee, agility or flyball dog as she is very fast and is a great jumper.

Let me tell you a few more pertinent things about Cricket. She is spayed, housebroken, crate trained and is in good health. She is 20 inches at the withers and weighs 42 pounds. She gets a long with other dogs as long as they do not mind an energetic adolescent pestering them to play. She can entertain herself for hours with a dog toy or a nylabone. She really likes children but is too high drive for a family with children younger than 6. She has not been tested with cats.

There is one more thing you should know about Cricket. She is fearful of people in hats and will bark reactively when she sees someone in a hat. As soon as the person wearing the hat removes it she runs up to the person wagging her tail with a look that says please forgive me for barking. We are working on that issue and I am sure with time the behavior will fade.

Please consider making Cricket a member of your family. She has so much to offer and you have so much to gain with this wonderful dog.


January 2008


Cricket was adopted by Kim Bath and her 15 year old son from Webb City.

Here is what she has to say about Cricket! Cricket is a joy to have with us. She is so enthusiastic about life! The world must seem so big to her and she wants to see everything! She now has a "sister" (my 13 year old Border Collie, Cisco) who loves having a new playmate. They look like the all girl version of the Bobbsey twins! They play together go outside together and sleep next to each other. Criket also watches and mimics a lot of Cisco's actions which is good since Cisco is trained as a Wheelchair Assistance dog.

Cricket loves to play fetch and only tries to herd 1 of my cats (the youngest cat, Boo, who encourages Cricket to do so). She has learned so quickly in the short time I have had her. Due to her deafness, we are working on her focus and are trying American Sign Language for her new commands. She has learned "O" for "out" and knows which door to go to. She is also learning "H" for "heel" while on the leash. The next commands we will be working on are some other commands that Cisco knows -- "light" to turn on a light switch and "door" to open an unlocked door. With a lot of love and patience, I KNOW she will keep excelling.

She does makes us laugh with her antics, too. She has a perpetual "Peter Rabbit" look -- one ear up, one ear down- and always seems to be asking, "What next?" She not only found the pet's toy box within the first few minutes of being home, but I have actually watched her put toys BACK IN the box. LOL! Cricket's favorite toy is a tennis ball and she ALWAYS wants you to have them, too. We have about 6 of them in the house. One night, I left her out of her crate (which she does perfectly well with when we are home) and we all went to bed. I awoke at about 1am to find that I was covered in tennis balls! LOL! Apparently, Cricket thought we should be playing, not sleeping. She is such a loving, sweet tempered girl and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives!

How do you spell cuddle? It's: T-O-M-M-Y! This boy loves to cuddle and is so happy be with you! Whenever you walk into the room, his tail just wags and wags. He's cute and fun-loving--makes us constantly chuckle!

Tom is a beautiful black & white male born in early September. He came into rescue from a shelter. Sue is his littermate. He has received three rounds of puppy shots and has been wormed.

Tom is very eager to please and has learned Sit, Lay Down and Come. He quickly learned that if he rings the bell on the back door that he can go outside to potty. He loves to play with toys--he even makes his own out of plastic food bowls! He takes corrections from adult dogs very well. The more interaction Tom has, the more he learns. Tommy will soak up training like a sponge. He will need a family that is interested in continuing to train him and who will include him in their daily life.

January 2008


Tommy was adopted by Joe and Barbara of St. Louis, Mo. Tommy will join Lucy, a BC mix, and their cat.

Here's what they have to say:
Tommy is a great dog! He's been here a week, and he has fit in here seamlessly. He behaves like an angel. And he really is a lap dog. He goes for hour-long walks with Lucy, and they have a great time. He easily learned "wait" at each corner, and "let's cross" to cross the street. He has met lots of the neighborhood dogs, and al of them seem to like him.We tried some new names for him, but "Tommy" seems to have stuck, though we do call him" TomTom" a lot. Our son visited and taught him a new trick in nothing flat.


In the middle of an intense snow storm Gus found his way to their barn. He could only have been 7 weeks old then and no one knew where he had come from or if there were others. He hid in the hay until the people who lived on the farm found him. He was a wet ball of fur,dirt and weed seeds trembling from the cold. They took him in and warmed him and feed him then bathed him. Underneath the dirt and snow was a beautiful Border collie puppy. You would think such a beginning would make him a fearful puppy but to the contrary. Gus is a very social and curious little guy who exudes confidence. Perhaps this is why he is the lone survivor of whatever tragedy took place in the woods outside the barn.

Because Gus is so confident and had to survive on his own he needs an experienced owner who will know how to focus that confidence and will also know how to gain his respect. With that he will be an extraordinary dog willing to try anything. Without it he will be running the house and giving orders by the time he is 6 months old! Gus would love a playmate but it might need to be a dog that is willing to let him take the lead. Its hard to know how he will develop at such a young age but he shows some alpha tendancies. For the same reason if there are any children in the home they need to be older "dog savy kids". He is learning basic obedience housetraining and crate training but is still a young puppy and needs continued work in these areas so an obedience class is a must for him.

January 2008


Gus (now named Pacer) has been adopted by the Liss family of Nixa Missouri. In addition to being a family dog he will become David's chore dog and running companion when he is old enough.

Here's what they have to say: Here is "Pacer" (formerly Gus) and his new family on adoption day as well as a couple of him in his new home. We LOVE him! We went to our property yesterday and ran him on a leash and he went nuts! (In a good way.) He just romped and played with Jar-Jar and Peanut (our two miniature Dachshunds). [The last pic is one of Peanut, Jar-Jar and Pacer after playing hard his first morning home. They were wiped!]

Thank you for being there and doing what you're doing.



Pip is a smooth coat border collie who was picked up as a stray in southwest MO. She is probably about 10-12 months old and rather petite, at only about 16-17" tall. Pip is one of those dogs who can give you the best of both worlds. She loves to play and can be full of energy, but she also soaks up love like a sponge. Pip may not have experienced a kind hand much in her past and she is somewhat shy, but with very little coaxing she will come up and put her head in my lap and is content to stay there. Pip's personality is still emerging, so continue watching for updates on her progress.

Update: Pip's personality has indeed emerged, or maybe blossomed is a better word I suspected at first that Pip is that wonderful blend of playful and active but also calm and loving. When she's outside she loves to chase balls and her foster sisters all over the yard and she can jump about 4' straight up in the air when she gets excited. A few days ago she was outside and I had the agility equipment out. I have not yet introduced her to it, but there she was zooming through the 20' tunnel like she'd done it all her life. Then when she comes inside she wants nothing more than to lay her head in her lap and be petted. When you stop petting she will gently nudge your hand for more.

Although Pip continues to be a little on the shy side, she will great strangers and likes children too. In fact, I think she would enjoy having kids to play with. With more work on her confidence I think she could be a good candidate for pet therapy or maybe agility or obedience. She also exhibits strong herding behavior when she plays, so as soon as we have a chance, we'll see about her herding drive as well.

She has easily mastered crate training, house breaking, sit and downs and we're currently working on walking on a lose leash. Pip makes friends and melts hearts everywhere she goes.

January 2008


Pip's success story will be coming soon!

Zeus is a 7 year old, 45 pound male Border Collie. He is an owner turn in from St. Charles County, MO. His primary care giver had become the daycare provider for an infant granddaughter and Zeus’s high-herding instinct became an issue.

He is crate-trained and reliable. Zeus is very quick to learn. He has had basic obedience training and is good on leash. However, he needs strong direction or he quickly becomes the ‘Boss’. Zeus is always looking for ‘something to do’. I try to ensure that he has various toys, activities, etc., available to keep him occupied.

Zeus is a very sweet, loving dog. Though he is not particularly happy when left alone, he has shown no separation-anxiety behaviors. He has adjusted well to our pack of four dogs, but regularly tests our Alpha dog. I believe he would be happiest as the Alpha dog in his family.

He does have a health issue that will require on-going care from an adopted family. After noticing some stiffness in his hips, I had our veterinary assess him. She said he has a moderate degree of hip dysplasia. He is now taking Rimadil , Omega 3, and Glucosamine with MSM. He has learned to walk on our treadmill, for those times I am unable to get him out for a directed walk. The condition does not affect his ability to run moderately or to have a great time. He will not be able to play Frisbee, jump, or to work agility.

Zeus would do best in a home without small children as their busy-ness would bring out his high-herding instinct. An active older-adult home would be the best match for Zeus, a home where the owner can be with him. He has learned to ‘be a dog’, courtesy of our four. He plays ball, ‘pop’ the bottle, and Wubba with our GSD, but he does like to be the leader. Zeus knows and accepts that the toys belong to me.

He wants to please his human, he has attached himself to us very quickly, Zeus is a joy to be with and really just wants a home he can live in forever.


January 2008




Hannah is 8 years old (she doesn’t act 8 years old so we haven’t told her) ? She was an owner relinquishment from an older couple whose health no longer allowed them to keep up with her energy level. She has a beautiful rough coat with a little curl to it on her back. She weighs 38 pounds and is spayed, UTD on all vaccinations, is heartworm negative and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Hannah’s absolutely favorite game in the whole world is to play ball. She LOVES her tennis ball and will play nonstop if you let her. She happily returns it to you each and every time you throw it – no matter how many times you throw it. If there is no ball or you refuse to throw the ball she brought you, she will bring you another small object to throw (she’s resourceful!). Hannah isn’t particular about what you toss – just as long as you’ll play with her. This game of fetch was the primary exercise her previous owners were able to provide, so new games and exercise outlets would be good for Hannah to learn.

With this intense focus on balls, Hannah’s recall is pretty strong. Just say 'ball' or carry one or get out her leash and she'll stick close to you. Even then, Hannah’s off leash experiences are limited to her foster family’s unfenced yard and only with supervision.

Hannah gets along great with kids (her foster family’s children are 6 and 10), fine with other dogs and has taken correction from alpha females well, ignores dogs outside that she doesn't know, and ignores cats, though she might take a few steps toward a familiar cat if the idea strikes her. She's not too fond of thunderstorms, like much of the Border collie breed, and might try to crawl under your pillow if it's night ?

Hannah is not a barker, and will only bark a few times when the other two neighbor dogs are barking for some reason. She is loose in the house during the day and has had no trouble (although a loaf of bread did manage to disappear from a counter one time LOL).

Overall, Hannah is a wonderful dog offering true plug-and-play Border Collie ability.

January 2008


Hannah was adopted by the Chambers and their three Aussies. She had immediately started to teach all the sacred nature of the tennis ball and the learning appears to be progressing well! The aussies have accepted her into their pack though they probably wonder how she got a tail!

Jingle is a spayed female, approximately 1-2 years old that was found as a stray near Springfield, MO. She was found wearing a collar that she had outgrown and was very thin. Sadly, she was also heartworm positive but appeared to be only in the early stages and is not expected to have any long term problems. She is currently finishing treatment for her heartworms and had had all her vaccines completed for this year (Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella).

Jingle is a very sweet girl who loves to be petted. She will wiggle all over if you approach her and then will just fall down at your feet to get her belly rubbed (her favorite thing!). Jingle is crate trained and appears to be house-broken although we were not able to leave her out of her crate for extended periods of time due to her heartworm treatment.

She never once bothered our cats while staying with us. She is OK with other dogs but is a little nervous if they get in her face too much and is protective of "her stuff." These fearful behaviors did seem too fade over time as she became more comfortable in our household and got to know our three dogs. She did fine out in the yard with all of them and also did will in the house as long as she didn’t get too crowded. She started to show an interest in playing with our youngest dog and seemed to want to tug with her but wasn’t quite brave enough. She also played with toys by herself-throwing them in the air and chasing after them.

Jingle has a moderate energy level and would be a great family dog or therapy pet. As her personality emerges and confidence increases I think she could also do well in agility or obedience, she seems very willing to please. She does seem to be very interested in passing cars and will need a home with a fenced yard. We have not at this point noticed her to be bothered by any loud noises, etc and she has not chewed up any of her bedding while left crated or in a run. She currently weights 33 pounds but needs to gain a little and has a medium rough coat.

We can’t say enough nice things about Jingle-she really deserves a home that will be able to return all the love and sweetness she has to give!

February 2008


Jingle was adopted by Gary and Gloria Austin. Gary is a vet in Lee's Summit and Jingle's new name is Kelly.


Remember that dog you may have had as a kid? The dog that was the perfect family dog. She just wanted to be with you whether it was resting your head on her while you read or watched TV. The dog that seemed to want to hear everything you had to tell her and from the look in her eyes you thought she understood it all. Or maybe she licked a scratch on your knee or some quiet tears from you cheek? That is the kind of dog Randi is. She loves people- even little ones, gets along wonderfully with other dogs, ignores cats and is a gentle understanding soul.

Randi is six years old and approximately 20" tall. You would never believe this girl spent her life having puppies for profit for her previous owner. Right now she is a bit overweight, but her foster mom is helping her on that with walks and a better diet. She walks nicely on a leash and sits in heal position and will rest quietly in a crate. Randi would be a star obedience dog but with her calm loving nature what she wants most is to be a cherished member of a family.


April 2008


Randi was adopted by Kim in St. Louis.

Don¹t you think Randi is styling in her new life vest?


2009 - Randi is really blossoming more and more each month! Fourth of July with all the noise sets her back a month or two each year but we overcome it!


Sue is a purebred four month old tricolor female. She and her brother Tommy came into rescue after their breeder was unable to sell them. She must not have advertised well because this girl is a super puppy! Since coming to her foster home she has had a crash course in manners, getting along with other dogs and the pleasures and trials of living with a six year old human and two older foster "siblings". She knows several obedience commands, is crate trained and knows her place in the family.

She is of course cuddly and playful and at the stage of loving chew toys. Life is an adventure for this little girl! She even shows some classic signs of having potential at herding and is eager to see what else is out there for a bright well balanced and confident pup. She is definitly the kind of pup that grow from a super pup to a super dog with continued training and exposure to new challenges and needs and owner who will delight in leading the way.

April 2008


Sue (now named Breeze) was adopted by Christy Felty and joined another MoKan alumnae Tazz in Christy's home. We were lucky enough to meet Christy when she made the trip for the latest mo kan reunion with a friend and Breeze and Tazz. Tazz is making amazing gains on the agility front and we are sure Christy will lead Breeze to the same triumps!


Zoe is almost two years old. Zoe is an extremely sweet but silly dog. Her favorite things to do are playing "tag" in the backyard with other dogs, chasing her tail then trying to walk once she catches it, sleeping on her back-even on the couch, going for walks, and just being with you.

Zoe is working on her basic commands. She is housebroke and crate trained. She does very well with other dogs and most cats. Zoe would probably prefer to have a home with a sibling to wrestle with. She has learned that cats don't like to be chased and will gently try to play with them. Zoe wants to play frisbee but is still trying to figure it out.

She would make a great family dog with older children because she can get frightened easily by yelling and people charging towards her. When she is scared, she will run under the bed or kitchen table.

April 2008


Zoe's success story will be coming soon!


Meet Boone, he’s a 1 yr. old male border collie. He is an extremely handsome fellow with a beautiful coat and gorgeous eyes. He is low key and somewhat shy, but is gaining confidence everyday. He is showing a lot of interest in toys and acts like he has never had the chance to play with them. His main interest right now is to soak up as much love from you as he can. He loves to follow us from room to room to sneak in a pet any chance he gets.

You see Boone has a tattered past for his short time on this earth. He was brought into the shelter as a stray and the staff noticed something was odd about the way he was eating. He was scooping up his food and putting his head back to chew. They were going to euthanize him, but we stepped in to save this boy. He was taken to the University of MO Vet Hospital for a neurological evaluation. After several tests were performed the Dr. gave her diagnoses. At some point in the last several months Boone received a kick to the right side of his neck from either livestock or a person. He sustained a displaced hyoid bone (the bones that cradle the tongue and larynx) this is causing his tongue to not work properly, so that is why he eats differently. He also received a torn trachea, a fracture of C-6 and slightly upturned dens (front part of the first cervical vertebrate) which is slightly pushing on his nerve causing his some slight imbalance during walking/standing. When he is trotting or running he has no coordination issues. Boone’s injuries have all healed and the Dr. feels his symptoms will not worsen. Being on his own for so long Boone became very thin, but we are working hard on getting this boy back to his ideal weight.

So now you know all of Boones medical history lets talk about what an amazing boy he is. First of all he’s a survivor with a strong will to live. He is the kindest dog I have ever met. He sees the glass as half full and has a new zest for life. He greats everyone, whether canine, feline, or human with total acceptance and love. He is eager to learn and only needs to know what you want. Already he is extremely responsive to my voice and has an excellent recall. Although Boone gets along beautifully with our dogs and cats the Dr. has recommended that Boone be adopted as an only dog, so he will not have to compete for food, because he’s somewhat of a slow eater. Or he needs to have a private place to eat.

Boone needs and deserves a family that will love and accept him unconditionally. He also needs a family that has the wisdom to see past his “supposed limitations” to that which is really important. That is love, acceptance and loyalty. Boone already possesses that wisdom. The family that is lucky enough to have Boone as a member will truly have an extraordinary dog. I know we feel very fortunate to have had him touch our lives.

Update 2/13/2008: Exciting news for Boone!! Last night Boone was watching our dogs play and he barked!! This is wonderful news for Boone, because the Vet thought with his tongue injury he may not be able to bark. Just goes to show you the amazing healing powers of nature. He also got every toy out of the toy box, it was very cute to watch.


April 2008


Boone was adopted by Kathy and Rob from Bennington, NE.

Boone is a great dog! I saw Boone on the Mo-Kan website and my wife saw his picture and read his story the next day. We immediately put in an application for him. The look on his face in the pictures and his touching story of surviving such overwhelming odds were all we needed to know Boone would be good for us. We felt we could be good for him.

We picked Boone up one month ago today. His foster home was great for Boone. His foster mom literally saved his life after the initial judgment by the shelter that he had been brought to, was to euthanize him. She got a second vet’s opinion and led the effort to save him. The home that she and her husband provided Boone was a great place for him to be rehabilitated. What they did for Boone was truly wonderful.

Boone is now a valued member of our family. He is a very loving dog and has a kind disposition. Taking walks and playing ball are two of his favorite things to do. At just over a year old, Boone is still in the puppy stage and there are many things on our walks that draw his attention. Boone makes us smile every day and we are very glad to be blessed with him. Thanks to all that helped bring him to us.

Jester is a tri colored split-face border collie, with perhaps a little Aussie mixed in. He was picked up as a stray in southwest MO and saved from death by mere hours. He weighs about 50 pounds and is approx 21" tall He is probably just a little over a year old and tons of fun. You may have noticed his short, crooked tail. The vet thinks it has sustained some trauma in the past and he may have had a full tail at one time. Jester could really care less about how much tail he has though, since he wiggles his entire back end when he's excited anyway! He is a fun-loving guy who is seeking a home with lots of activity to keep him busy. He is good with other dogs and will chase after balls, but is still learning about bringing them back.

Since he's been in foster care, Jester has already made great progress crate training, house breaking and basic home manners. He has a great recall when he's outdoors and is eager to please and learn new commands. Jester has already shown some potential for an agility career as well.


April 2008


Jester's success story will be coming soon!

Luke was a stray picked up in southwest MO who was never claimed by his owners. He is every bit as soft and cuddly as he looks in his pictures. Luke is large for a border collie at 55 pounds and about 22" tall. He loves to be loved! His tail starts thumping the minute you talk to him and he just eats up all the affection you give him. It is so cute how excited he gets when you tell him what a good boy he is! He seems to like men, women and children equally and gets along great with other dogs. Luke trains quickly and in a very short time learned to rest quietly in his crate and how to sit. He has already made great progress on learning to walk on a leash. He is currently working on housebreaking and other home manners, but he is very eager to please, so this should also come easily with some training.




April 2008


Luke was adopted by Tim and Susan.

Luke is doing just wonderful he had a few mishaps but he learns very quikly that he did wrong. Luke and tricksy spend the day outside together and
just play all day and at night he likes to cuddle up
next to me on loveseat and watch a little tv and when
its time to go to bed he sleeps in our sleep number
bed. Luke's sleep number is 55 we take him for a walk almost everyday and he has been doing better each time he has been a lot of fun and we are looking foward to many good years with luke thanks very much.



Tim and Susan

Brandon is a 1.5 year old male border collie. He has the most beautiful face and kind eyes. Brandon just came into rescue. He had been living his life as a stray, so he’s a bit shy, but already warming up to his new foster family. He’s decided that being a house dog and part of a family is much better than life on his own. We will have more about Brandon in the near future as we learn more about this beautiful boy.

April 2008


Brandon now named McNab was adopted by Jean Gubar of KC.

Here is what Jean has to say...12/08

I adopted McNab (his rescue name was Brandon) in April of this year. He was very timid and shy with people due most likely to abuse, but loved other dogs (my female border collie and my boyfriends male border collie included.) He use to drool quite a bit when he felt uncomfortable in a situation for instance being around new people, but he's getting better and trying with all his strong will to trust again. Some of his favorite things are just simple things like going for walks, car rides and playing with his dog friends. He found he very much liked my spare bedroom bed and it is his safe place along with a doghouse my brother built for my 1st border collie I owned. Even though I feel he has some things to work out in that complex dogbrain of his, most importantly for now I think he finally realizes he is safe, this is and will be his permanent home and he is very much loved by me and my family. Thank you BCR for saving this wonderful dog!



Willie's angels are:
Sue & Dick Kaehler, Maggie (rescued 2/06) and Lila Thank you for helping her and all the rest.

Willie is a 4 to 5 years old spayed female who has a medium coat and weighs 27 pounds. She was found "Stray at Large" near Manhattan hence the name. She is as sweet as can be like all Border Collies. Willie has a high drive which will require a home that will provide her plenty of exercise or utilize her athletic ability. With the proper exercise she is a good house dog but should be kept in her create at night or when left unattended. I don't think Willie ever livid in a house before coming to her foster home. She has settled right in with our cats, other dogs and house rules.

Willie didn't really know how to play with toys upon arrival but has learned to love the Frisbee, playing ball, flavored Nyla Bones and Kong Balls with a little creamy peanut butter in it. When playing fetch we are still working on bringing the ball back, but Willie still loves to play. One reason I feel she would be great agility dog or Frisbee dog is that she can jump in the back of a pickup with the tail gate up or down from a stand still. It is like she has spring loaded legs. Willie is also funny, when I'm feeding the horses small square bales she will run with all her speed, jump and stand on the bale thinking she is queen of the mountain. Willie has been included in feeding, watering and moving our cows and horses and this is in a pickup, tractor or on foot. Most of the cattle moves went great, while one looked like a three ring circus due to a "new" cow joining the herd. This ole heifer just needed time to settle in and learn the cow program. More practice and control and Willie will be dialed right in. Can't blame her all three of the dogs were having too much fun!

Willie would LOVE a farm where she can play outside and live inside at night, or a home with a six foot fence where she can run and play. Farm chores, frequent trips to the dog parks or taking walks on a leash would be thoroughly enjoyed. She is very loyal and LOVES doing farm chores and will stay close but needs an eye kept on her. We have trained her and our other dogs to go to the back porch so that is where I'll find her when she has completed her tour at high speed. At the end of a busy day when it's time to read a book or watch a movie she is ready to snuggle. Willie enjoys the security of her create and will settle in when it is getting near bed time.

May 2008


Willie was adopted by Dennis and Sharon.

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome in your home today. It was nice to meet more BC lovers! We had a good trip home, in spite of the wind!! We stopped for lunch in Hays. We ate in the car, gave Willow a treat or two and she was perfectly content! Made a couple of pottie stops on the way. No problem. She either looked out the window, listened to the conversation, or snoozed on the way.

Right now she is busy exploring our house and "bonding" with Dennis. They are both very happy!

We have a crate for her with one of her blankets in it. She walked in it, sniffed around, and came out. The other blanket is by Dennis's chair in the living room. They have already been around town and visiting with friends. Our grandson will be over soon to meet her. He added a middle name for her. He has named her Willow Jasmine. Okay!!

Just to let you know how well Willow and Dennis are doing, he is reading the morning paper and she is laying at his feet! We will be fine. Thank you for doing such a good rescue!


Shelby is an adorable 1-2 yr old Border collie, possibly a mix but we're not completely sure...maybe some Siberian husky?? Regardless, she has more personality than most! Cute as a button and full of surprises! When I met Shelby for the first time, she proceeded to take the bone she was chewing on, carried it over to the base of an small ornamental tree, very carefully dug a hole just big enough for the small bone she was chewing on and ever so carefully replaced the dirt. I swear you'd never now there was a bone there or that she'd even touched the surface of the soil ! Shelby loves people, other dogs and is OK with cats (cats that are OK with dogs that is) and adores children. She also however adores squirrels so her new home will need a high fence (at least 5') and she will need daily activity to keep her happy.

May 2008


Success story coming soon!



For those of you who love Border collies you know there is a special subgroup in the breed. This group is made of males who live to cuddle and please. They fit well in your people and dog family never pushing to be top dog and just in love with being part of the family. Jasper is one of those dogs. He gets along beautifully with other dogs and people never challenging and so anxious to please that in a short time in foster care he has learned all of his obedience commands, is house and crate trained and walks well on a lead. Even though he is pretty mellow he also loves to play and has mastered fetch in record time. Jasper is the kind of dog that most people really want when they think they want a Border collie. He is just as happy to cuddle with you on the sofa as to chase a ball. When he plays with other dogs he is happy to let them have the ball. He is a wonderful guy who will make the perfect family dog.(He may just let you sleep a bit latter in the morning too.) He is 5 years old, weighs 37 lbs. Like many Border collies he is far too interested in cats so needs to go to a cat free family.

May 2008


First of all we would like to thank Mo-Kan Border Collie rescue for giving us the perfect match with our dog, Jasper. Jasper has been fitting in very well with our family, especially with our other border collie, Smokey. The two of them get along very well and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Jasper has been a very loving dog; he rolls over and wants someone to scratch his belly all the time. He is well mannered and obeys pretty much all of our commands. He loves going for runs and walks around the neighborhood, even more so if he sees a squirrel. He loves his dog toys and anything that makes a squeaking sound.

Above all Jasper is a great dog; he is loving, playful, and gentle. We couldn’t have asked for more. Also a big thank you to Kim Collins for fostering Jasper until we adopted him.

Than you so much,

Colin and Mary Beth


Kim and Kate are sisters and pups from Maggie.

Both girls came from a litter of 7 large pups. Their mom, Maggie, is a sweetheart who gets along with everyone; human, canine, or feline. Maggie is a BC mix and she’s not telling us who their dad was. Mag is a big girl; she is slim and trim at 55 pounds. The puppies all are pretty good sized, so we think they will grow up to be bigger than a standard border collie. Both girls weighed 15 pounds at their 10 week check-up last weekend. They are fully weaned and will need to be spayed before they will be ready to go to their new homes. Maggie was spayed this week, is up to date on her shots, has been microchipped and is heartworm negative. Kate and Kim are microchipped and up to date on their shots as well.

Kim is a little black and white doll puppy. She is marked just like a traditional border collie and has a fluffy, thick coat. She has shorter hair than her sister, but will still have a long coat. She is a little calmer and a little more shy than Kate, but also loves to play with other dogs, people, the cat, etc. She is also good about going potty outside. She has excellent eye contact and is smart as a whip.

All of these girls will make excellent pets. They are smart, loving and sociable and do not have a high drive like some border collies. They are all mixed breed and will be large dogs.

June 2008


Success story coming soon!


After Surgery


It didn't take long to pick out Trooper's name. The day after being picked up from the pound at just 7 weeks old he was taken for emergency care for treatment of parvo and was also found to have a broken leg that had already begun to heal. The next week was touch and go as Trooper held his own and then gradually began to improve. After coming to his foster home though, he became ill with a respiratory infection and the surgery for his leg had to be put off another week. During this time Trooper continued to maintain a sweet, loveable personality and everyone who met him fell in love. He had lots of caring people helping him along his way and everyone was struck by his amazing spirit. We had been inquiring at the University of MO's vet program about having an orthopedic surgeon repair his leg.

So Trooper made the journey to Columbia to the University of MO Veterinary Teaching Hospital to meet Dr. Derek Fox. After a consultation and more x-rays it was determined that surgery would be the best option even though there were some serious risks involved because even though the leg was now totally healed, the angle it was at would cause hip and knee problems before he turned a year old. Dr. Derek Fox agreed to do the surgery and from their very first meeting Trooper was turning on the charm! Dr. Fox was aware that Trooper would need a forever home after surgery and we all had our fingers crossed that Trooper could close the deal. Trooper had surgery on Friday and Dr. Fox reported that evening that everything went well. He would be starting his rehabilitation in days. Dr. Fox volunteered to take Trooper home, so he could have around the clock care and rehabilitation, so his quad muscles would not seize up causing Trooper to develop a peg leg which could cause in the loss of his leg. When I went to visit him on Monday I found that Trooper had now had a new name. It was "Oliver". Over the weekend Dr. Fox and Trooper "aka" Oliver had bonded and Dr. Fox decided he wanted to adopt him. So all the T's were crossed I's doted and Oliver became Dr. Fox and his wife Stephanie's new puppy. Dr. Fox's wife is a radiologist at the Vet school as well. What a wonderful Dad and Mom Oliver picked for himself. After 2-1/2 weeks of rehabilitation which included hydrotherapy Dr. Fox reported Oliver's leg had completely healed and his rehabilitation went better than expected and he had full mobility of his leg. I went back to visit him again about a month after surgery and you would never had known he had a broken leg. He was racing around the park with his Dad just like a puppy should be. Derek had already taught this smart little guy how to sit, stay and heel which is amazing for pup at this young age. He also was already fetching tennis balls and a Frisbee. You couldn't have asked for a better happy ending for little Oliver.

All of us at MOKAN want to give special thanks to Dr. Fox for doing Oliver's surgery and taking such wonderful care of him to give him the very best chance at a complete recovery. And especially for giving him the best forever home a pup could dream of.

June 2008


Trooper/Oliver was adopted by Dr. Fox,

dr. fox and oliver
Dr. Fox, Tina and Oliver at Paws in the Park - 2009


Maggie was rescued by a fellow rescue group. We helpped Maggie have her pups.

Maggie is now ready for adoption. Two of her pups, Kim and Kate, stayed with our rescue group and the others went to the original rescue group that found her. See more about Kim and Kate below.

Maggie has turned into a very playful dog, now that she has (finally) finished nursing the pups. She has long, straight shiny thick fur. She was picked up as a stray, probably dumped because she was going to have pups. She has obviously been around children because her eyes light up and her whole back end wags when she sees kids. She’s great with all sizes, from my 12 year old son down to the little 2 year old girl who lives in the house behind us. We think Maggie is about 2 years old and this was probably her first litter of puppies. She came to us already house trained, and was very easily crate trained. She will pick up things to chew on but will ‘leave it’ if you tell her. So, she will need to be watched in a new home until she gets used to what is hers to chew and what is not. She’s a wonderful dog, as sweet as you could ask for but young and playful, too.

All of these girls will make excellent pets. They are smart, loving and sociable and do not have a high drive like some border collies. They are all mixed breed and will be large dogs.

The pups were born on February 23rd. See Kim and Kate below.

See Photos of the Pups!!!

Puppies at 6 weeks!!
(posted 4/5/08)

Puppies at 7 weeks!
(posted 4/17/08)

Puppy Video!!!

July 2008


Maggie was adopted by Sara, Pat and Grace Hopewell of KCMO.



July 2008


Roxy was adopted by Gary and Bambi Chambers.

From Roxy (8/08): Just thought I would let you know how my family and I are getting along.
Sunday: got to know everyone slept in the bed for the full night.

Monday: Hummer taught me how to use a cool door so that I can go in/out. Staying away from Roho even if he is stalking me. Not sure if he is serious or playing yet. Obie not much fun either but Hummer is and he likes to play. Slept on the bed again got bored around 3:00 in the morning and was feeling so good I just had to expend my energy some so I gave Bambi a love bite on the butt. I'm not sure if she felt the love but she cuddled me and kissed on me.

Tuesday: Thought I would see how the family reacted in a emergency. Got stung by a bee on the face swelled up and when Bambi came home she scooped me up and we raced to the vet in record time.The vet gave me a shot and reassured Bambi it was not a snake bite and I'm ok. Went home and slept and slept must of been the meds.DON,T MESS WITH BEES or cats

Wed: I felt bad for scaring everyone so I thought I would help around the house so I gathered up the tea towels the bath towels off the counter and rack also gathered Gary's pants and shoes and some blankets and put them right in the center of the living room for easy access.

Thursday: Face back to normal and just had fun with Hummer all was quiet .

Friday: This family needs to learn how to have fun so I taught them how to play hide and go seek I hid in the bathroom and shut the door and stayed real quiet so no matter how frantic they sounded calling my name I stayed very quiet.They eventually found me of course but I began to wonder.

Saturday: Had fun played with Hummer all day.

Sunday: We had company; the grandogs came to play they are alot of fun but you have to watch them or they will tear up your toys . I think they all love me well may-be not obie but everyone else does even the cat rubbed on me kind of scary but better than being stalked.



Indy is a seven month old purebred red and white pup who came into rescue after his own/breeder became ill. Indy was left in a back yard with his sibling Riven with little human contact or opportunity to learn about the world past that small back yard

If you see Indy out in his foster families yard playing with other dogs you would never suspect that this little guy was anything but a regular seven month old puppy. He is playful, loves other dogs and adores cuddling with his foster mom.

But Indy does have a secret. He is trying to overcome many fears of people and the world. On meeting new people he will back away and hide. He is fearful of leaving his crate to go outside and sometimes won't make it outside in time in the morning. Although loving to walk on a leash new noises or experiences can frighten him.

Indy needs an owner who understands his fears and will help him overcome them through patience and exposure. He would do best in a home with another dog that can show him how much fun things can really be but needs a lot of individual time as he could easily fade into the background unless encouraged. The challenge and gratification of helping a dog like Indy to gain his confidence by successful exposure to the world in small doses is a special one. Whoever makes Indy part of their family will have a very loving little guy who though having a way to go is already precious as he is.


July 2008


Indy was adopted by John and Marie, here is what they have to say about Indy:

We adopted Indy after fostering this little guy. He is a wonderful dog that has come a long way in a year. He loves walks and cuddles and is getting so much more trusting of people. This little guy has clocked up a lot of miles since we have had him and he seems to love every adventure we take him on. Thanks Mo-Kan for rescuing me says Indy, I'm learning that life really is fun!!!


Indy 4





Rex is a sleek and agile, one-year-old, smooth-haired Border Collie who came into foster as an owner relinquish. He has classic BC markings and although he was a bit under weight, he is an enthusiastic eater and has been thickening up nicely. He has the high drive/high energy so typical of Border Collies and is an excellent candidate for agility competition. We have started him on Frisbee and he loves it!

We have been working with him on basic obedience and he has mastered basics such as sit etc. (he is both treat and praise motivated). He has excellent recall when off leash and is displaying improved manners while on lead. Rex is crate trained, house broken and is respectful of our property boundaries. He interacts well with our four other dogs and is unconcerned with the neighborhood dogs and children. He has not been around cats so I don’t know how he interacts with them.

This guy wants to be loved and to be part of the family. He has a sweet personality and LOVES to have his belly rubbed. Rex has unlimited potential and will make a wonderful addition to his forever family.



July 2008


Success story coming soon...



Holly became one of the family after very little time in foster care. She adapted quickly to the house routine and bonded almost instantly. She adores her people and late at night will curl up on the couch next to her person and quite happily cuddle away until she gets sleepy. She's quite a little furnace so it's extra nice on those cold nights! She has continued to get along beautifully with her canine foster siblings and is always up for a rousing game of doggie tug-of-war or wrestling. If a dog isn't available (or is tired out from all the play) she'll happily drop a tennis ball in your lap. She does great retrieving or catching the ball and drops it nicely - and waits patiently for it to be tossed again.....as a matter of fact, I think I just felt a ball drop in my chair! Holly has made alot of progress on walking nicely on a leash and is very proud when she gets to walk down the street wearing her backpack. She loves to train and it helps settle her busy body and mind. A natural athlete, Holly uses her lithe figure (she'sapproximately 18 inches tall at the shoulder and 32 pounds) to full advantage as she races around after a ball or with another dog. She believes she is part kangaroo and can jump over five feet nearly completely vertically. Because a five foot fence is a mere hurdle for this athletic girl, she needs a home with a tall fence. Her athleticism and energy combine to make a dog who'd be a natural at agility (I can just picture her now whipping through the weave poles, scampering over the A frame, and flying over the hurdles in a flash), disc dog, or flyball. Holly is the perfect dog for someone who loves to train with their dog or participate in dog sports. She has found her off button lately and at night will automatically go into her crate when she senses the household
getting ready for bed.

August 2008


Success story coming soon...

John arrived at his current foster home in June where he lives with his foster mom and two border collie foster sisters. He is approximately 1.5 years old, about 23 inches tall and weighs around 50 lbs.

In the time that he's been here, he has been to some obedience classes and played in agility. He is picking up on the obedience stuff but he gets distracted with all the other dogs. More classes and he'll be doing great! He picked up agility like a pro and proves to be a great outlet for that puppy energy. Being a typical border collie, John does try to herd other dogs. Especially his sisters when they get to rowdy. John loves soccer balls and has learned to play frisbee (he can catch it in the air), and he will play with a tennis ball. His first love is still the soccer ball. John is housetrained and sleeps in a crate at night, but he would like to sleep with mom and sisters, but the girls are a bit selfish with their bed. John is a big cuddler; if he is not playing he wants to cuddle.

John's ideal forever home should plan to incorporate obedience classes so he has plenty of brain food, and some type of plan for a lot of exercise. He is NO couch potato. He would excel in agility and shows potential for herding. Because of his herding instincts it would be best to have a fenced yard to keep John safe as he has an interest in cars.

August 2008


John was adopted by Lindsey and Marcos of St. Louis.


Jenna is a five month old female Border collie. She was rescued when her owners attempted to “dump” her at a swap and shop when she was 18 weeks old. A kind person intervened, scolded the previous owner and brought her to us. Jenna’s earlier rough treatment which was observed by her rescuer resulted in her being wary of people and initially freighted of leashes, kennels and saddest of all making a mistake. She is making beautiful progress in foster care. She absolutely loves other dogs and has learned not to annoy the cat who is not amused by puppies. One of our Border collies was a breeder dog in a puppy mill and is absolutely wonderful with Jenna. It has been possible to reach Jenna through Luna who has had her own fear issues.

She needs gradual and gentle exposure to many of the things she hasn’t experienced. Although playful, Jenna is a thinker. She tends to do well when has a chance to study a situation before she gets involved. For example she learned to sit and to retrieve the Frisbee as well as potty on cue from watching my other dogs. Most of all she needs to develop a strong bond with her people. The perfect situation would be for her to share a home where someone is home most of the day and enjoys having a dog accompany them to as many places as possible. She would do well with another dog or cat in the house if it didn’t detract from her individual time with her people. She is the kind of dog that would happily melt into the pack if allowed to. She needs to be kenneled as little as possible due to her earlier treatment and has a ways to go before she believes a kennel is a “safe”. She has showed this by escaping from her kennel. She has not however every tried to leave the fenced back yard or dart out an open door. She also needs to be trained with positive reinforcement only to build both her confidence and the strong bond she needs.

Lastly, this girl is beautiful. She is already showing the long legs that will make her a regal beauty when she grows up.


August 2008


Jenna was adopted by the Denricks. She has made amazing progress since becoming part of their family. Denise says of Jenna"She is the most affectionate animal I have ever known. She learns quickly and is very funny. She will gather up all her toys overnight and we will find them on the bed or in a pile by the bed in the morning." Jenna has made progress with her shyness towards strangers and is now attending obediance class to help her more with these issues. Seems to be a perfect match!

Update 11/08: Things are going really well. We started obedience class last week - she is so smart and obedient, but still falls apart with strangers, so hope this will help. Week 2 was better than week 1, so some improvement!

She catches the frisbee out of the air and never wears out, haha!! Jenna is allowed to stay out of the kennel at night, she is really quite good. Although, by morning all of her toys (which are many!) are on the bedroom floor or on the bed. She's so funny - I have never had a pet that was so loving, so loves to lay on the couch (mostly with Rick - he puts his hand on her and she rolls over and sleeps soundly!!). When I go in the garage, she will stick her head out of the cat door and just lay there and watch.

We still have our spooky moments, but they are fewer and further between. She stayed on the couch while we had all of our trick or treaters, so I was proud of her for that. Rick babies her too much, she rebounds much better with stern encouragement, haha! Playing is still her main focus... she drives us bananas!!

Here are a few pics... I work with a man with 8 kids; he teases me that I have more pictures of my dog than he has of his kids! Please note... she is not laying on the couch in any of these!!



Kate is a sweet little girl who loves everyone, human and canine. She is 5 months old, she was born at the end of February. She plays very well with all the other dogs we've had her around. She is fine with cats, but might playfully chase them if they run.

She looks like a German shepherd-collie mix, with the dark German shepherd face and head shape. She has white on her feet, legs and chest and gorgeous black tipped sable fur on the rest of her body. She has very soft, fluffy fur, you just can't keep from wanting to pet her. Kate is a happy, playful puppy who is crate trained and house broken (with supervision). She does need to be watched because she will pick things up to chew.

She knows sit, go to bed and leave it. She is not super high energy like some border collies but she is an active puppy. Kate is a happy, silly little girl right now, just wanting to play and eat and explore. She's treat motivated so she learns quickly if she knows there is food involved. Kate will probably be about the same size as her mom, around 50 to 55 pounds.

She has just started a puppy class to learn basic obedience commands and to get used to new places and situations. She has had all her shots, is microchipped, spayed and ready to find her own family to wrap around her little paw.



September 2008


Kate's success story will be coming soon!

Zeke's angel is:
Brenda Karlin

Zeke is one sweet boy. He was a stray picked up in KC, MO. He is estimated to be about 7 years old. But don't let his age fool you. He is very young at heart. His eyes light up when you bring out the frisbee!

He is completely house broken, has great manners and is a lover. He knows several commands that we just happened to find out. He crates well and gets along with his foster sister. He was a little nervous with when it thundered, but calmed down and slept next to the bed.

Due to his time as a stray he needs to put on some weight. By looking at his tail and ruff, we think his coat has been shaved.

We've only had Zeke a short time, check back for more updates as his personality comes out.

Zeke will make a great dog for someone looking for a older, calmer bc that also loves to play fetch and go on walks. (He still needs that!)


September 2008


Zeke was adopted by Amanda and Ryan in Merriam, Kansas. His new bets pal is Cooper a JRT.


Zeke and his family at the 2009 Dogtober Fest.


Reno is a one year old male Border collie, approx 55 pounds and 22 inches tall. He is a very handsome boy with a gorgeous rough coat. Along with this gorgeous coat will coming daily brushing, so he doesn’t become
matted. When he came into rescue his coat was in pretty bad shape, but with some grooming handiwork from one of our volunteers now he’s just beautiful!

He is a very active boy that gets along great with his foster brothers and sisters, but does like to play rough, so his perfect home would have young dogs that can meet his energy level and rough housing or a dominate female that can keep him in line. Because of his high energy and size he would be best in a family with older children.

Reno is a very loving boy and thrives on attention from his foster Mom. He is doing well on his house manners and obedience training. He loves to play with soccer balls or just about any toy. He is crate trained and house trained and likes to go for car rides to obedience class.

The perfect family for Reno needs to be an experienced Border collie home that will have the time to spend with him; giving him mental stimulation and the physical exercise he needs and will continue his obedience training. Reno is a good example of what those of us who adore Border collies know. Challenged by training, mental and physical stimulation Reno is a delight, a bright active boy who is very trainable and anxious to please. Without them, well as Patricia McConnell ( a noted animal
behaviorist and owner of Border collies says:” hell has no fury like a bored Border collie!”

A household without cats would be best for Reno as he thinks they are very cute and fluffy and loves to chase them. His foster Mom has discovered that Reno is reactive to livestock, so a home without livestock would be best to keep Reno safe. If you’re looking for an active, smart, obedience, agility prospect Reno just may be the dog for you!


October 2008


Reno was adopted by Brad and Patty.

11/08: Just thought I would give you a quick update on Reno; he's officially been with us for one month since we adopted him. I should rephrase that: since HE adopted US (I don't believe anyone ever adopts a Border Collie --- they adopt YOU). And he has done a nice job of it. His mission is to shadow my every move, make sure I'm safe, and at every possible instant introduce a ball or some other toy to ensure I get plenty of exercise.

In short: he's adorable! My wife, Patty, loves him, and I've never heard her laugh so much from some of the cute things that he does. He's my best buddy and I take him everywhere. I got him a pair of "doggles," and he hangs his head out of the passenger window as we fly down the street (he's seatbelted in of course) --- receiving many smiles from passersby.

Thanks again for your help in acquiring such a wonderful dog for us!

Best wishes for the Holidays!



Skylar is such an amazing little puppy. Unbelievably she was abandoned by her owners at just 8 weeks of age. It is so hard to imagine how anyone could walk away from such an incredible dog. Skylar knows no fear and wants to explore everything. She loves to climb so she has already been introduced to the joys of agility training by her foster mom and she just loves it! In fact, Skylar seems to enjoy all types of training and learns very fast. She has mastered sit, down, roll over, and high five. She is leash and crate trained and has learned to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. She is a very social puppy and wants to met every new dog, cat, person and child she sees. It's so hard for her to keep her paws on the ground when she meets new people, but we're working on that and she's already doing much better. Because she is so busy and active, she has very little time for cuddling and snuggling but does enjoy a good belly rub. In addition to completing a beginners agility class she also attended her first agility trial to watch her foster siblings and she proved to be an excellent traveler and spectator. She had so much fun meeting all the new people and dogs!

Skylar is now about 5 months old and weighs about 25 pounds. While she does strongly resemble a smooth coated border collie, it is likely she may be a mix and will probably be a bit larger than an average border collie when she's full grown.

An ideal home for Skylar will be one that can provide structure and lots of activity for a very busy, intelligent and determined dog. She would love to go to a home where she can continue her agility training and would also do well in obedience and I'm sure other performance activities as well. She trains well for food and toys. She would very much enjoy the company of another dog that would enjoy some rough and tumble playing.


Skylar's angel is:
Wendy MacColl adoptor of Luke

November 2008


Skylar's success story will be coming soon!


Chance is a special, beautiful dog with striking blue eyes. He is a youngster, one to two years old, and still has much of the puppy in his personality.

He is completely housetrained, and wonderfully easy to train, he is smart and wants to please. After a period of one week he was mostly crate trained, learnt to walk nicely on leash, and is doing well with most basic training commands. He sits nicely at door when its time to go out, or indeed time to come back in. Current top priority is working on a tendency to be over possessive of balls etc.

Everything is of interest to him – new things never appear to faze him. He has a very warm and loving personality, he loves being around people. If he is not playing with our older dog, he will most likely curl up at our feet. Chance is untried around children but is probably fine – though any potential owner should note he is a very playful and very strong dog who could inadvertently hurt a small child.

Chance mixes well with other dogs, seems to have very good manners, and within a couple of days our two other BC’s completely accepted him.

He is an active border collie, though by no means anywhere near the hyperactive end of the spectrum – he will get bored easily and should be in a home where his owners can give him the stimulating environment he deserves.

In summary Chance will be a very special dog for the right owner. The owner must be willing to continue his training and to keep him in a loving and stimulating environment. In return for the undoubted effort required, they will get a wonderful companion who will return his owners investment of effort and affection many times over.

Chance would make a wonderful Therapy dog for someone willing to train him, he has the perfect temperament & loves to be petted.

Chance – Addition to original Profile
Sept 6, 2008

Chance experienced problems with anxiety separation during the early weeks with us. These issues now appear to be under control; he is responding well to the anxiety medication and training.

Water and playing with other dogs are two things Chance absolutely loves; he had the time of his life the other day playing with a Labrador in the lake at a nearby dog park. He has a very nice manner when greeting new dogs, and swims like a fish!

We have concluded that having another playful dog at a prospective owner would be a plus. He is not a great one for balls and Frisbees, but loves tussling with our 10-year-old BC. I might add she also enjoys it - Chance knows the rules and does not go too far, and if by accident he does - he still has a puppies occasional clumsiness - he accepts Sophie putting him in his place!

He is walking quite nicely now, and happily accepts travelling in the car. He is lying quietly at my feet as I write this - given decent exercise - two good walks and plenty of play - he is not at all a high maintenance dog. He loves contact with people. His commands are coming along nicely - his sits are very fair, and his downs and stays are getting there

We now feel he would be a good match for older children, though our concern about younger children still stands

As we stated previously - apart from the separation anxiety and something of a chewing phase he really displays no issues apart from a general - somewhat endearing - immaturity.

November 2008


Chance was adopted by Elaine and Jack of Weston, Missouri.

Dec 2008: We wanted to send you an update on our adoption of Chance. We have had him one month now and he has brought great joy and lots of energy to our family. After his first night with us, Chance decided this was his home and has embraced everything that goes along with it. He loves living here on our farm and loves even more his 3 girl dogs. On a daily basis he makes us laugh. He has attended obedience classes with our wonderful trainer Susan, but his foster mother Mary needs special recognition for all that she did with this big loveable clown prior to us getting him. Mary's foundation gave him something to hold on to in his first days of transition and gave us a great base to start from. We are simply in love with this dog, his goofy ways, and his ability to get himself out of trouble with a simple woof when he is being chewed out.

Thank you Mo - Kan for allowing us to adopt him.

Thank you Mary & Howard even more.

Elaine & Jack


Willow is a beautiful classic black and white with a medium glossy coat. She is about 3 years old, found as a stray. She sometimes acts like a young puppy with her energy. She is so curious about everything and very confident. She can run like the wind! She races the perimeter of the back yard at high speed, and is very interested in birds and squirrels. She will push a jolly ball running and then suddenly stop, throw the ball in the air, catch it, and then do it again. She can jump from a stand still 2-3 feet in the air, I think she has springs in her feet! She has not shown any interest in jumping the fence. She likes balls, will go after the ball, but doesn't always bring it back.

Willow loves being with other dogs. She would be fine as an only dog as long as she has something to do, perhaps agility, daily walks or runs. She needs physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. She would be great with another dog who likes to play. She has adapted quickly in her foster home, happy to be at the bottom of the pack. She would probably not be good with young children as her playful nature may be too rough.

Willow is content to be in the house with her people. She has a sweet, loving personality, and really wants to please. She has bonded quickly to her foster mom and follows her everywhere. She know sit, wait, down, and is working on more commands, as well as good house manners. She takes treats very gently. We are continuing on her house training. She is crate trained. She does not like to be in her crate when her people are at home, as she likes being with her person and just hanging out. She is great with my other dogs in a contained area when left alone.

Willow is sensitive to storms, lawn mowers, weed eaters, adn loud noises. There are many experiences she just has not had. She walks well on a gentle leader and gets excited when she sees her leash. She loves to go on walks or runs. She has active, bright eyes, always looking intently at what is going on, as she wants to be part of the action. Willow is calm in the house, content to lay at your feet, and loves affection. She is a fantastic dog, with consistent training, she will be your wonderful life long friend.


November 2008


Willow was adopted by Joseph and Jamie in Lawrence Kansas.



Tess is one of the 5-6 week old puppies rescued with Kitt. Tess is a beautiful tri colored girl. She is already very outgoing and playful. She wrestles with her sisters and likes to play tug. Along with Hope and Peyton, she is already used to being in a crate and has been socialized a lot since being rescued a couple of weeks ago.


December 2008







Kitt was rescued from a shelter in southwest MO along with her three babies. She still very young herself, probably less than two years old. What an amazing dog she has turned out to be! Aside from being an excellent mom for her three babies she is so friendly and social with everyone she meets.

Kitt is probably a mix, maybe with some sheltie or kelpie. She is on the petite size, and when she puts on some much needed weight she will probably weigh around 30-35 pounds.

At some point in her life Kitt seems to have been someone's pet because she is very comfortable in the house, is housebroken and plays fetch. She loves to cuddle and you can just see the intelligence in her eyes. Kitt is very fast and agile and loves to play fetch and tug. She would do well in a performance home doing agility, obedience and even pet therapy.


December 2008


Kitt was adopted by Judy and Gary of Spring Hill Kansas.

Judy has nothing but praise
for her. She follows Judy everywhere and is her constant companion in the car. She has met the "granddogs" and is having great fun with acres of land on which to run. Kitt is every bit as sweet as her bio described her. Kitt has a royal life compared to the situation she came out of about a month ago.






Josie is an adorable black and white border collie puppy. She was rescued from a high kill shelter after being surrendered by owners who weren’t providing her the basic necessities like food and shelter. You would never know this sweet girl came from such a rough beginning. Although cautious when meeting new people, Josie loves everyone-- men, women, and children. She is playful, but has an “off” switch when it’s time to calm down. She is happy to snuggle and cuddle up next to anyone who is willing to give her a belly rub, and settles nicely into her crate when it’s time to rest.

She’s curious and intelligent with an excellent memory. We’re working on housebreaking and she now pottys on command outside. Josie had never been on a leash before coming to her foster home and is learning to walk nicely. She learns quickly and trains well for food. The current top training priority is to stop her from jumping on people (she thinks everyone wants doggie kisses).

She gets along well with other dogs and enjoys rough and tumble play with her foster dog sisters. Although she is good with our cats when they’re still, Josie can’t resist chasing them as soon as they move. She does not show strong herding tendencies towards the children in the home, and they are able to run and play along side her. Josie would probably do fine in a home with or without other dogs or children as long as she gets the attention she deserves. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals and rope toys. She shows interest in balls and Frisbees, but has a lot of competition for those toys from her foster siblings!

Josie is currently underweight due to her poor nutritional start. We are working to get weight on her and build muscle tone, and she is progressing well. She is a petite border collie and will probably remain in the low 30 pound range.



December 2008


Josie was adopted by Karen and Heath of KCMO.

Here's what they have to say about Josie: Josie has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Our son Owen refers to her as 'his favorite girl'. He loves to come home from school and says, "Who's my girl?" Of course, Josie showers him with 'doggie kisses'. Josie makes us smile everyday! She loves to go for walks, runs, and play fetch in the backyard. She is obsessed with any 'squeaker' toys and eliminating the squeaker, whether that means making it 'squeak no more', or ripping it out of the toy. We ration her squeaker toys to one at a time. Otherwise, she might go crazy.

As new dog 'parents', we cannot say enough good things about the MOKAN Border Collie Rescue organization. Everyone has been so helpful and willing to assist in any manner with the adoption of our new family member, Josie.

Our foster family and other adoptive parents have been available fo questions and feedback. It is a great support system and network of Border Collie lovers. We'll keep in touch!




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